Tips for renting a kimono in Kyoto/How to wear a kimono in a stylish and mature manner

This time, our kimono rental guide will introduce you to a stylish way to enjoy kimono that brings out the femininity of Kyoto as well as the elegance of Kyoto.

Choose mature colors: Create a sense of dignity with calm colors that blend into the Kyoto landscape.

It is important to choose mature colors that match the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyoto. Focus on colors that can create a sense of class, such as deep purples, navy blues, and calm greens.

A chic way to tie an obi: for a simple and elegant look

The chic obi knot brings out your mature femininity. Create an elegant impression by choosing an obi with a simple design that still maintains its glamor.

Use classy accessories: Choose gorgeous and sophisticated accessories.

The key is to use small items. Add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your kimono by choosing classy accessories. Attention to detail is important, such as the obi-dome and hair ornaments.

Shiny hairstyle: Add more dignity with a stylish updo

A glossy hairstyle brings out the femininity of an adult. Try to keep your hair delicate and fashionable, such as by leaving your hair up in an updo.

Recommended spots for walking around Kyoto: Make wonderful memories with scenery that looks great in kimono

The scenery of Kyoto and kimono are a perfect match. Make wonderful memories at spots that look even better in a kimono, such as Kiyomizu Temple and Fushimi Inari Taisha.



Please refer to these tips and enjoy a stylish and mature stroll around Kyoto.


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