A luxurious day in a gorgeous rental kimono – Enjoy Kyoto’s luxury walking courses

Strolling through the elegant streets of Kyoto wearing a kimono and feeling luxurious is a truly blissful moment. In this article, we will introduce a recommended itinerary for a luxurious day in Kyoto that combines high-class kimono rentals with walking around special sights. Enjoy the beauty of Kyoto to the fullest while being surrounded by high-quality materials.

First-class kimono rental experience – high-quality materials and designs unique to Kyoto

Focusing on kimono rentals for enjoying a luxurious day, we will introduce first-class kimono rental plans that are particular about high-quality materials and designs unique to Kyoto. Enjoy a special experience where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto while being surrounded by high-quality materials such as silk and high-quality dyed and woven fabrics.

A special day decorated with high-quality materials

Kyoto’s first-class kimono rental offers a wide variety of kimonos made from high-quality materials. Silk and silk materials are soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to wear. The high-quality dyeing and weaving and embroidery done by craftsmen is also attractive, and the kimonos created by these delicate techniques can be considered works of art.

Fusion of tradition and modernity

Top-class kimono rental plans offer many kimonos with traditional patterns and designs arranged in a modern style. While incorporating classic patterns and designs, adding modern elements creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The fusion of tradition and modernity enhances the charm of kimono.

Personalized coordination

A first-class kimono rental plan may provide coordination that includes not only the kimono but also the obi and accessories. The stylist will arrange it according to your taste and body shape to create the perfect day. Enjoy your own style with personalized coordination.

Services that provide special experiences

Top kimono rental plans may also offer special services. We will leave unforgettable memories for participants by providing luxurious experiences such as photo shoots by professional photographers and support for dressing and hair and makeup. Please enjoy this special day.

Visiting prestigious temples – special sights to visit in a luxurious mood

In order to introduce you to famous temples and historical sites that you should visit for a luxurious feeling, we will be picking up famous places where you can stroll around wearing a high-quality kimono, with a focus on places that exude a special atmosphere. Spend a luxurious time at a special spot where you can feel the history and tradition of Kyoto.

Visiting luxurious temples

Famous temples attract visitors with their majestic architecture and beautiful gardens that give a sense of history and formality. In particular, famous places like Ginkaku-ji and Tenryu-ji have a formal atmosphere, and wearing a high-quality kimono will blend in even more with that atmosphere.

A luxurious moment where you can experience history and culture

You can experience Japanese history and culture at prestigious temples. Visited by monks and members of the imperial family, you can immerse yourself in a luxurious atmosphere by admiring the architecture and Buddhist statues that are filled with historical background and cultural value.

Visiting famous places in high-quality kimono

When visiting a prestigious temple, you can rent a high-quality kimono and wear it to enjoy the special atmosphere of the temple. Choose a silk or high-quality dyed or woven kimono and spend a luxurious time at a prestigious landmark.

A special experience of tradition and formality

Famous temples offer visitors a special experience due to their formality and historical value. Wearing a high-quality kimono and visiting prestigious sights will allow you to fully experience the tradition and formality that is unique to Kyoto.

Gourmet food and tea time – How to enjoy high-class meals and Japanese sweets

We will introduce luxurious dining experiences and high-class Japanese sweets shops in Kyoto as information for enjoying high-class meals and Japanese sweets. Enjoy gourmet food and tea while wearing high-quality kimono while savoring high-quality ingredients and traditional flavors.

How to enjoy fine dining

Kyoto is home to many high-class restaurants and restaurants, serving both traditional kaiseki cuisine and creative cuisine. In particular, areas such as Gion and Pontocho are full of prestigious restaurants where you can enjoy delicious cuisine made with seasonal ingredients. Spend a luxurious time wearing high-quality kimonos and enjoying high-quality meals.

How to enjoy Japanese sweets

Kyoto is also a famous place for Japanese sweets and is dotted with many traditional Japanese sweets shops. The Japanese sweets that you can enjoy with matcha are all made with carefully selected ingredients and techniques, and are beautiful and remind you of the changing seasons. Experiencing Japanese sweets at a famous shop will be a luxurious time to enjoy the unique culture of Kyoto.

High class tea time

When enjoying luxurious meals and Japanese sweets, it is important to pair them with high-quality tea. In Kyoto, the tradition of tea ceremony and tea ceremony is deeply rooted, and you can enjoy high-quality matcha and sencha. When you enjoy a cup of tea in a formal tea room, you can feel the delicate beauty that is unique to Kyoto.

Enjoy a luxurious moment with kimono

When enjoying a high-class meal, Japanese sweets, or a cup of tea, wearing a high-quality kimono allows you to enjoy an outfit that matches the atmosphere. Enjoy a luxurious time in a kimono in the traditional streets and prestigious stores.


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