Tips for renting kimono in Kyoto/Kimono coordination with couples and friends

This time, our kimono rental guide will introduce you to the key points for coordinating wonderful kimonos for couples and friends so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto together.

Choose matching colors: We recommend harmonious coordination.

If you are enjoying kimono as a couple or with friends, choosing matching colors will create a sense of unity. Let’s coordinate with colors that harmonize with Kyoto’s scenery.

Match the obi design: A unified look is attractive for couples and friends.

Matching the obi designs creates a sense of unity throughout the group. Sharing patterns and colors creates an atmosphere of stylish and sophisticated companionship.

Accent with accessories: Make your kimono coordination look gorgeous

The key to kimono coordination for couples or friends is to use accessories. Add accents with obi clips, hair ornaments, purses, etc. to create an even more gorgeous impression.

Express your personality with your hairstyle: from casual to elegant

The hairstyle is also ingenious to match the coordination of the kimono. Complete your look with a hairstyle that brings out your personality, such as casual braids or an elegant updo.

Take photos at famous places in Kyoto: Leave behind wonderful memories of kimono coordination

Taking commemorative photos with your friends at famous places in Kyoto will leave you with wonderful memories. Beautiful scenery such as Kiyomizu Temple and Arashiyama will further enhance your kimono coordination.



Incorporate these ideas and enjoy the charm of Kyoto with your friends.


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