For the Gion Festival, we recommend Yukata from Waplus Kyoto! Introducing the highlights and ways to enjoy the Gion Festival

The Gion Festival will be held in 2022 for the first time in three years. I think there are many people who have been wanting to go to the Gion Festival!
Yoiyama is a very popular event during the Gion Festival, where the roads are turned into a pedestrian paradise and there are many food stalls to enjoy.
Waplus Kyoto will be open for extended hours from 9:00 to 22:00 on July 15th, 16th, and 17th during the Gion Festival. Masu!
So you can enjoy the Gion Festival in your yukata without having to worry about the return time.

In this article, we will tell you why we recommend renting a yukata from Waplus Kyoto for the Gion Festival.
With Waplus Kyoto’s yukata rental plan, you can also choose the luxury yukata brand [Theo Alpha] at no additional charge. Why not enjoy Kyoto’s Gion Festival to the fullest while standing out from the crowd?

If you are going to the Gion Festival, Waplus Kyoto’s yukata is recommended

Waplus Kyoto is in a convenient location with easy access to the Gion Festival, and rents out high-quality yukata such as Theo Alpha at a reasonable price. I am.
Furthermore, on July 15th, 16th, and 17th of the Gion Festival, we have a special Gion Festival plan with extended return times!

Recommended point: Good location

Waplus Kyoto is located near Yasaka Shrine, a 5-minute walk from Kawaramachi, the venue of the Gion Festival.
So, after changing into a yukata, you can go straight to the Gion Festival without getting sweaty from walking for a long time.
Because it is located close to the Gion Festival and has extended business hours, you can enjoy the festival without worrying too much about time.
I want to play without worrying about the time until late at night! If so, you can return it the next day for an extension fee of 1,100 yen. That way, you can enjoy the Gion Festival while staying overnight.
As the Gion Festival gets later in the evening, the number of people decreases a little, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival in a more relaxed manner.
If you have time, please stay overnight and visit the Gion Festival!

Recommended point: Luxury yukatas are also cheap

Yukata rental at Waplus Kyoto is 3,850 yen! There are no price increases during the Gion Festival period!

We also offer hair sets as an option, so leave it to us to create a cute hairstyle that goes well with your yukata!
Waplus Kyoto has kimono stylists who are knowledgeable about kimono dressing. If you are not confident in choosing a yukata or don’t know how to wear it, please feel free to contact us. We will listen carefully to your wishes and help you find the yukata that is perfect for you!
You can also choose the luxury yukata brand [Theo Alpha] at no additional charge. As the number is limited, we ask that you make your reservation early.

Waplus Kyoto’s kimono/yukata rental plan

Recommended point: Full range of optional plans

Waplus also has a wide range of optional plans.
You can order your hair for 1,100 yen! At regular stores, you often choose from a catalog or a set of several types of hairstyles, but at Waplus, you can order the hairstyle of your choice. I want to do a hair arrangement that doesn’t overlap with other people’s! I want to have a cute and stylish hairstyle that goes well with my yukata! It is recommended for anyone who wants.

Additionally, you can wear unlimited lace accessories for just 1,100 yen! There are many stores that charge 500 yen or more for each item, but the unique feature of Waplus is that you can add as much as you like. No matter how many you add, it only costs 1,100 yen, so you can make your own arrangement and stand out from others.

Recommended point: Gion Festival special plan available

Only on July 15th, 16th, and 17th, which is the Yoiyama (pre-festival) period of the Gion Festival, Wapuras Kyoto will hold the “Gion Festival” We are offering a special plan!
During this period, Waplus Kyoto’s business hours will be extended from 9:00 to 22:00 so that you can enjoy the Gion Festival as leisurely as possible.
You can also return it the next day or extend the return time to 9:30 pm on the same day for an extension fee of 1,100 yen.
During the Gion Festival, we do not charge weekend fees or special Gion Festival fees. Please take this opportunity to use Waplus Kyoto’s yukata rental.

Summary|Enjoy the Gion Festival to the fullest in yukata

We have told you about the recommended points of Waplus Kyoto, where you can fully enjoy the Gion Festival, which will be held in Kyoto for the first time in a long time, in yukata.
It’s the first Gion Festival in three years, and you can fully enjoy the festival atmosphere by walking around Shijo-dori, which is now a pedestrian paradise, and eating your food in a yukata.
In addition, at night, you can stroll through the fantastic cityscape created by the light of lanterns.
It’s been a long time since we last attended the Gion Festival, so please enjoy the cool atmosphere of Kyoto in a yukata made of cool materials such as Theo Alpha!

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