Plan for Couples

If you're going to wear a kimono on a date, our Plan for Couples might be the best option! This is a very good deal and a flat price of ¥8,800 (inc. tax)!
You can choose from a selection of kimonos such as lace kimonos, retro-vintage kimonos, plain kimonos.
A beautiful hair set to match the kimono is also available for an additional fee of ¥1,100 (inc. tax).
*You can take your time more with our Next Day Return Option (+ ¥1,100).

Prices for Plan for Couples

Plan for Couples

¥8,800 (inc. tax)

If you're going to wear a kimono on a date, our Plan for Couples might be the best option!
Your date in Kyoto, with both of you wearing matching kimono, will be a special, memorable one♪

Option Fees

We can do a hair set based on your request!
Hair Set ¥1,100 (inc. tax)

The price is the same, no matter how many accessories you wear!
Unlimited Japanese Accessories Option ¥1,100 (inc. tax)

Next Day Return ¥1,100 (inc. tax)
Kimono Insurance ¥550 (inc. tax)
Outside Photoshoot ¥16,000 (inc. tax) ~

Items for Plan for Couples

Plan for Couples includes the following items for two people (men and women).

  • Kimono
  • Obi belt
    Obi belt
  • Bag, Purse
    Bag, Purse
  • Zori sandals
    Zori sandals
  • Tabi socks
    Tabi socks

About Plan for Couples

Items for Plan

The basic fee includes kimono rental, Obi belt, bag, Zori sandals, Tabi socks, dressing, and luggage storage service.

Return Time

Please return to our shop by 6:00 p.m.
You can also return the kimono by noon on the next day for an additional ¥1,100.


Steps for Renting a Kimono

The kimono rental service is available for up 30 groups per day and is by appointment only. Please fill out the appointment form and include your desired date and time.
Please return the kimono on that day. There is an optional plan for returning it the next day.

  • 1


    Book an appointment using our online form or by phone.

    Book Your Appointment Here
  • 2


    Please arrive in time for your scheduled appointment.
    If you are running late, please contact us.

  • 3

    Outfit Selection and Hair Set

    Choose your outfit and have your hair set if you are renting a kimono. Discuss the location for the photoshoot with the photographer.

  • 4

    Departure & Return

    Enjoy your short trip when you are ready. Please return to our shop by 6:00 p.m.

Features of Plan for Couples

¥8,800 (inc. tax) flat price!
We have a wide collection of kimonos such as new arrivals and designer kimonos, and we also have the trendy kimonos such as basic kimonos, lace kimonos, vintage kimonos, modern kimonos.
The return time is until 6:00 p.m., so you can take your time and enjoy your kimono date in Kyoto.
*You can also return the kimono by noon on the next day for an additional ¥1,100.

Of course, our professional staff will help you style the outfit and dress. If you wish, we offer hair-setting services to match the kimono, and our photographer offers professional photo shooting.
We are conveniently located for sightseeing in Kyoto!
It's about a 1-minute walk to Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, a 5-minute walk to Yasaka Kogen Shrine, and a 15-minute walk to Yasaka Kogen Shrine!

Walk around in Kyoto wearing matching kimonos! Recommended Kimono Dating Places in Kyoto!


Yasaka Shrine

The Yasaka Shrine is an iconic landmark of the Gion area. The main shrine building is an important cultural property built in the Edo period (1600-1868), and the other buildings comprising the shrine are also recognized as valuable cultural properties.
Susanoo-no-Mikoto, the main deity of the Yasaka Shrine, is one of the most famous gods in Japanese mythology and is written about in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) and Japanese textbooks. In addition to the main shrine building, each building has different deities and benefits, so couples can take their time to visit them while praying together.

Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park is a natural park located behind Yasaka Shrine. In the center of the park, there are the famous cherry blossom trees called "Gion no Yozakura (night cherry blossoms)," or "Gion Shidarezakura (weeping cherry blossoms)," which are famous for heralding the arrival of spring every year.
You can also experience the four seasons throughout the park, with Hyotan Pond reflecting the brilliant summer sky like a mirror, and the Irohamomiji maple trees turning red in the fall.


The Kamogawa River

The Kamogawa River runs north to south through Kyoto. The gentle flow of the river and the beautiful surrounding nature make you feel comfortable and calm, as if you could stay there forever.
Along the Kamogawa River in the Gion area, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet food. Every summer (May - September), an event called "Kyoto Kamogawa Noryokozoko" is held. This is the perfect event for couples looking for a romantic atmosphere to enjoy meals and drinks outdoors with a view of the Kamogawa River.


Hanamikouji (Hanamikouji Dori Street) is a street that connects Gion from north to south, from Sanjo Dori Street to Yasui Kita Dori Street. It is separated into a south side street and a north side street, with the south side street being more familiar to tourists.
The electric wires along Hanazonokouji are buried underground to preserve the scenery, and you will surely be enchanted by the Kyoto-style beauty of the houses. If you are in luck, you can even see Geiko and Maiko (traditional female entertainers).

Nene-no Michi (the Path of Nene)

Nene-no Michi is the street on the west side of Kodaiji Temple.
Kodaiji Temple is well known as the temple built to mourn Toyotomi Hideyoshi by Kitanomandokoro Nene, the wife of Hideyoshi. The two were united in a love marriage, and always remained close to each other. After Hideyoshi’s death, Nene travelled along the street to the temple, thinking of him every day.
The path has come to be known as Nene-no Michi in recent years because of its historical background. It may give you an opportunity to think about your own partnership.
In 2021, the stone paving was renewed, and a photo contest was held.


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