If you want to enjoy the calm atmosphere of Kyoto, we recommend walking around Gion.

Our guide for kimono rental in Kyoto will introduce recommended spots for walking around Gion to fully enjoy Kyoto’s calm atmosphere. Enjoy a luxurious time walking around the traditional town in kimono while feeling the unique atmosphere of Kyoto.

Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of Gion, Kyoto

Gion is especially rich in history and beauty in Kyoto. By renting a kimono, you can stroll around and blend in with the historic cityscape. Let’s decorate the landscape of Gion, where tradition and modernity are in harmony, with a stately kimono.

Visiting famous places in Kyoto and Gion in kimono

The Gion area is dotted with many famous spots. Visiting places like Yasaka Shrine and Higashiyama Hanatouro while wearing a kimono will enhance the atmosphere of the place. Every time you walk, you will experience the unique atmosphere of Kyoto and deepen your memories.

Stroll around Kyoto while feeling the seasons

Strolling around Gion in a kimono while feeling the beauty of Kyoto each season is a special experience. Cherry blossoms in spring, Gion Festival in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter. Choose the color and pattern of your kimono and enjoy the seasonal feel as the scenery changes with the seasons.

Interacting with traditional culture

While strolling around Gion, you can also enjoy interacting with traditional culture. You can encounter a tea room and traditional geisha and maiko, and even participate in the experience while wearing a kimono. Every time you walk, you’ll discover something new while experiencing the unique culture of Kyoto.

Easily explore Kyoto with kimono rental

Renting a kimono is an easy way to enjoy the charm of Kyoto. At Waplus Kyoto, our professional staff will give you careful advice so you can choose a stylish and gorgeous kimono. Let’s enjoy a special experience that is a little different from everyday life in Gion while wearing a kimono.



We introduced the special experience that kimono rental in Kyoto brings and the charm of walking around Gion. Enjoy a luxurious time walking around wearing an elegant kimono in Gion, which is full of tradition and beauty.


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