Tips for renting kimonos in Kyoto/What are the fashionable kimonos that are trending in Kyoto right now?

This time, our kimono rental guide will introduce you to the secrets to fully enjoying the charm of kimono, as well as the fashionable kimono trends that are currently attracting attention.

How to choose a kimono: Choose one that matches the fashion trends

Waplus Kyoto has a wide variety of kimonos available. When choosing a stylish kimono, it is important to pay attention to patterns and colors that incorporate seasonal trends and trends, and find one that suits you.

Coordination accent: Use accessories to make a difference

Accessories are important for a stylish kimono style. By skillfully incorporating accessories such as obidome, sandals, and hairpins, you can enjoy stylish coordination that stands out from the rest.

Seasonal fashion trends: Styles recommended by local staff

Enjoy stylish kimonos in Kyoto throughout the four seasons. We recommend pale floral patterns for spring, cool colors for summer, muted tones for fall, and bright patterns for winter. Waplus Kyoto’s staff will advise you on stylish styles that suit the season.

Tips for choosing a rental spot: Enjoy kimono at a stylish spot in Kyoto

Once you have worn a stylish kimono, it is important to choose a place where you can enjoy it. Here are some tips on how to choose the most popular spots in Kyoto and photogenic locations for a stylish day out.



Please keep these points in mind and enjoy a stylish and memorable kimono experience.


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