An elegant man walking around Kyoto wearing a kimono – A guide for men to enjoy kimono rentals

Men can also enjoy walking around in kimono while experiencing the atmosphere and traditions of Kyoto. In this article, we will provide information on how men can enjoy Kyoto even more wonderfully through kimono rental. We will introduce you to the fun of walking around Kyoto through kimono rentals, including recommended kimono styles for men, tips on how to wear them, and how to choose accessories.

Wearing tradition – Tips on choosing and wearing kimono for men

The traditional kimono is also a great choice for men to create a classy and sophisticated style. However, when men choose a kimono, it is important to pay attention to the pattern, color, type, etc., and to know how to wear it according to your body type. We will introduce specific advice on how to choose a kimono that blends in with the Kyoto landscape, how to incorporate accessories unique to men, how to tie an obi, and other ways to enjoy a traditional yet sophisticated style.

How to choose a kimono

・How to choose patterns and colors
In order to harmonize with Kyoto’s scenery and seasons, it is important to choose patterns and colors. In winter, we recommend muted colors and winter-like patterns. Calm blue and brown colors are suitable, as they blend in with the snowy landscape and withered trees. Also, bright colors and gorgeous patterns are appropriate when participating in Kyoto’s traditional events and festivals.


・How to choose the type
There are many different types of kimono, including formal attire, homongi, and hakama. Formal attire is appropriate for special events and celebrations, while homongi and casual kimono are appropriate for casual everyday wear. Also, by choosing a hakama when sightseeing or walking around Kyoto, you can feel the traditional atmosphere even more.

Tips on how to dress according to your body type

・Basic dressing:
Basic kimono dressing is an important point to make your body look beautiful. Create a balanced silhouette by accurately adjusting body length, sleeve length, and collar height. By wearing it correctly, your kimono will stand out even more.


・How to incorporate accessories
In order to accentuate a man’s kimono style, it is important to incorporate accessories skillfully. You can express your individuality by using accessories such as obijime, obidome, sandals, tabi socks, etc. Choosing accessories with patterns and designs that match the Kyoto scenery will make your overall coordination even more appealing.


・How to tie an obi
The way the obi is tied also has a big impact on the kimono style. For men, there are a variety of tying styles, from simple to complex. The key is to choose an obi that is tied in a way that evokes the traditions of Kyoto, or that matches your simple and sophisticated style.

Unique style with a sense of tradition

・How to wear hakama
Hakama is one of the essential items for men’s kimono style. By choosing a hakama when participating in Kyoto’s unique events, festivals, and events, you can create a traditional style. Hakama is easy to incorporate into a simple kimono style and creates a masculine and dignified atmosphere.


・Casual everyday style
The casual everyday kimono style also matches the unique scenery of Kyoto. By adding a jacket or cardigan, you can enjoy stylish coordination according to the season and temperature. You can also pair your feet with comfortable zori sandals for a relaxed style while maintaining a traditional feel.

Visiting Kyoto’s famous spots like a man – Recommended walking course

We will introduce recommended walking courses for men to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto while wearing a kimono. Arashiyama and Gion, which are full of tradition and elegance, and historic Kiyomizu-dera Temple, are great places to visit in a manly kimono style, which will bring out the charm of these famous places even more. In order to create special memories, we will specifically explain effective routes and highlights.

Arashiyama walking course

Arashiyama is an area where beautiful scenery changes throughout the seasons, and where the masculine kimono style stands out. Here, we recommend a course that starts at Togetsukyo Bridge and goes through Arashiyama Monkey Park, the bamboo forest path, Tenryuji Temple, and more. You can enjoy the atmosphere unique to men while experiencing the nature and history of Arashiyama.


– Strolling from Togetsukyo Bridge towards Sagano, the scenery along the river is beautiful.
– On the path through the bamboo forest, the view that shines through the bamboo is spectacular.
– At Tenryuji Temple, tranquil gardens and historic buildings harmonize with men’s kimono styles.

History tour of Gion area

The Gion area is dotted with traditional streets and teahouses, and is a place where men’s kimonos are more prominent. At night, you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere by visiting Yasaka Shrine and Hanamikoji, which are illuminated.


– Hanamikoji is dotted with traditional teahouses and restaurants, where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto.
– Around Yasaka Shrine in Gion, the historical atmosphere and the solemn atmosphere of the shrine coexist.
– We also recommend lighting it up at night, and the men’s kimonos create a magical atmosphere.

History exploration around Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is one of Kyoto’s most famous landmarks, and men’s kimono styles look great with historical coordination. There are traditional townscapes and teahouses in the surrounding area, where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.


– The main hall and three-story pagoda of Kiyomizu-dera Temple are historical buildings that go well with men’s kimono styles.
– We also recommend strolling through the townhouse-style teahouses and alleys, where you can enjoy the calm atmosphere.
– From Kiyomizu-dera Temple, you can see a panoramic view of Kyoto city, and it’s a great place to take pictures of people in masculine kimonos.

Samurai tour around Kyoto Imperial Palace

The area around Kyoto Imperial Palace is an area where you can feel the influence of historical buildings and warriors. We propose a samurai walking course focusing on spots where you can feel like a samurai in a men’s kimono.


– Enjoy a free stroll through the vast grounds of the Kyoto Imperial Palace while feeling the history.
– It would also be a good idea to visit shrines related to warriors, such as Heian Shrine and Hachiman Shrine.
– Incorporating samurai-style kimono and props will give the space an even more historical feel.


When visiting these courses, try to express your unique individuality by adjusting the pattern and color of your kimono and arranging your accessories to match the season and weather. Enjoy the beautiful sights of Kyoto to the fullest while wearing a men’s kimono.

Enjoy at a reasonable price – Knowledge of kimono rental prices for men

In order to enjoy kimono rental for men at a reasonable price, it is important to understand the basic price structure, advantageous plans, and how to take advantage of discounts. Here, we will explain in detail what we know about the prices of kimono rentals for men, and give you some points to help you have a wonderful kimono experience within your budget.

Understanding the basic fee structure

The basic fee structure for men’s kimono rental is as follows. Knowing these items will make it easier to choose a plan that takes your budget into consideration.


Kimono rental basic fee:
Usually, the basic fee for kimono rental itself. It depends on the type and design.


Set plan fee:
Additional charges for set plans provided with kimono (if obi, sandals, bag, etc. are included).


Dressing fee:
Fees paid to a professional dresser when dressing a kimono.


Optional fee:
Charges for additional optional items such as hair styling and photo shoots.

How to take advantage of advantageous plans

The key to enjoying it at a reasonable price is to take advantage of advantageous plans. Kimono rental plans for men may include the following plans.


Early booking discount:
A plan that allows you to receive a discount if you make a reservation a certain period of time in advance. Once you have finalized your travel plans, consider making reservations as soon as possible.


Weekday discount:
If you use this service on weekdays or during off-season, you may find that the price is lower than usual.


Group discount:
If you use this plan with friends or colleagues, a discount will be applied to the entire group.


Set plan discount:
A plan that includes items in a set can be a better deal than paying for them individually.

Using discount coupons and campaigns

For men’s kimono rentals, coupons and campaigns may be held depending on the season. Get information on SNS, official websites, coupon sites, etc. and get discount coupons.


Special occasion discounts:
Limited discounts may be available on days when local events or traditional events are held.


Member benefits:
There are benefits and discounts that you can get by registering as a member, so it’s a good idea to check them in advance.


Seasonal campaign:
You can enjoy kimono at a great price by taking advantage of campaigns held during specific seasons, such as spring, autumn, and the year-end and New Year holidays.

Reservation timing and flexible schedule consideration

Finally, the timing of your reservation is also important for enjoying a reasonable price. Prices may increase during busy seasons or around special events, so we recommend being flexible when booking and aiming for times when prices are reasonable.


Kimono rental for men can be enjoyed at a great price while keeping in mind the unique points. Gather information and plan accordingly to make the most of your wonderful experiences in Kyoto.


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