Kyoto men’s stylish adventure – The ultimate walking guide to enjoy kimono rental

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the ancient capital of Kyoto, men can bring out their true charm by wearing a kimono. Through kimono rental in Kyoto, we provide a guide to stylish adventures for men to enjoy even more. It’s packed with tips to make your stroll in Kyoto even more enjoyable, from kimono styles that are perfect for men, recommended sightseeing courses, and how to choose stylish accessories.

Making a difference in Kyoto – Kimono styling techniques for men

Men can create their own unique style by wearing a kimono while feeling the atmosphere of Kyoto. We will explain in detail the kimono styling techniques that will help men stand out in Kyoto, from the basics of fashionable dressing, how to choose patterns and colors according to the season, to stylish obi knots. Find tips for walking around Kyoto in your own style.

Basics of stylish dressing

・How to choose a kimono:
In order to stand out in Kyoto, the key is to choose a stylish and sophisticated kimono. Be particular about patterns, colors, and materials, and value the sense of the season. For example, deep colors and delicate patterns go well with the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyoto.


・Use of cover-ups:
By matching a kimono with a haori, you can give it a more sophisticated impression. Choosing and coordinating your kimono style according to the season and occasion will make your kimono style stand out even more.

How to choose patterns and colors according to the season

Let’s create a bright and gorgeous impression in spring. The pale colors and soft patterns reminiscent of cherry blossoms and fresh greenery stand out. Recommended colors include pale pink, pale blue, and refreshing green.


In the summer, cool and refreshing styles are preferred. Cool colors, fireworks patterns, cool light blue, and refreshing patterns on a white background bring out the cool feeling.


To create a chic autumnal atmosphere, choose rich colors and patterns that express autumnal features. Browns, reds like autumn leaves, and dark greens bring out the autumn atmosphere.


In winter, a calm and profound feeling is required. Deep colors, classic patterns, or patterns inspired by wintery snowy landscapes are suitable. Navy blue, dark purple, and black match the winter landscape.

Stylish obi knot

・Use a hairpin
By using a hairpin (kanzashi) to tie your obi, you can add an accent to your Japanese clothing. It is fashionable to select a hairpin with a design that matches the season and use it as an accessory.


・Obi knot that matches the pattern of the kimono
By choosing an obi knot that matches the kimono’s pattern and seasonal feel, you can make your overall coordination even more appealing. By mastering a wide variety of obi knots, from simple ones to more difficult ones, you will have fun styling your kimono.

How to incorporate accessories

・Folding fans and drawstring bags
It is also a fashionable idea to incorporate fans and drawstring bags as accessories to match the Kyoto atmosphere. Focus on design and materials to create a seasonal feel.


・Masculine accessories
Let’s incorporate accessories that are unique to men. For example, choose pocket squares and obi clips for Japanese clothing to add a stylish accent.

Styling to match the scenery of Kyoto

・Style according to tourist destination
The atmosphere differs depending on the sightseeing spot in Kyoto. Change your styling to match the location you’re visiting, such as Arashiyama, Gion, or Kiyomizu-dera Temple, to blend in with the beauty of the place.


・Preserving tradition while incorporating trends
By incorporating fashionable elements while respecting traditional attire, you can create a style that combines modern trends and Japanese beauty.

Kyoto famous sightseeing tour – sightseeing course for stylish men

We will introduce sightseeing courses that will help you visit Kyoto’s famous spots in style. This course focuses on spots that men should visit in kimono, along with stylish styling ideas that take advantage of the characteristics of each area. Why not enjoy a trip to Kyoto for boys that combines tradition and trends while exploring the unique Kyoto landscapes such as Kiyomizu-dera, Arashiyama, and Gion from a stylish perspective?

Kiyomizu-dera area – A stylish tour to feel the atmosphere of the ancient capital

Kiyomizu-dera is a famous temple that represents Kyoto, and the traditional townscape spreads around it. As you descend from Kiyomizu-dera Temple, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital by strolling through the cobblestone alleys and narrow alleys.


Kimono styling ideas: Chic autumn color coordination
Choose a kimono in brown, dark green, or navy blue to blend in with the autumn scenery of Kiyomizu Temple. Keep your obi and accessories in chic colors to match the historic atmosphere of Kiyomizu-dera Temple.


Recommended spots: Sannenzaka/Ninenzaka
You can enjoy the cobblestone pavement and old townscape as you slowly descend the narrow slopes of Kyoto. It is also a perfect spot for taking photos.

Arashiyama area – A stylish walk in harmony with nature

Arashiyama is surrounded by beautiful nature, with unique scenery such as Togetsukyo Bridge and bamboo forest paths. When stylish men walk around Arashiyama, we recommend styling that blends in with the scenery.


Kimono styling ideas: Coordination that looks natural
Pale green or white kimonos are fashionable, matching the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama’s greenery and bamboo. Choose simple designs for obi and accessories to give a cool impression.


Recommended spot: Togetsukyo Bridge
The view of Arashiyama from Togetsukyo Bridge is breathtaking. Enjoy the sight of stylish men along with the scenery reflected in the river.

Gion area – tradition and new trends coexist

Gion is an area where you can feel the fusion of history and modernity, with traditional teahouses, geisha, and maiko. For stylish men walking around Gion, the key is to incorporate traditional elements while maintaining sophisticated styling.


Kimono styling ideas: sophisticated monochrome coordination
If you’re walking on the stone pavements of Gion, we recommend wearing a chic monochrome kimono. Pair black or gray with white or red accessories to create an urban yet traditional atmosphere.


Recommended spot: Gion Hanamikoji
This area, located in the center of Gion, is lined with stylish cafes and traditional teahouses. Please take a break here and enjoy the stylish atmosphere of the city.

Stand out with stylish accessories – Accent techniques for men

Wearing a kimono will enhance your masculine and handsome style. However, with clever accessories, you can add a unique touch to your style and emphasize your fashionable look. Here, we will specifically introduce how to choose accessories and coordinate techniques for fashionable men to enjoy walking around Kyoto even more. Create a stylish accent by using accessories such as obidome, obijime, sandals, drawstring bag, etc., and create a style that is in harmony with the atmosphere of Kyoto.

Obi-dome – Attention to detail creates a smart impression

Tips on how to choose: Think about the theme
By choosing an obidome that matches the atmosphere of Kyoto, you can create a more unified look. We recommend Japanese designs and Japanese patterns.


Coordination technique: Accentuate a simple kimono
For a simple kimono style, it would be a good idea to incorporate a unique obi-dome. The key is to make sure it has just the right amount of presence without being too flashy.

Obijime – Adds a gorgeous impression

Tips on how to choose: Be aware of the season
By choosing an obijime of a material and color that matches the season, you can add depth and glamor to your coordination.


Coordination technique: Value the sense of color unity
By using the same color for your kimono and obijime, you can create a cohesive style. Contrasting colors also add a stylish accent.

Zori sandals – both comfortable walking and fashion

Points to consider when choosing: Balance between design and functionality
In addition to choosing zori sandals with a design that matches your kimono, pay attention to how easy they are to walk in and how well they fit your feet.


Coordination technique: Accent your feet
Take advantage of the designs and patterns of zori sandals to add a stylish accent to your feet. The beautiful point is that it harmonizes with the kimono.

Drawstring bag – both convenience and style

Points to consider when choosing: Uniformity of accessories
Just like zori sandals and obijime, the uniform use of accessories creates a stylish impression. Match patterns and colors.


Coordination technique: considering storage capacity and functionality
Drawstring bags can also be used to store sandals and obijime, so focus on practicality as well as design. With a stylish and functional drawstring bag, you can enjoy more comfortable walks.


If you master the art of choosing and coordinating fashionable accessories, your kimono will stand out even more and your stroll around Kyoto will become even more special. Find your own style and enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto with stylish accents.


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