[For beginners] Introducing key points when choosing a rental kimono store in Kyoto

京都のレンタル着物店 選び方

When you think, “Let’s rent a kimono in Kyoto!” and start searching online, you may find that there are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto, and you may be confused as to which one to choose.
So this time, we would like to introduce some points for choosing a kimono rental store in Kyoto for kimono beginners!
It is no exaggeration to say that your level of satisfaction with the rental kimono will depend on the quality of your choice of shop.
Please use this as a reference to find the store that best suits your needs.

Start here! Check the type of rental kimono store

First, let’s check the basic types of kimono rental shops.
There are mainly three types of shops that rent out kimonos:

  • Store specializing in costumes for stage, movies, etc.
  • Furisode and other formal kimono specialty stores
  • Kimono store that handles a wide range of genres

Store specializing in costumes for stage and movies

The first is a shop that rents out kimono costumes for stage performances and movie shoots.
In order for the actors to become the characters of each era in the script, we value the worldview of the work and prepare kimonos for all eras and classes.
Some stores rent out costumes to the general public, but due to handling reasons, some stores only rent out costumes to entertainment companies and professional stylists.

Furisode and other formal kimono specialty store

The second is a shop that rents out special clothes for certain events such as Shichi-Go-San and Coming of Age Ceremonies.
This includes kimono rentals at furisode specialty stores and photo studios for children.
You can use it for special occasions, such as when you want to rent a long-sleeved kimono for a commemorative photo shoot for your 20th birthday, but it tends to be used on a one-off basis, making it difficult to develop a long-term relationship with the store. There are many.

Kimono store that handles a wide range of genres

The third one is a so-called kimono shop, which rents out kimonos for people of all ages, male and female, from everyday wear to casual wear.
You can rent everything from casual kimonos for going out to sightseeing spots to formal visiting wear and long-sleeved kimonos for weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies.

Kyoto’s rental kimono store Waplus Kyoto also falls under this category.
Waplus Kyoto is run by a long-established kimono store founded in 1981, so we are able to provide high-quality kimonos suitable for each occasion at reasonable prices.

How to choose a kimono rental store in Kyoto and points to consider

We have summarized the key points to keep in mind when choosing a shop to rent a kimono in Kyoto.
When comparing multiple stores, please use this as your criteria.

Do you carry a wide range of kimonos and Japanese accessories?

If you want to rent a kimono, you should go to a shop that sells kimonos that match your height and preferences.
Even if you find a pattern you like, it’s sad if the size doesn’t suit you…
In order to dress beautifully, it is important to choose a kimono that is compatible with your body width and length.

Before visiting the store, be sure to check the kimono rental store’s website to see if they carry the kimono that suits you and the variety they carry.
Also, check the number of small items available. The shop puts customer satisfaction first and values “stylish and enjoyable kimono time,” so you can feel the attention to detail in every item, including tabi socks and obijime.

Do you have a plan for dressing and hair styling?

The range of services provided by rental kimono shops varies greatly depending on the shop.
If you want to enjoy it casually, we recommend going to a store that has a set plan that covers everything from dressing to hair styling.
If you want to be even more particular about satisfaction, it would be a good idea to have a price plan that can be customized to suit your budget, such as whether hair styling is included or not.

Is the price list clear and easy to understand?

We recommend rental kimono shops that have a detailed price list clearly stated on their website.
Unfortunately, there are stores that charge high rental fees for other items such as tabi and bags, even though the rental fees for kimonos are ostensibly low, and they collect sales from this. Customers who come to our store thinking they can rent everything will be disappointed…

However, if you are going to enjoy wearing a kimono, you really want to be particular about fashion down to the smallest details!
Therefore, if you go to a shop where the rental set includes not only a kimono but also zori, tabi, drawstring bags, etc., you will be able to enjoy your trip safely and meaningfully.

Can you kindly respond to inquiries from kimono beginners?

Also, check out the friendliness of the store’s staff.
It is difficult to check the staff until you visit the store, but you can get a feel for the atmosphere of the store and whether they are compatible with you by looking at the complete Frequently Asked Questions section on the website and how they respond to inquiries.

A website that provides easy-to-understand explanations not only for those familiar with kimono but also for beginners will be able to eliminate any concerns and make rental reservations.

Is it easy to access the outing spots?

Kyoto has various tourist spots.
Kyoto City is divided into 11 wards, and it depends on where you go: Kita ward, Kamigyo ward, Sakyo ward, Nakagyo ward, Higashiyama ward, Yamashina ward, Shimogyo ward, Minami ward, Ukyo ward, Nishikyo ward, Fushimi ward. There are different kimono rental shops that are easy to rent.

If you have decided in advance where you want to go sightseeing or walking, try looking for a kimono rental shop nearby.
By saving travel time, you will be able to spend more time exploring the places you want to go and the things you want to do in Kyoto.

Why choose “Waplus Kyoto” for kimono rental in Kyoto

Kimono dressing at Kyoto rental kimono store
If you are looking for a kimono rental shop in Kyoto, please consider Waplus Kyoto.
Waplus Kyoto has the following benefits and provides services that allow you to enjoy your time in Kyoto to the fullest.

  • [Stylish] Lots of new and high-quality branded kimonos
  • [Customization] Plan design tailored to the customer, including dressing and hair styling
  • [Peace of mind] The price also includes rental of bags, sandals, etc.
  • [Trust and track record] Managed by a long-established kimono store founded in 1982
  • [Easy] Excellent access to sightseeing spots in Kyoto

[Stylish] Lots of new and high-quality branded kimonos

Waplus Kyoto is a rental kimono store run by a kimono store, and we are particular about the quality, design, and originality of each kimono.
We have a wide selection of kimonos for important occasions, such as visiting clothes, long-sleeved kimonos, and hakama, as well as fashionable kimonos that look great on social media, such as antique kimonos.
We are confident in the variety of accessories, and you can choose from lace, patterned, and normal tabi to suit your taste.

Click here for the rental kimono list

[Customization] Plan design tailored to the customer, including dressing and hair styling

There are a total of 5 types of rental plans and prices, and you can freely choose from the “Bit Kyoto Plan,” “Waplus Plan,” “Kyobijin Plan,” “Furisode Plan,” and “Hakama Plan.”

Hair styling, makeup, and location photography can be added to each plan according to your request. In addition to returning items the same evening, we also accept returns the next day.
If you are unsure of which plan to choose, there is no problem in deciding or changing the plan after seeing the kimono in person on the day.

Click here for rental plans and prices

[Peace of mind] The price also includes rental of bags, sandals, etc.

Waplus Kyoto has undergarments, tabi, sandals, bags, etc., so you can come to our store empty-handed.

What’s more, all plans include rental fees for accessories from underwear to bags.
You can rent a wide variety of items within the plan, from tote bags to pochette pouch-sized items, so you can enjoy fashion with peace of mind without worrying about additional fees.
(Those who order a hair set will also receive free hair ornaments and hairpins!)

[Trust and track record] Managed by a long-established kimono store founded in 1982

Waplus Kyoto is a rental kimono store run by a kimono store with a history of over 35 years.
There is a kimono workshop on the first floor of Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store, where you can see how kimonos are made, which is a rare opportunity.
We value the trust we have earned over the years from our customers, and we hope to be able to generously share the kimono knowledge we have cultivated over the years at our kimono rental shop.

[Easy] Great access to sightseeing spots in Kyoto

Waplus Kyoto is conveniently located, a 1-minute walk from Yasaka Shrine, a 5-minute walk from Koshin-do Temple, and a 15-minute walk from Kiyomizu-dera Temple.
It’s easy to go to Kyoto’s tourist attractions, so you won’t get tired walking, and it won’t come off easily. You can fully enjoy Kyoto until it’s time to return your kimono!

Please feel free to ask us if we can do something like this

We have introduced how to choose a kimono rental store in Kyoto and the characteristics of Waplus Kyoto.
In order to make reservations and visit with peace of mind, it is important to do research in advance.
Waplus Kyoto will carefully respond to any questions or requests you may have regarding rental kimonos. Please feel free to contact us.

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