What are the Kawadoko and Noryo Yuka in Kyoto where you would like to go out in a rental kimono or yukata?

Do you know about Kawadoko and Nouryo Yuka where you can enjoy summer in Kyoto on the river?
To enjoy the summer atmosphere of Kyoto to the fullest, we recommend wearing a yukata or kimono and heading out to the riverbed or Noryoyuka!
Here, we will introduce recommended yukata at Waplus Kyoto, from times, places, and ways to enjoy Kawadoko/Noryoudoko We will introduce you to a wide range of rental plans!

What is Kawadoko/Noryoudoko?

We will tell you more about Kawadoko and Noryo Yuka!

First of all, a kawadoko is a tatami room built on a river where you can enjoy sweetfish dishes and Kyoto cuisine, which are a summer tradition in Kyoto.
Generally, the ones in Kibune and Takao are called kawadoko. The “Kifune Kawadoko” is a type of tatami mat that you often see on social media and the internet, just above the surface of the river.
If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto in the summer, the best place to go is the famous Kibune Kawadoko.

On the other hand, noryōyuka refers to the places with seats above the Misozogi River in the area from Nijo to Gojo in central Kyoto.
If you have ever visited Kawaramachi Station in Kyoto, you may have seen this.
This Noryo Yuka, located right next to the Kamogawa riverside where couples sit at equal intervals, is the most easily accessible Noryo Yuka from central Kyoto.

Nouryo Yuka on the Kamogawa River

Kamogawa Noryoyuka begins in May when the summer breeze begins to blow.
On the west side of the Kamogawa River, from Nijo to Gojo, there are more than 100 shops offering seating at Noryo Yuka.
Some stores are open from noon.
Please try searching for your favorite restaurant in the Kamikiyamachi area, Pontocho area, Nishiishigaki area, or Shimokiyamachi area according to your schedule for the day.
Some people may have the impression that Noryo Yuka seems expensive, but in reality, there is a wide range of food types and price ranges, so you are sure to find a restaurant that fits your plans. is.
Also, all of the Noryo Yuka are in great locations overlooking the Kamogawa River, so if you visit in a yukata or kimono, you’re sure to look great in photos!

Kamogawa Noryo Yuko
■Date and time: May 1st to October 31st, 2022
■Location: Along the Kamo River from Nijo to Gojo
■Nearest station: Shijo Kawaramachi Station (52 Kawaramachi Nishiirimacho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8001)
Invitation to Kamogawa Noryo Yuka (Kyoto Tourism Official Site)

Kibune Riverbed

Kibune has long been loved as the back-room of Kyoto.
You can also enjoy the riverbed from the beginning of May.
The “Kibune Kawadoko,” a tatami room set up just above the river’s surface, is one of Kyoto’s most iconic summer events.
Even in the hot summer months, you can enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine in the cool breeze and air brought by the river water.
Due to our location near Kibune’s Kawadoko and Kifune Shrine, you can also visit the famous Kifune Shrine before or after your meal.
Why not visit Kibune Shrine, which is said to bring you a variety of good relationships?
If you visit Kibune wearing a yukata or kimono, you will be able to take wonderful photos that will remind you of Kibune’s nature and the sound of the river when you look back.

Kibune’s riverbed
■Date and time: May 1st to September 30th, 2022
■Location: Along Kibune River
■Nearest station: Kibuneguchi Station (Kurama Kifunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 601-1112)
Kyoto’s inner parlor, Kibune, Kibune Tourism Association

Kaohsiung Riverbed

Kaohsiung is a scenic spot famous for its beautiful clear streams and valleys.
Enjoying Kyoto cuisine in the midst of nature, where you can relax both mind and body, is the real pleasure of Kawadoko in Takao.
Although it is a little far from the center of Kyoto, there are many temples worth seeing, such as Jingo-ji and Saimyo-ji.
Kaohsiung Kawadoko is the perfect place to spend some relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Why not visit with your loved ones, such as your lover or family?

Kaohsiung riverbed
■Date and time: Early April to late September 2022
■Location: Takao, along the Kiyotaki River
■Nearest station: JR bus/city bus “Takao” (Umegahata Nishinohata-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 616-8289) or “Tsuganoo” (Umegahata Kawanishi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 616-8296) )
Takao Hoshokai

Precautions and etiquette when enjoying river beds and summer beds

From the time you make your reservation until the time you leave, we will tell you about important precautions and manners to enjoy your meal comfortably.
If you are visiting Kawadoko/Noryoudoko for the first time, please use this as a reference.

1, Reservation of Kawadoko/Noryoudoko seats
Be sure to call the restaurant to make a reservation and let them know what you want to know and what course you want. Naturally, all the shops are very crowded during Kawadoko season. Please make your reservation early.

2, Consultations regarding reservations should be made at busy times
If you have any questions about making a reservation, please try to avoid busy times as much as possible. We recommend that you avoid lunch and dinner timings and consult as far in advance as possible.

3. Don’t cancel even in the rain!
You may think, “Kawadoko and Noryodoko are outdoors, so if it rains, you won’t be able to eat there.” However, even if it rains, the staff will prepare a seat for you inside. Visit our store with confidence. Many shops that serve kawadoko have a nice atmosphere inside. Enjoy it and plan to visit the outdoor river bed another time.

It is best to avoid wearing clothes that are too rough. In that respect, yukatas and kimonos are perfect for the atmosphere of riverbeds and Noryoyuka. I’m sure you’ll be welcomed.

5, Don’t go barefoot
There are many tatami shops, so be sure to wear socks instead of bare feet.

6. Be a little careful about etiquette when eating
There’s no etiquette like that of high-class French cuisine, so it’s basically best to eat deliciously. Just don’t make loud noises with the dishes or leave most of the food left behind. It may be a good idea to prepare some simple etiquette books. Enjoy your meals within the bounds of common sense.

7.Although it’s a dining table, don’t make too much noise
Many people come to enjoy the sound and atmosphere of the river at Kawadoko and Noryodoko. Don’t make noise like you would at a bar. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a conversation. Enjoy it in peace and relaxation.

8, Be considerate about smoking
Kawadoko and Noryodoko are outdoors, but you need to be careful about cigarette smoke. If you are a non-smoker, don’t smoke, and even if you are allowed to smoke, be careful where the smoke goes.

9. Know the timing of accounting
Due to the atmosphere of Kawadoko and Noryodoko, it is difficult to call out to the staff in a loud voice. If it’s a course meal, it will go smoothly if you ask for the payment when the water items (fruit, dessert) are served.

If you want to enjoy the Kawadoko/Noryoudoko even more, we recommend wearing a Yukata!

Kawadoko and Noryo-yuka can be enjoyed by individuals, couples, and families. If you go to the trouble of making a reservation, why not try wearing a yukata?
Even in Kyoto, Kawadoko and Noryodoko are events where you can feel a lot of Japanese atmosphere, so if you come wearing a yukata, you will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the place.
If you take a photo with everyone who visited together, you can leave a photo that is very reminiscent of Kyoto!

In addition, at Waplus Kyoto, we have a limited plan from June to September for such people, “Yukata Rental Plan ” are available.
In addition to branded yukatas and new yukata, you can choose your favorite yukata from a wide variety of yukatas, including the high-end yukata brand [Theo Alpha] that can be worn comfortably even in the summer, for just 3,850 yen (tax included). !
Waplus Kyoto is in a great location right next to Yasaka Shrine, so it’s a short walk to Noryo Yuko. In addition, you can easily go to Kyoto Kawaramachi Station, making it a convenient location if you want to head to other riverbeds.

The Noryo Yuka along the Kamogawa River is especially cool at night, and the lights of the cityscape are beautiful, so we recommend it.
Waplus Kyoto usually returns at 6:00 pm, but if you are going to Noryo Yuka at night, you can use the next day return plan (+1,100 yen) and enjoy the Noryo Yuka leisurely without worrying about the time. can do.
On the other hand, the riverbeds of Kibune and Takao are a little far from the center of Kyoto, so we recommend going there for lunch or a little earlier! By going early, you can fully enjoy the comfort of being in nature.
If you visit both places wearing a yukata, you will be able to leave a memorable photo that will show off the city lights and yukata, as well as the natural greenery and yukata!

Summary|Enjoy Kawadoko in Yukata and remember your manners!

Yukata rental plan for Kamogawa’s Noryo Yuka, Kibune/Takao Kawadoko, and Waplus Kyoto I told you about it.
If you want to enjoy Kyoto in the summer, we recommend that you include river beds and summer beds in your plans!
Also, summer is the time when you can enjoy going out in yukata. By visiting Kawadoko and Noryodoko in Yukata, You can enjoy Kyoto cuisine while fully feeling the Japanese atmosphere typical of Kyoto.
Be sure to rent a yukata at Waplus Kyoto and visit the Kawadoko and Noryo Yuka!

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