Feel the charm of Gion Festival in kimono – Highlights of walking around Kyoto

If you are visiting Kyoto, the Gion Festival is one of the events you cannot miss. Here are some recommended points to enjoy the Gion Festival even more with a rental kimono. This is a proposal for a special stroll that combines kimono rental in Kyoto with the charm of the Gion Festival. Recommended for those who want to experience the excitement of the Gion Festival and the beauty of kimono at the same time.

History and origins of the Gion Festival – A traditional festival visited in kimono

The Gion Festival is a representative festival of Kyoto that has been going on for over 1,150 years, and is held every July. This festival is held to pray for fertility and safety, and to ward off evil spirits, and its history dates back to the Heian period. The Gion Festival began as a Shinto ritual at Gion Shrine (Yasaka Shrine), and since then many shrines have participated, creating its own formality and tradition.

Feeling the charm of Gion Festival in kimono

The Gion Festival is full of traditional events and highlights, and the atmosphere is especially special for those who come dressed in kimonos. Kimonos harmonize with the formal atmosphere of the Gion Festival and help you feel the history of the festival.


・Harmony of Yamahoko parade and kimono
The main event of the Gion Festival is the yamahoko parade, in which heavy yamahoko floats are paraded through the streets of Gion. The addition of kimono to this impressive procession brings together tradition and beauty, further enhancing the atmosphere of the festival.


・Yoiyama and night festival
At Yoiyama, the floats are lit up and the atmosphere of the festival changes completely. The nighttime festival is magical and beautiful, and visitors dressed in kimono spend an elegant time during the festival.


・Harmony with food stalls and stalls
The festival town is lined with traditional food stalls and stalls. By walking around these areas wearing a kimono, you can enjoy the atmosphere of good old Japan. The lights of the stalls and the colors of the kimonos add to the lively atmosphere of the festival.

Points for visiting the Gion Festival in a rental kimono

・Choose a colorful and gorgeous pattern
If you choose a rental kimono with a colorful and gorgeous pattern to match the lively atmosphere of the festival, you will definitely shine during the Gion Festival.


・Add accents with accessories
By using accessories such as obi-dome, obijime, sandals, and drawstring bags, you can enhance the atmosphere of the festival.


・Choose comfortable geta or sandals
Many of the Gion Festival venues are not paved, so choosing comfortable geta or zori sandals will help you enjoy the festival in comfort.

The excitement of the Hanagasa parade – an impressive parade in kimono

One of the most spectacular events of the Gion Festival is the Hanagasa parade. We will introduce tips on how to enjoy the impressive parade to the fullest while wearing beautiful kimono, the best viewing spots, and points where you can share the excitement. Experience the Hanagasa parade of the Gion Festival in a kimono and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

The power and beauty of the Hanagasa parade

The Hanagasa Junko is one of the most notable events of the Gion Festival, which is held on July 17th every year. The participating yamahoko and hanagasa festival floats are characterized by their dignified and solemn atmosphere, as well as their beautiful and ornate decorations. This event attracts many people as a symbol of the Kyoto Gion Festival.

Points to enjoy Hanagasa parade with rental kimono

・Selection of optimal viewing spots
In order to enjoy the Hanagasa parade in a rental kimono, it is important to choose the best viewing spot. We recommend a place where you can pass by or an area where the parade is raised. You can enjoy the beautiful kimono to your heart’s content in a place where you can enjoy it even while sitting.


・Early place reservation
The Hanagasa Junko is extremely popular, and good viewing spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Secure your spot early and enjoy the Hanagasa parade in a relaxed manner.


・Taste traditional cruise cuisine
If you’re enjoying the Hanagasa parade wearing a kimono rental, why not try some of the traditional cruise food? You can feel the power of the parade while enjoying delicious food at the food stalls and restaurants located in the back alleys.

Kimono styling that colors the Hanagasa parade

・Gorgeous patterns and colors
Choose a rental kimono with gorgeous patterns and colors that will stand up to the parade. The design that harmonizes with the beauty of the flower hat further enhances the atmosphere.


・Accentuate with accessories
By adding accents to your kimono with accessories such as obi clips, obijime, folding fans, and drawstring bags, you can make your rental kimono stand out even more and make it look great in photos.


・Wear clothes that are easy to move in
The Hanagasa parade is lively and impressive, so be sure to wear clothes that are easy to move in and comfortable. The lightweight material and easy to wear make it comfortable to wear all day long.

Gion Festival at Night – A fantastic night stroll in kimono

At night, the mysterious atmosphere of the Gion Festival increases even more. We will introduce ways to enjoy its beauty even more in kimono. Let’s enjoy the Gion Festival at night with a fantastic walk while feeling the lit up festival atmosphere and the lively night stalls while wearing a kimono.

How to enjoy the beauty of Gion Festival at night

The night of the Gion Festival is especially impressive with its illuminated floats, flower hats, and magical atmosphere. To enjoy its beauty to the fullest, we recommend taking a stroll at night wearing a rental kimono.

Key points for enjoying the night Gion Festival in rental kimono

・Enjoy the illuminated festival atmosphere
The Gion Festival is lit up at night, and the floats and hanagasa lights shine mysteriously. In particular, Pontocho and the Yamaboko area along Shijo are beautifully lit up, so enjoy the atmosphere by strolling around in kimono at night.


・Visit areas crowded with night stalls and stalls
The night of the Gion Festival is also the time when night shops and food stalls are crowded. To enjoy delicious street food and a lively atmosphere, be sure to focus on the night stall area during the Gion Festival at night.


・Participate in fireworks displays and special events
Kyoto also hosts fireworks displays and special events during the summer. Participating in kimono at these events further enhances the atmosphere. Enjoy the glow of fireworks and the excitement of the event to the fullest with kimono rental.

Kimono styling for the night Gion Festival

・Choose a kimono with deep colors
If you choose a rental kimono with a deep color to match the illuminated night atmosphere, the beauty of the festival will become even more appealing.


・Add accents with obi and accessories
When styling your kimono at a night festival, we recommend adding accents with an obi and accessories. Incorporate gorgeous accessories that match the sparkle of the night.


・Light material for comfort
The Gion Festival at night is lively and lively. Make sure to wear a kimono made of light material and an obi knot that allows for easy movement so that you can walk around comfortably.

Special Gourmet Food of Gion Festival – Taste local delicacies in kimono

Speaking of the Gion Festival, there are local specialties that can only be tasted during the festival. Here, we will introduce recommended spots and dishes to fully enjoy the delicious dining experience at the Gion Festival while wearing a kimono. Enjoy the local flavors as part of the festival.

Visiting Gion Festival’s famous gourmet food – Enjoy a luxurious time in kimono

The Gion Festival is one of Kyoto’s most representative festivals, and one of its attractions is the gourmet food that can be enjoyed during the festival. We recommend going on a gourmet tour while wearing a kimono to enjoy both delicious food and the festival atmosphere.

Recommended gourmet spots

・Summer-only shaved ice – Ichinofune
Ichinofune is recommended for shaved ice that provides a cooling sensation that is perfect for the hot season of the Gion Festival. There are a wide variety of syrups and toppings, and you can enjoy ordering them while wearing a kimono.


・Taste Kushikatsu at a food stall – around Funahoko
Around Funahoko, there are food stalls where you can enjoy kushikatsu and fried chicken. We recommend stopping by in a kimono to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Gion Festival at night.


・Traditional taste, Yakitori – around Yamaboko
The food stalls around Yamahoko are famous for yakitori. Yakitori made with fresh ingredients is a masterpiece that lets you fully enjoy the local flavor.

Points to enjoy famous gourmet food in kimono

・Relax at an outdoor table
The Gion Festival has many lively outdoor events, so you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed manner at a table. Choose a comfortable place to sit in your kimono rental and enjoy the festival atmosphere and delicious food at the same time.


・Enjoy empty-handed
There are also many gourmet spots where you can enjoy food without worrying about the sleeves of a rental kimono. It’s convenient to store the things you need in a drawstring bag or small drawstring bag you already have.


・Ask locals
By asking the locals, you may be able to discover unknown, delicious and famous gourmet spots. Feel the local atmosphere while searching for recommended flavors.


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