Comfortable and beautiful – Recommendations for kimono rental in Kyoto for people with large sizes

Even those with larger sizes can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto in a kimono. For people of larger sizes, we provide information to help you enjoy kimono rental in Kyoto more comfortably. Let’s make your stroll in Kyoto even more fulfilling while being comfortable and beautiful and highlighting the charm of adults.

Gorgeous Wear – Tips on choosing a rental kimono for large sizes

We will introduce key points for choosing a kimono that will help larger-sized people look beautiful, and will explain in detail how to choose the pattern, color, and size that best suits your body type. We will provide advice on how to choose a kimono that blends with the Kyoto landscape and enjoy it comfortably, gorgeously and stylishly.

How to choose size

Please take accurate measurements before renting. If the kimono is not the right size for your body, it will be uncomfortable to wear. Especially if you are a plus size person, it is important to choose the size that suits your body type. We recommend choosing a kimono that is loose enough to not hug your body. Pay particular attention to ease of movement, and choose a size that will allow you to feel comfortable without putting stress on your body.

How to choose patterns and colors

If you are a large person, choosing a kimono with a petite pattern or light color will give you a neat impression. Avoid overly bright patterns and dark colors as they may emphasize your figure. By choosing a kimono with a pattern or pattern that emphasizes vertical lines, you can expect to improve your style. Choose vertically flowing patterns, such as stripes or stripes, to create a slimmer look.

Comfortable stroll – sightseeing courses recommended for large people

We will introduce sightseeing courses that are recommended for those of a larger size to comfortably stroll around Kyoto, areas that are flat and easy to walk, and famous spots where you can spend a relaxing time. Enjoy the beauty of Kyoto to the fullest by visiting spots that even large people can easily enjoy.

Kyoto Gyoen National Garden Kimono rental walking course

Kyoto Gyoen National Garden boasts a vast site with paved roads that are easy to walk on. It is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing time, as even large people can stroll around without stress.

Kimono rental walking course in Arashiyama

Although Arashiyama is an area with rich natural scenery, many areas are paved, making it easy to walk. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll while enjoying the beautiful scenery such as the bamboo forest and Togetsukyo Bridge.

Kimono rental walking course around Kinkaku-ji Temple

Although the area surrounding Kinkaku-ji Temple is vast, it is an area that is easily accessible and easy to walk around. You can enjoy the beautiful temples and gardens as you stroll around.

Kimono rental walking course around Kyoto Station

The area around Kyoto Station is full of commercial facilities and restaurants, providing an environment where even large-sized people can spend a comfortable time. Enjoy the charm of Kyoto while enjoying shopping and gourmet food.

Relaxed comfort – How to choose a kimono rental plan suitable for large-sized people

We will teach you how to choose a rental plan to enjoy walking around Kyoto in a relaxed and comfortable manner. We also explain the key points of a plan that emphasizes comfort, such as soft and easy-to-move materials and adjustable obi options. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable kimono rental experience even in large sizes.

Choose a kimono made of soft material

For those with larger sizes, we recommend kimonos made of soft and stretchy material. Kimonos made of cotton or polyester blends are comfortable to wear and fit easily to the body. Lightweight materials are also suitable for those who value ease of movement.

Choose an adjustable band option

By choosing an option that allows you to adjust the size and length of the obi, you can adjust it to be more comfortable when wearing it. Proper obi adjustment is an important factor in improving the comfort of a kimono, especially for larger-sized people. Some rental shops may offer plans that allow you to adjust the size of the obi, so we recommend checking in advance.

Choose a kimono that is loosely sized

It is also important to choose a kimono that is loosely sized and does not fit too closely to your body. A kimono that can be worn without stress will make you feel comfortable even on long walks. It is important to refer to the size chart and choose a size that fits you comfortably.

Considering the breathability of the kimono

The breathability of a kimono is also an important factor that affects its comfort. Especially in the summer and on hot days, it is important to choose kimonos that are made of breathable materials and keep you cool. By choosing a kimono made of highly moisture-absorbing material and a design with good breathability, you will be able to wear it comfortably.


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