Couple Yukata Plan

Limited plan from June-September

c offers a set of women's yukata and men's yukata for just 7,700 yen.
A beautiful hair set to match the kimono is also available for an additional fee of ¥1,100 (inc. tax).
*You can take your time more with our Next Day Return Option (+ ¥1,100).

Prices for Couple Yukata Plan

Couple Yukata Plan
Couple Yukata Rental for All Day

7,700 (inc. tax)

Option Fees

We can do a hair set based on your request!
Hair Set ¥1,100 (inc. tax)

The price is the same, no matter how many accessories you wear!
Unlimited Japanese Accessories Option ¥1,100 (inc. tax)

Next Day Return ¥1,100 (inc. tax)
Kimono Insurance ¥550 (inc. tax)Kimono Insurance ¥550 (inc. tax)
Outside Photoshoot ¥16,000 (inc. tax) ~

Items for Couple Yukata Rental Plan

All plans include the following items:

  • Yukata
  • Obi belt
    Obi belt
  • Bags
  • Geta shoes
    Geta shoes

About Yukata Rental Plan

Items for Plan

The basic fee includes Yukata rental, Obi belt, bag, Zori sandals, , dressing, and luggage storage service.

Return Time

Please return to our shop by 6:00 p.m.
You can also return the kimono by noon on the next day for an additional ¥1,100.


Steps for Renting a Yukata

The Yukata rental service is available for up 30 groups per day and is by appointment only. Please fill out the appointment form and include your desired date and time.
Please return the kimono on that day. There is an optional plan for returning it the next day.

  • 1


    Book an appointment using our online form or by phone.

    Book Your Appointment Here
  • 2


    Please arrive in time for your scheduled appointment.
    If you are running late, please contact us.

  • 3

    Outfit Selection and Hair Set

    Choose your outfit and have your hair set as you have requested. (Takes about 30 min-1 hour)

  • 4

    Departure & Return

    Enjoy your short trip when you are ready. Please return to our shop by 6:00 p.m.

Features of Couple Yukata Plan

Couple Yukata Plan
Yukata rental at Waplus Kyoto is ¥3,850 for women and ¥4,400 for men! During the Gion Matsuri period, the prices have not been raised.
You can also choose the luxury yukata brand [Theo Alpha] at no additional charge. We also have a hair set as an option, so please leave a cute hair set that matches the yukata!

In addition, Waplus Kyoto is very close to Yasaka Shrine, so you can go straight to the Gion Festival through Shijo Street in front of Yasaka Shrine.
It's conveniently located near the famous old streets so you can enjoy sightseeing immediately after getting dressed at the store, and you can play until the last minute to return it.
And you can also visit 【Fushimiinari】it's only 8mins by subway !

Walk around in Kyoto wearing a yukata! Recommended Places in Kyoto


Gion Festival

The Gion Festival, one of Japan's three major festivals, is held from July 1st to July 31st.
At this time of year, the city of Kyoto is in a festive mood! If you rent a yukata and participate in the Gion Festival, the fun will double.

Waplus KYOTO is very close to Yasaka Shrine, so once you've finished dressing and setting your hair, you can go straight to the Gion Matsuri through Shijo Street.

Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine is one of the must-visit places in the Gion-Shijo area. Visiting the main hall of the Yasaka Shrine brings you blessings of protection from natural disasters and disease. A Okuninushisha beside the main hall honors the God of marriage, so a visit there brings good fortune and improves your chances of meeting your ideal partner.
There are cute Japanese luck charms that match the kimono, such as the "Ema (votive tablet)” used to make wishes, and the "Gannkake rabbit (a rabbit-shaped good luck charm)", so it might be a good idea to include these in your pictures.

Wapluse Kyoto is a 1-minute walk from Yasaka Shrine! Our proximity to the shrine means that even if your schedule is limited, you will still have time to visit the shrine, take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

tourist spots in Kyoto, such as Ninen-zaka hills and the Sannen-zaka hills, Yasaka Koshindo, and Kodaiji Temple.

Enjoy walking around, eating or take a break at a retro café while taking pictures.

We are about a 5-minute walk from Yasaka Kogen Shrine and a 15-minute walk from Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
If you rent a kimono for a day, you can take your time to walk around from Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizu Temple and still be back at our shop in time by 6:00 p.m.