Kimono rental when going to the Gion Festival or fireworks festival


If you want to wear a gorgeous kimono to a festival or fireworks display in Gion, Kyoto in the summer, kimono rental is the best option. Here, we will introduce the key points for participating in a stylish and comfortable summer event in Gion. Enjoy a special summer in Kyoto by renting a kimono that is both cool and stylish.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Gion Festival

The Gion Festival is one of Kyoto’s most lively events. You can enjoy the festival atmosphere even more by walking around the bustling streets of Gion in a stylish kimono. Kimono rentals add color to the Gion Festival, which is a fusion of tradition and fashion.

Stylish kimono styling that shines at the fireworks festival

Fireworks festivals are also held in Gion in the summer, and you can enjoy the night sky brightly colored by fireworks. At that time, the stylish kimono styling will shine. Why not enjoy the fireworks festival while wearing a kimono with a cool and gorgeous pattern?

Enjoy your event comfortably with kimono rental

For summer Gion events, kimono styling that takes into account the heat and bustle of the event is required so that you can spend a comfortable time. Our professional staff will help you get dressed and give you advice, ensuring you have a stylish and comfortable kimono rental experience. By choosing fabrics that are light and breathable, you can stay comfortable even in hot weather.

Visiting recommended spots in Kyoto/Gion area

Before and after the fireworks festival and various events in Gion, let’s visit recommended spots in kimono. There are many attractions in the Gion area, including Yasaka Shrine and Hanamikoji. By walking around in a stylish kimono, you can enjoy the stylish contrast between the traditional scenery and the traditional scenery.

Kimono rental reservations and precautions

When going to Gion’s summer festivals and fireworks festivals, there are some things to keep in mind when making reservations for kimono rentals. By making a reservation in advance, you can ensure that you get the kimono of your choice and the style that you desire. You should also be careful when packing your luggage and choosing kimono in preparation for the summer heat.



In order to enjoy kimono at festivals and fireworks displays, it is important to have stylish styling and comfortable kimono rentals. Enjoy Gion’s summer, where tradition and fashion combine, to the fullest in a special kimono.


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