Tips for renting kimonos in Kyoto/Antique and retro-style kimonos are popular as standard

This time, our kimono rental guide will introduce you to stylish coordination methods that bring out the charm of Kyoto to the fullest, as well as tips for enjoying the antique and retro atmosphere.

How to choose a classic: Express Kyoto-ness with traditional patterns and colors

When choosing a standard kimono, focus on patterns and colors that evoke the tradition and culture of Kyoto. Even within the classic design, there is a wide selection of items with a unique Kyoto feel.

Antique charm: How to choose an antique kimono that gives you a sense of the times

Antique kimonos are recommended to bring out the essence of Kyoto’s ancient capital. You can enjoy a walk while feeling the history while wearing kimono with patterns and textures that evoke the times.

Retro atmosphere: Discover a new Kyoto with retro fashion

The retro-style kimono goes perfectly with the Kyoto cityscape. Characterized by designs from the Showa and Taisho eras, you can enjoy retro fashion while discovering a new charm of Kyoto.

How to choose accessories: Coordinate with fashionable points in mind

It is also important to choose accessories that go well with antique or retro kimonos. You can add a unique accent to your outfit by incorporating classic obidome or kanzashi.

Selection of walking spots: Enjoy antique kimonos on a stylish stage

In order to bring out the antique or retro kimono you have chosen, it is important to choose a stylish walking spot in Kyoto. Please enjoy matching the scenery unique to the ancient capital with the kimono.



Please take a look at these tips and enjoy a stylish and atmospheric stroll through Kyoto.


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