Must-see walking spots with kimono/yukata rental in Gion, Kyoto

Renting a kimono or yukata in Gion, Kyoto is a wonderful experience that combines tradition and fashion. Here, we will focus on the must-see walking spots in Gion, Kyoto, where you can rent a kimono or yukata, and introduce special spots that you can visit in stylish attire. Why not enjoy the elegant atmosphere unique to Kyoto by walking around Gion in a kimono or yukata?

Yasaka Shrine: A sacred place where tradition and splendor combine

Yasaka Shrine, where Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store is located, is a symbol of Gion and a sacred place where the main event of the Gion Festival is held. If you rent a kimono or yukata, the contrast between the shrine’s beautiful architecture and stylish Japanese clothing will be even more striking. This is a recommended spot for worshiping and taking photos.

Gion Hanamikoji: A shopping street where you can enjoy stylish stores and a traditional atmosphere

Gion Hanamikoji is a shopping street with stylish stores and a traditional atmosphere, making it the perfect area to stroll around in a kimono or yukata. Here you can enjoy Japanese sweets and traditional crafts, and there are also stylish cafes and restaurants. The scenery of the cityscape and stylish Japanese clothing is spectacular.

Hanatoro: Light-up event that colors Gion at night

At night, Gion is beautifully lit up, and one of the most recommended is Hanatoro. Dressed in a kimono or yukata, you can enjoy the magical atmosphere of Gion at night as you walk through the streets of Gion illuminated by beautiful lights. This is a spot where you can enjoy a stylish stroll at night.

Nishi Honganji Temple: A temple with a tranquil atmosphere

Nishi Honganji Temple, located in the center of Gion, is a temple with a tranquil atmosphere. If you take a leisurely stroll through the shrine grounds wearing a yukata or kimono, you’ll be amazed at the combination of traditional scenery and stylish Japanese clothing. Enjoy a peaceful moment on the approach to the shrine or in the garden.

Walk along the river around Gion Shijo: Cool breeze and charming townscape

If you take a walk along the river in the Gion Shijo area wearing a kimono or yukata, you will be greeted by the cool breeze and the charming townscape. The views from the bridge and pier are exceptional, and you can feel the Kyoto summer while wearing stylish Japanese clothing.



Kimono and yukata rental in Gion is a wonderful combination of traditional spots and fashionable areas. Enjoy stylish walks at special spots such as Yasaka Shrine, Hanamikoji, Hanatoji, temples, and riverside walks.


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