About Appointments & Cancellations

Can I book a same-day appointment?
Yes, we can accept appointments on the day.
Please call us direct at 075-532-6600/ +81-75-532-6600.
Contact us here
Can I book a group appointment?
Yes, we take group appointments. Please contact us (to see our availability).
Can I get dressed in the early morning?
Yes. There is an early morning charge of ¥1,100 per 30 minutes.
Can I specify the kimono when I book an appointment?
Yes. It is possible to reserve your kimono.
I can't decide which plan to choose.
Please come to our shop on the day of your appointment and look at the kimonos directly.
Our staff will be happy to give you advice, so please feel free to ask us.
Is it possible to change a package I already booked on the day of my visit?
Yes, it is possible.
What if I am running late?
Please call us direct at 075-532-6600/ +81-75-532-6600.
What time is the last kimono available for rent?
Until 4:00pm. The return time is 6:00pm, but we also offer a Next Day Return Option (+¥1,100).
Is there any parking?
Unfortunately, we do not have our own parking.
Please use parking lots near our shop.
Will I be charged a cancellation fee?
If you cancel by 17:00pm on the day before, there will be no cancellation charge.
If you cancel on the day, you will be charged 100% of the appointment total as a cancellation fee.
When should I cancel the appointment by?
Please cancel by 17:00pm the day before.

About Belongings

Do I need to bring anything?
We will prepare a full kimono styling such as Japanese style underwear, Zori sandals, Tabi socks, bags. Please just bring yourself. We will take care of everything.
Click here to see the features of the Kimono Rental Plan.
Can you keep my clothes and luggage?
There is no charge for leaving your clothes and luggage with us.
*Please look after your valuables.
Can I leave my luggage?
Yes. There is no charge for leaving your luggage with us.

About Kimono

Can I walk around Kyoto in a kimono I am not used to wearing?
Many people are not accustomed to wearing a kimono. We have a variety of Zori sandals with cushioning that prevent foot pain, so you can enjoy your sightseeing.
Will my feet hurt in Zori sandals?
We have a variety of Zori sandals with cushioning that prevent foot pain. We also have new and comfortable Zori sandals.
Can I wear a kimono during pregnancy?
We regret that we do not offer kimonos for pregnant women as the whole area of your lower torso will be strapped in very tightly and this can affect your health while pregnant.
I am elderly. Are there any kimonos that would suit me?
We have a variety of kimonos, ranging from lacey and girly kimonos to formal and elegant kimonos, so please do not worry.
Click here to see a list of kimonos.
Do you have kimonos for elementary school students?
Yes. We also offer kimonos for children.
Do you have kimonos for men?
Yes. We also offer kimonos for men.
I am tall(short). Do you have kimonos/Yukatas in my size?
Yes. We offer kimonos that match your height.
Do you offer Yukatas for rent?
Yes. However, we offer rental Yukatas only from June to September.
Click here to see a list of Yukatas.
Do you have kimonos to wear to a wedding or graduation ceremony, etc.?
We have Houmongi(訪問着), Furisode(振袖), and Hakama(袴).
If possible, please come to the reception at least one day before the event.
This will make it easier for you to get ready on the day of the event.
Is it possible to rent Furisode for a Coming-of-Age Ceremony?
Yes. The Furisode Plan is available for ¥19,800.
Click here to see a list of kimonos for Furisode Plan.
How many types of kimonos are available?
We have about 50 kimonos in a variety of lace, modern, chic, and antique styles.
Click here to see a list of kimonos.
Can I get advice on kimono outfits?
Yes. Our kimono stylists will be happy to help you to choose a kimono outfit based on your tastes and preferences.
Is it possible to reserve the kimono I want to wear in advance?
Yes, it is possible.
What should I do if the kimono gets dirty?
We offer a kimono Insurance Option (+¥550). With this option, we will not charge you any repair fees in case of damage or stains on your dress.
Do you buy or sell kimonos?
We do sell kimonos on the first floor. We do not purchase.

About Dressing

This is my first time wearing a kimono, will it be uncomfortable, unfold or lose shape?
We know how to professionally keep it in shape so please don't worry, and enjoy your time in Kyoto.
How long does it take to get dressed and have my hair set?
Choosing a kimono + dressing + hair set takes about 1 to 1 and a half hours. It varies considerably from person to person depending on the time it takes to choose your kimono.
Can a female staff member dress me?
Yes. We only have female staff at this time.
Can I bring my own kimono and ask only for dressing or only dressing and the Outside Photoshoot?
Yes. It is possible. We offer a Bring and Dress Your Own Kimono Plan.
Can you arrange dressing and an Obi belt knot?
Yes. If you have any requests, please let our stylist know.
Can you tie an Otaiko knot?
We also offer a plan where you can request an Otaiko knot.
Please feel free to ask our staff.
What if my kimono loses its shape?
Please call us direct at 075-532-6600/ +81-75-532-6600.
If possible, please return to our shop.

About Hair Set

What kind of hair set can you do for me?
We offer braided, braided down, loose chignon, loose bun, French twist style, and other requests.
Traditional Japanese coiffures (+¥1,650) are also available as optional hairstyles. Please feel free to ask our staff.
I have short hair; can you do my hair?
Yes. We also offer curls at the end and rent hair accessories.
I have hair extensions, can you do my hair?
Yes, we can.
Can I bring my own hair accessories?
Yes, you can.
Can you also do my makeup?
Yes. Makeup services are available for ¥1,100.
Please make a reservation first.
Click here to see kimono rental and option fees.
I would like to do my own hair and makeup. Can I use your space to do it?
We do not have rental place. Pleased finish hair set and makeup before coming to the shop.

About Accessories

What is included in the Kimono Rental Plan?
The plan includes a set of kimono extras such as bags, Zori sandals and undershirts.
Click here to see what is included in the Kimono Rental Plan.
Can I choose an Obi belt and bag by myself?
Yes, you can.
What is the size of the bags included in Kimono Rental Plan?
We offer a range of sizes from tote bags to pochette pouches.
Can I bring my own hair accessories, Obijime cords, lace items?
Yes, you can.
Can I also borrow hair accessories?
Hair accessories, Kanzashi hairpins, etc., are available. All can be used free of charge for those who request the hair set.
Can I rent hair accessories only?
Yes. Hair accessories only are available for ¥550.
Please feel free to choose your favorite hair accessories, Kanzashi hairpins, etc.
What sizes of Tabi socks and Zori sandals do you have?
We have various sizes of 22-25cm for women and 25-29cm for men. (Japanese size).

About the Outside Photoshoot

Which shops offer the Outside Photoshoot?
The Outside Photoshoot is available at all our shops,【Yasaka Shrine shop, JR Nara shop, Nara Park shop】.
However, a studio photoshoot is only available at the JR Nara shop.
Click here to see the Outside Photoshoot.
Can I choose the photos for my photo album?
Yes, you can.
Is it possible to print more photo albums?
Yes, it is.
What happens when it is raining or there is bad weather?
Basically, we will shoot regardless of the weather.
However, if you change the schedule due to inclement weather, we will not charge you a fee.
How do you move from shops to shooting locations?
In the case of location shooting in Higashiyama or Yasaka, we go on foot. In the case of in Gion or shrines, we will travel by taxi. The taxi fare will be paid by the customer. Even if we meet and part at the shooting location, you will also need to pay our taxi fare.
For wedding photography, can I bring my family members other than the bride and groom?
Yes, it is possible. It is also possible for you to take pictures with a digital camera or video camera.
Customers are responsible for arranging a car and securing a parking space for the accompanying persons.
Can I take family or group photos?
Yes, it is possible. It costs +¥5,000 per additional person for an Outside Photoshoot.
Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing pets. Please note that you cannot hug your pets while wearing the kimono.
I am having a wedding/reception/party in Kyoto. Can you offer an on-location shooting service?
Yes, it is possible. In this case, an additional fee is required. Please contact us for more information.
If I don't like the photos, can I return them?
We are sorry, but we do not offer refunds or returns after shooting.
Is it possible to take pictures at any shrine or temple?
Basically, we will only shoot at the locations we designate.
Can I ask you to take pictures at a shrine or temple on that day?
We apologize for the inconvenience. We are unable to accept photography at any of the shrines on the same day as permission is required by prior application.
During long public holidays, and the cherry blossom and autumn foliage seasons, shrines are booked up quickly, so we recommend that you book your appointments as soon as you have made your plans.

About Seasons & Weather

Do you have kimonos for summer (or winter)?
Yes. We offer rental Yukatas only from June to September. Please enjoy a kimono that matches the season.
I hear it is hot in Kyoto in summer. Can I walk around in a kimono in summer?
Thin kimonos for summer are available.
(In winter) Can I wear tights and thermal undershirts?
Yes. We offer a Warm Option including warm undershirts, shawls, and heat packs from December.
(In winter) Do you have shawls, Haori coats?
Yes. Faux fur scarfs and thick scarfs are available.
Is there anything I should bring on cold or hot days?
We recommend that you bring a portable fan or parasol in summer, gloves and open neck undershirts and leggings in winter.
Is it possible to walk around in kimono even in the rain?
You can walk around even in the rain. If you subscribe to the kimono Insurance Option (¥550), we will not charge you any cleaning fees for marks caused by rain or mud.

About Returning the Kimono

How should I return the kimono?
Please return it before 6:00pm on the same day. If you wish to return it after 6:00pm, you can return it the next day. In this case, the extra fee will be ¥1,100/day.
Can I return my kimono to the hotel where I am staying?
We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to our small number of staff we have to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so we are not accepting hotel returns at this time.
When should I return my kimono?
Please return it before 6:00pm.
You can also return by noon the next day for an extra fee of ¥1,100.
What if I can't get the kimono back in time?
Please call us direct at 075-532-6600/ +81-75-532-6600.
You can also change your plan to the Next Day Return Option.
Can I return the kimono after hours or extend its use?
Yes. We offer the Next Day Return Option for ¥1,100.

About Fees

Are all kimonos the same price to rent?
There are several types of kimonos available for rent starting at ¥2,980. The price differs for each type.
Click here to see a list of kimono rental fees.
Is the dressing fee included in the rental price?
Yes, it is.
Are Obi belts, Zori sandals, and bags included in the rental price?
Yes, they are included in the rental price. You can also upgrade an Obi belt to a double-woven Obi belt for an additional fee.
Click here to see what is included in the Kimono Rental Plan.
Is the price for the Outside Photoshoot for one person?
The price is for two people. For three or more people, there will be an additional fee of ¥2,200 per person.
Are there additional fees for the Kimono Rental Plan and the Outside Photoshoot?
・The Kimono Rental Plan
The prices of kimono rental plans include the rental fees for the designated kimono with underwear, bags, Zori sandals, Tabi socks, and dressing by a kimono stylist. Please note that this will vary depending on the plan, conditions, etc. Additional fees are required for the services such as hair set, makeup, Outside Photoshoot, etc.
Click here to see a list of kimono rental fees.

・Only Outside Photoshoot
The Outside Photoshoot fee includes shooting, shooting props, and shooting data.
Additional fees are required for:
・taxi for the photographer and clients
・hair set/makeup
・kimono dressing if you bring your own kimono
・options for costume, hair/makeup, album, etc.
・kimono rental.
Click here to see a list of Outside Photoshoot fees.
When am I required to pay?
・Kimono Rental Plan
We require that you pay after you come to our shop and get dressed, before you leave to walk around in the kimono.

・Outside Photoshoot
For the Outside Photoshoot we require that you pay before you leave to walk around in the kimono. In the case of extensions, etc., payment must be made when you return.

・Commemorative Japanese Style Wedding Photoshoot
Payment is required when you make a reservation and come for a preliminary inspection for the Japanese style pre-shoot.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB).


What if I forget something in the shop?
Please contact us as soon as you realize.