Elegant Kyoto stroll for adults – Enjoy a blissful moment with kimono rental

Renting a kimono is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Kyoto while wearing the comfort and elegance of an adult. For adults, we provide information on how to enjoy a kimono rental stroll in Kyoto to the fullest, supporting an adult-like trip to Kyoto with tips on how to dress elegantly, recommended sightseeing spots, and even tips on rental plans. To do.

Elegant attire – Kimono selection and styling tips for adults

In order to bring out the charm of an adult, it is essential to choose and style an elegant and calm kimono. Please spend a wonderful day with elegant styling that harmonizes with the Kyoto scenery, incorporating the patterns and colors of kimono for adults, and how to incorporate accessories.

How to choose kimono patterns and colors

For adult kimono styles, modest patterns are better than flashy patterns. Small floral designs, patterns, and classic patterns create a sense of elegance. Also, muted colors bring out a more mature look than bright colors. Recommended colors include navy, gray, and beige.

How to use accessories

When it comes to obidome and obijime, it is important to choose a simple and elegant design. A modest kimono with few decorations would be appropriate for an adult kimono style. When it comes to sandals and drawstring bags, focus on good quality and elegant design. Items with carefully selected materials and stitching are perfect for adult attire.

How to tie an obi

When tying the obi, be sure to keep it simple and elegant. The overall impression changes depending on where you tighten the obi and how you tie it.

Beauty of expression and posture

Even if you are wearing a kimono, try to maintain a confident, calm expression and an elegant posture. This is the key to attracting adults.

Special sightseeing tours for adults – hidden Kyoto spots

Let us introduce you to some hidden spots in Kyoto that you should visit while wearing a mature and calm kimono. Let’s further deepen your stroll through Kyoto in kimono by visiting hidden spots that you can’t find at regular tourist spots, such as gardens, tea rooms, quiet shrines, and other places where adults can relax and enjoy themselves.

Charm of the garden and tea room

There are many gardens in Kyoto, but by visiting a garden with a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere than typical tourist spots, you can spend time in a more mature manner. We recommend a place where you can feel elegance, such as a rock garden or a dry landscape garden. In the tea room, you can experience a tea ceremony in a tranquil space. A tea ceremony experience in a quiet environment is perfect for calming the mind and enjoying time as an adult hobby.

Visit quiet shrines and temples

Rather than visiting major shrines or temples, you can spend a peaceful time by visiting shrines with fewer people and a quieter atmosphere. In addition to praying, you can also experience the history and culture of the place.

Kimono visiting points

If you are visiting a place with a calm atmosphere, a kimono in calm colors is appropriate. Kimonos with light colors and plain patterns blend in with the surrounding atmosphere. For hidden spots, it is important to choose modest and elegant decorations that are neither too plain nor too flashy. Be particular about using accessories such as obi-dome and obijime.

Comfortable moments – How to choose a kimono rental plan for adults

We will introduce how to choose a kimono rental plan in Kyoto, and also explain the key points of a plan that adults can enjoy comfortably. We also provide advice on finding the ideal plan, including how to use your time to have fun as an adult and how to utilize optional services. Please enjoy walking around Kyoto while cherishing the comfortable moments.

How to choose a kimono rental plan

It is important to choose the type and material of your kimono according to the season and weather. In the summer, we recommend kimonos made of cool fabrics or cotton, but in the winter, choosing warm or thick kimonos will keep you more comfortable. Choose the type of kimono depending on the occasion and situation, such as tomesode or casual kimono for casual walks or sightseeing, or furisode or tomesode for special events or meals.

How to utilize optional services

Optional services such as tying an obi and arranging hair ornaments can bring out the individuality of your kimono and create your own unique style. There are also optional items provided as a set with the rental plan. By using a set plan, you can rent all the small items and accessories you need at once, which is convenient and economical.

For a comfortable kimono life

Putting on a kimono is a delicate task. The rental store has professional kimono fitters, so you can consult with them about the correct way to wear the kimono and how comfortable it is to wear. If you will be walking or moving around a lot, it is important to choose kimonos and socks that are easy to move in. Live a comfortable kimono life with an emphasis on ease of movement.


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