Vibrancy and tradition intersect in front of the station – A walking course where you can enjoy kimono rental around Kyoto Station

The area around Kyoto Station is a wonderful combination of tradition and modernity, and is one of the best places to stroll around in a kimono. In this article, we will introduce kimono rentals around Kyoto Station as well as fun walking courses that cover everything from historical landmarks to modern shopping areas. Enjoy a special moment in front of Kyoto Station surrounded by a traditional and stylish atmosphere.

Start from the station square – Walk in kimono through Time Square, the symbol of Kyoto Station

We will introduce how to enjoy the stylish atmosphere along with historical buildings as a starting point for a kimono rental stroll centered around Time Square, a symbolic place in front of Kyoto Station. Enjoy a special moment starting from the plaza in front of Kyoto Station with kimono rental.

Photo shoot at Time Plaza

Time Square is the central square in front of Kyoto Station, and is characterized by a huge clock tower and beautiful fountains. This is a great place to take photos in your kimono rental, and capture special moments at the iconic location of Kyoto Station, with the clock tower and fountain in the background.

Shopping experience at a souvenir shop

There are many souvenir shops around Time Plaza. You can get souvenirs and special products unique to Kyoto, and enjoying shopping in a kimono will create an even more fashionable atmosphere.

Take a break at a cafe or restaurant

If you get tired during your walk, take a break at the cafes and restaurants around Toki Hiroba. Enjoying Kyoto’s unique blend of Japanese and Western cuisine and tea, or taking a break in a kimono rental, combined with the stylish atmosphere in front of Kyoto Station, will make for a special moment.

Appreciation of historical buildings

There are many historical buildings around Time Square. In particular, the Kyoto Station building and its surroundings are a perfect blend of modern architecture and traditional Japanese architecture. Admiring these buildings while wearing a kimono will give you a greater sense of the unique atmosphere of Kyoto.

Tradition and modernity in harmony – From Granvia to Nishiki Market

As you move from Granvia to Nishiki Market, where traditional atmosphere and modern shopping areas harmonize, we will introduce you to fashionable shops, cafes, and historic shops that you can especially enjoy while wearing a kimono. Enjoy a different side of the Kyoto Station area with its traditional and stylish atmosphere.

Enjoy the modern atmosphere in front of Granvia

Granvia-mae is one of the most modern and sophisticated areas of Kyoto Station. It is a place with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, lined with luxury brand shops and stylish cafes, and if you walk around this area wearing a kimono, you can enjoy the scenery that perfectly blends tradition and modernity.

Shopping experience at a Kyoto-style souvenir shop

In front of Granvia, there are many souvenir shops unique to the Kyoto Station area. You can purchase traditional crafts, Japanese sweets, tea, and other products that are filled with the charm of Kyoto, and choosing souvenirs while wearing a rental kimono is even more elegant.

Take a break at a stylish cafe

There are also stylish cafes scattered in front of Granvia. You can enjoy tea and sweets unique to Kyoto, and when you sit at the cafe in a rental kimono, you can enjoy the beautiful contrast with the modern atmosphere of the surrounding area.

Visit to Nishiki Market, a place steeped in history and culture

When you walk into Nishiki Market from in front of Granvia, the atmosphere changes instantly. Nishiki Market is a historic market, but it is also a place where the latest trends and new ideas are born. When you walk through the market wearing a kimono rental, you will be able to feel the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Tasting experience of traditional crafts and Japanese sweets

At Nishiki Market, you can buy traditional crafts and Japanese sweets. There are also many tasting corners where you can enjoy delicious Japanese sweets and local flavors. Tasting food while wearing a kimono will give you a greater sense of Kyoto’s traditions.

Traditional tastes and new discoveries – Recommended gourmet spots around the station

We will carefully select stylish dining experiences around Kyoto Station, recommended gourmet spots to enjoy traditional flavors, and places where you can rent a kimono and have an even more enjoyable dining experience. Enjoy a special moment with delicious food and kimono rental near Kyoto Station.

A shop where you can enjoy Kyoto-style obanzai

There are many restaurants around Kyoto Station where you can enjoy obanzai made with local ingredients. You can enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine at a reasonable price, and if you visit in a rental kimono, you can enjoy the Kyoto-like atmosphere even more.

A restaurant where you can enjoy high-class kaiseki cuisine

On the other hand, there are many restaurants around Kyoto Station that serve high-class kaiseki cuisine. You can enjoy exquisite cuisine made with high-quality ingredients and delicate cooking methods, and the experience of dining in a kimono is even more luxurious.

Sushi restaurant where you can enjoy fresh sushi

There are also sushi restaurants around Kyoto Station where the fresh ingredients and the skill of the craftsmen shine. A sushi lunch in a rental kimono, where you can fully enjoy the simple yet delicate flavors of sushi, is a great opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Kyoto.

A moment with Japanese sweets and matcha at a Japanese sweets shop

If you want to enjoy Kyoto-style Japanese sweets and matcha, we recommend the Japanese sweets shops around Kyoto Station. You can enjoy traditional Japanese sweets and fragrant matcha, and enjoying Japanese sweets and matcha while wearing a rental kimono is a luxurious experience that can only be found in Kyoto.

Relaxing in a modern cafe

There are many modern and stylish cafes around Kyoto Station. You can enjoy coffee and sweets in a sophisticated atmosphere, and spending time at the cafe while wearing a kimono rental will be a wonderful time that blends tradition and modernity.


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