Tips for renting a kimono in Kyoto/I want to try the popular lace kimono!

This time, our kimono rental guide will give you some advice on how to wear a lace kimono that is perfect for Kyoto’s atmosphere, as well as recommended rental spots.

The charm of lace kimono: Delicate design brings out the beauty of Kyoto

A delicate lace kimono that blends into the Kyoto scenery creates a stylish and elegant impression. The transparency and beauty of the patterns bring out the elegant atmosphere unique to Kyoto.

Coordination point: Aim for a firming effect with simple accessories

Lace kimonos come in a wide variety of designs, so we recommend keeping the accessories simple. Enjoy sophisticated coordination while keeping the overall balance with accessories such as obi and hair ornaments.

Recommended spots in Kyoto: Enjoy Kyoto’s famous spots that go well with kimono

Let’s enjoy lace kimono even more at a place that is compatible with Kyoto’s famous spots. For example, we recommend spots where history and nature harmonize, such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Arashiyama.

How to choose a rental plan: Choose the plan that suits your budget and time

There are various rental plans for lace kimono. By choosing a plan that suits your budget and length of stay, you can have a more satisfying stroll through Kyoto.

Care for your lace kimono: Keep it looking beautiful when you leave home

Lace is a delicate material, so be careful when returning home. By asking for advice when renting and taking proper care of your kimono before you leave, you can enjoy your kimono in its beautiful state.



Use these tips to explore the delicate beauty of Kyoto in style.


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