Feel the charm of the city in Japanese clothing – How to enjoy visiting Shijo with kimono rental

Among Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and historical buildings that change throughout the seasons, the Shijo area is an attractive place where the bustle of the city and tradition are fused. In this article, we will introduce some tips to make your kimono stroll in Shijo even more enjoyable. Why not wear a rental kimono and enjoy Shijo to your heart’s content, where the hustle and bustle of the city coexists with the beauty of Japan?

Color the downtown area of Shijo with kimono – Stroll around the lively shopping area

As one of the tips for enjoying Shijo’s downtown area in kimono, we will suggest ways to maximize Shijo’s charm, such as strolling through the lively shopping area and visiting stylish cafes. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Shijo while renting a kimono.

Shopping in the lively shopping district

The Shijo downtown area is lined with a variety of shops and stores. Look for traditional crafts and local specialties as you walk through streets decorated in kimono. We also carry a wide variety of Japanese miscellaneous goods and souvenirs that go well with kimonos.

A moment at a stylish cafe

The Shijo area is dotted with many stylish cafes and coffee shops. Here you can enjoy Kyoto-style matcha sweets and seasonal sweets, so why not spend some relaxing time in a kimono?

A restaurant that combines tradition and modernity

Shijo has a variety of restaurants, from traditional Japanese to Western cuisine. Here you can enjoy cuisine that combines tradition and modernity. Enjoy Kyoto’s gourmet cuisine while wearing a kimono.

Fusion of culture and entertainment

Don’t miss the traditional theaters and entertainment venues in the Shijo area. Here you can enjoy performing arts and traditional culture while wearing a kimono. Enjoy a cultural experience unique to Kyoto to the fullest while wearing kimono.

Historical and modern harmony – historical sights to visit in Shijo

There are many historical spots in the Shijo area, such as historical buildings and old townscapes, and we will introduce you to places where you can rent a kimono and enjoy the atmosphere even more. Enjoy exploring the history of Shijo, where past and present are in harmony.

Walk around Yasaka Shrine with kimono rental

Yasaka Shrine, located in the Shijo area, is famous for the Gion Festival, one of Kyoto’s three major festivals, along with Kiyomizu-dera and Gion. While being in the center of Shijo, you can enjoy a quiet moment while enjoying the atmosphere of historical buildings and formal shrines.

Walk around Gion with kimono rental

Gion, which is close to Shijo, is known as Kyoto’s leading red-light district. The area is lined with historic buildings and traditional teahouses, giving it a quaint atmosphere typical of Kyoto. By strolling around in a kimono, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital.

Walk around the old townscape around Shijo Kawaramachi with kimono rental

The old townscape still remains around Shijo Kawaramachi. It is lined with old-fashioned shops and traditional buildings, giving you a sense of history. By strolling around in Japanese clothing, you can reminisce about the good old days of Kyoto.

Walk around Nijo Castle with kimono rental

Nijo Castle, located within walking distance from the Shijo area, is one of Japan’s historical buildings and has been designated as a national treasure. Inside the castle, you can admire historical buildings and beautiful gardens. If you come dressed in Japanese attire, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a historical setting.

A moment with Japanese sweets and matcha – Tea and sweets experience in Shijo

As recommended information for visiting famous Japanese sweets and matcha shops in the Shijo area, we will introduce famous tea and sweets shops in Shijo where you can enjoy the taste of Japan. Enjoy a luxurious time wearing a kimono rental.

Traditional Japanese sweets shop “Kinsuido”

Kinsuido, located in Shijo Kawaramachi, is a famous shop where you can enjoy traditional Japanese sweets. In particular, the Japanese sweets that change with the seasons are carefully selected for their flavor and color, and are beautiful to look at. You can enjoy it with matcha in the store, and enjoy the Japanese atmosphere unique to Kyoto.

Marriage of matcha and Japanese sweets “Matcha Sabo Ito”

At Matcha Sabo Ito in Shijo Kawaramachi, you can enjoy the marriage of matcha and Japanese sweets. The pairing of traditional Japanese sweets and matcha is especially recommended at this shop.The combination of delicate Japanese sweets and rich matcha is a truly blissful experience.

Kyoto Matcha Kaikan, a matcha experience unique to Kyoto

At the Kyoto Matcha Kaikan, located near Shijo Kawaramachi, you can try your hand at matcha. Here, you can learn how to brew and make matcha while tasting it with traditional Japanese sweets. Enjoy matcha to your heart’s content while experiencing Japanese culture.

Stylish cafe “Morita Cafe”

“Morita Cafe” in Shijo Kawaramachi is a Western-style cafe, but it also has a wide selection of Japanese sweets. Recommended for those who want to enjoy matcha latte and Japanese sweets in a sophisticated atmosphere in a stylish space that combines Japanese and Western styles.


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