Stroll around Kawaramachi – The charm of Kyoto’s downtown area in kimono

Kawaramachi, a lively area located in downtown Kyoto. In this article, we will introduce recommended courses and ways to enjoy walking around Kawaramachi while renting a kimono. Why not spend a special day wearing a kimono in Kawaramachi, where tradition and modernity blend together?


History and modern culture of Kawaramachi, Kyoto – Feel the diversity of the area through kimono

Kawaramachi is one of Kyoto’s most representative areas, where old historical buildings and the latest trends combine. Here, we will focus on the historical background and charm of Kawaramachi’s modern culture, and introduce how to wear a rental kimono and walk around while feeling the diversity of the area. Why not experience the charm of Kawaramachi, where you can enjoy traditional and modern aspects at the same time?

Footprints of history – Kawaramachi’s old townscape

Historical architecture and traditional shops still remain in Kawaramachi, supporting the core of the area. As you walk through the townscape, you will come across ancient buildings and hidden spots.


・Hanamikoji Street
Hanamikoji Street is lined with long-established teahouses and restaurants that have been around since the Edo period. By walking in a kimono, you can stroll through history while feeling the atmosphere of good old Japan.


Pontocho has flourished as a red light district since the Edo period. The atmosphere still remains today, and the buildings are lit up at night, creating a magical atmosphere.

Latest trends – Kawaramachi shopping area

Kawaramachi is known as a shopping area that not only has tradition but also the latest trends. You can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, including fashion, art, and cafes.


Shinpūkan, located in the center of Kawaramachi, is attracting attention as a place for young designers and creators to open stores. Feel the trends of Kawaramachi while purchasing sophisticated items and unique miscellaneous goods.


・Kiyamachi Box
Kiyamachi Box is a space where art and culture come together, where exhibitions and events by young artists and creators are held. If you participate in the events held here, you can enjoy the art scene while wearing a kimono while being exposed to the latest art trends.

Gourmet Paradise – Kawaramachi Gourmet District

Kawaramachi is also a treasure trove of delicious food. The appeal is that you can enjoy a wide range of gourmet cuisine, from traditional cuisine to international fusion cuisine.


・Nishiki Market
Nishiki Market, near Kawaramachi, is a market selling fresh seafood and local ingredients. Here you can enjoy local flavors as you enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients.


・Gion Shinkyogoku
The Gion Shinkyogoku area is lined with a variety of restaurants ranging from Japanese to Western cuisine. Dining here is a gastronomic adventure where traditional flavors intersect with new creativity.

Enjoy all the charm of the area – How to walk around in a rental kimono

Kimono is the best way to fully enjoy the diversity of the Kawaramachi area. Visit old historical buildings, walk through modern shopping areas and enjoy delicious food at the same time. Spend a special time wearing a rented kimono, experiencing the various charms of Kawaramachi, and enjoying both the tradition and the newness unique to Kyoto.

Stylish cafes and shops – Art and trend spots visited in kimono

Kawaramachi is a stylish space where art and trends intertwine. Here, we will introduce recommended spots where you can wear a beautiful kimono and visit the stylish cafes and shops dotted around Kawaramachi. Learn how to enjoy the forefront of art and trends and immerse yourself in the fashionable world of Kawaramachi.

Encounter with art – art galleries and museums

Kawaramachi has a thriving art scene, with unique art galleries and museums within it. Enjoy a luxurious moment wearing a kimono and experiencing art.


・National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
If you want to know the latest in contemporary art, we recommend the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. Enjoy the world of art by touching the unique and innovative artworks on display while wearing beautiful kimonos.


・Cafe de Lambre
Café de l’Ambre is a place where art and cafe come together. While enjoying a delicious drink, you can enjoy an exciting moment looking at the artworks on display. Enjoy art and trends at the same time in a stylish space.

Trend origin – shopping area and select shops

Kawaramachi’s shopping area is filled with trend-setting select shops and fashionable items. By visiting in kimono, you can experience new trends.


・Cafe Blanche
Café Blanche is a trendy area that combines shopping and cafes. You can enjoy delicious coffee while looking at stylish items.


・Kyoto Loft
Kyoto Loft is a select shop with a wide variety of products. There are many items that incorporate Japanese tastes, and you will be able to find accessories and miscellaneous goods that are perfect for wearing a kimono.

Japanese modernity – where tradition and trends intersect

Kawaramachi is also dotted with spots that skillfully blend tradition and trends. You can enjoy modern art and fashion while feeling traditional Japanese culture.


・Kyoto Wolfgang
Kyoto Wolfgang is a select shop with a wide variety of items that give you a Japanese taste. You can find stylish items that go well with Japanese clothing.


・Saryo Tsujiri
Saryo Tsujiri is a spot where Japanese tradition and modern cafes are fused. Enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere and new trends at the same time with tea.

Stylish time – Enjoy art and trends in kimono

Wearing a beautiful kimono and visiting the fashionable world of Kawaramachi will create a special moment that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time. Enjoy the charm of Kawaramachi, where art and trends intertwine, to the fullest while wearing a stylish kimono.

Kyoto/Kawaramachi at night – Night view of the city lit up with rental kimonos

As night falls, Kawaramachi is enveloped in a magical glow, creating a beautiful night view. In this section, we will introduce spots and points where you can fully enjoy the night view of Kawaramachi, which becomes even more attractive at night while wearing a beautiful kimono. Enjoy a special moment as you tour the illuminated streets and night entertainment spots, illuminating Kawaramachi at night.

Night Fantasy – Illuminated cityscape

The night view of Kawaramachi is enveloped in a magical atmosphere due to the illumination. We will introduce recommended spots where you can enjoy the illuminated cityscape while wearing a beautiful kimono.


・Kawaramachi Sanjo intersection
The Kawaramachi Sanjo intersection is a great vantage point from which to view the city from the roof of a building. You can enjoy the glittering lights of illuminated buildings and signboards while wearing beautiful kimonos.


・Kiyamachi Street
Kiyamachi Street is an area where traditional atmosphere and modern lighting blend together. By walking around in a rental kimono, you can feel the old-fashioned atmosphere and the glow of the night at the same time.

Evening entertainment – performing arts and night cafe

Kawaramachi, Kyoto at night is a treasure trove of entertainment. Wear a beautiful kimono, enjoy a special show at night, and spend a luxurious time at the illuminated cafe.


・Cafe de la Danse
Café de la Danse holds showtimes at night. Enjoy a stylish cafe time with beautiful performing arts.


・Club Nocturne
Nocturne is a club where you can have fun until late at night. Wear a kimono and immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere as if you were running through the night city together.

A stylish evening – Kawaramachi at night in kimono

Kawaramachi at night becomes an even more attractive place when you walk around wearing a beautiful kimono. Let’s fully enjoy the charm of Kawaramachi at night, such as the night view, entertainment, and stylish cafes, on a special occasion. Memories of a wonderful night will spread out with beautiful kimonos.

A treasure trove of delicious gourmet food – Enjoy the taste of Kawaramachi while wearing a kimono

Kawaramachi, Kyoto, is known as a treasure trove of gourmet food for its diversity, where a historical atmosphere coexists with modern trends. Here we will introduce how to enjoy delicious gourmet food even more by wearing a kimono. Enjoy the flavors of Kawaramachi while experiencing the harmony of gourmet food and kimono at local specialties and stylish restaurants.

Traditional taste and modern creative cuisine – Tour of famous local restaurants

Kawaramachi is home to a wide variety of tastes, from traditional flavors that have been loved since ancient times to modern creative cuisine filled with new ideas. Enjoy Kawaramachi’s gourmet cuisine while wearing a beautiful kimono and visiting famous local restaurants.


・Long-established Saryo Ryushinan
At Ryushinan, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional saryo, you can enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets. With the scent of green tea wafting through the air, you can enjoy a peaceful moment unique to the ancient capital of Kyoto.


・Kawara version
Kawaraban is a restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine made with plenty of fresh local ingredients. Enjoy the co-existence of gastronomy and art, where traditional flavors and artistic presentation harmonize perfectly.


・Izakaya Kyo no Kura
At Kyo no Kura, a Japanese-style izakaya, you can enjoy seasonal Kyoto cuisine along with local sake. Enjoy delicious food and local sake in a stylish atmosphere.

Take a break at a stylish cafe – Enjoy traditional Japanese sweets

Isn’t it a luxurious time not only to enjoy delicious gourmet food but also to take a break at a stylish cafe? Enjoy traditional Japanese sweets and the beautiful atmosphere of Kawaramachi at a recommended cafe where you can wear a kimono.


・Japanese Cafe Hanajuan
At Hanajuan, which has a Japanese atmosphere typical of Kyoto, you can enjoy matcha tea and Japanese sweets. Spend a pleasant time in the tranquility of the ancient capital.


・Coffee-an Evening Primrose
“Tsukimigusa” combines traditional Japanese attire with a sophisticated cafe space. The marriage of coffee and Japanese sweets you can enjoy here promises a luxurious time.

Nighttime taste adventure – Stylish late night snack spots to visit in kimono

At night, Kawaramachi takes on a new look. Walk around the city at night in a beautiful kimono and embark on an adventure that will stimulate your taste buds at stylish late-night snack spots.


・Kushiyaki Tabakuro
“Tabakuro” is a place where you can enjoy exquisite skewers that you can enjoy in Kawaramachi at night. Yakitori made with local ingredients is a light late-night snack perfect for an evening stroll in a kimono rental.


・Japanese beef yakiniku Kyoto Gioji Gion
“Gion” is where you can enjoy luxurious Japanese beef yakiniku. Please enjoy a luxurious evening where high-quality meat and beautiful kimono harmonize.

Harmony of gourmet food and Japanese clothing – A luxurious time in Kawaramachi

The gastronomic experience in Kawaramachi becomes even richer when you wear a kimono. Traditional flavors and modern creations, stylish cafes and nighttime adventures. Enjoy to your heart’s content a luxurious moment created by the harmony of gourmet food and Japanese clothing.

Enjoy each season in Kawaramachi, Kyoto – Seasonal events decorated with kimono

Kawaramachi is an area where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season, and what makes this area even more appealing are the beautiful kimonos. Here, we will introduce events that can be enjoyed each season in Kawaramachi, such as spring cherry blossom viewing, summer events, autumn festivals, and winter illuminations, as well as kimono coordination that is perfect for each season. To do. Dress up beautifully and enjoy the seasonal charm of Kawaramachi to your heart’s content.

The arrival of spring – Cherry blossom viewing in full bloom and the harmony of Japanese clothing

In spring, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, decorating the city of Kawaramachi. Enjoying cherry blossom viewing in a kimono under the beautiful cherry blossom trees is a special experience. Choose a kimono with a refreshing spring color or a floral-patterned obi and take a stroll through Kawaramachi, where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, with your friends and family.


・Kawaramachi Cherry Blossom Festival
This is an event where the entire Kawaramachi area is filled with cherry blossoms and food booths and food stalls are crowded. Feel the arrival of spring while wearing a stylish kimono while walking through a tunnel of cherry blossoms.


・Machiya cherry blossom tour
In the Machiya area, you can enjoy the collaboration of historic buildings and cherry blossoms. Events will be held where you can enjoy the harmonious combination of cherry blossoms and Japanese clothing along with the quaint townscape.

Summer heat – Enjoy summer festivals in kimonos and cool outdoor events

In the summer, Kawaramachi is filled with excitement, and there are many summer festivals and outdoor events. If you are going to participate in an evening event on a still humid midsummer night, a yukata or a cool rental kimono is the best choice.


・Kawaramachi Summer Festival
You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of a summer festival, with food stalls, the sound of drums, and a dance parade. Let’s decorate Kawaramachi at night with a light yukata or a rental kimono made of cool fabric.


・Summer night music event
Music events are held at Kawaramachi Square on summer nights. Spend a fun night wearing a beautiful kimono, feeling the night breeze, and listening to wonderful music.

Autumn Colors – Festivals and famous autumn foliage spots to stroll around in kimono

Autumn is the season of harvest and the leaves turn beautiful colors. Let’s go to festivals and fall foliage spots while feeling the colors of autumn while wearing a kimono.


・Machiya Autumn Festival
An autumn festival held in a traditional townhouse area. Enjoy autumn in a machiya townhouse with a Japanese atmosphere and a beautiful kimono.


・Autumn leaves illumination tour
There is an event where the autumn leaves around Kawaramachi are beautifully illuminated. Enjoy the illuminated scenery while wearing a beautiful kimono on a deep autumn night.

Winter Fantasy – Illumination and warm Japanese event

In winter, Kawaramachi is decorated with illuminations, creating a warm atmosphere. Enjoy a fantastic winter event in a layered rental kimono that won’t make you feel cold.


・Winter illumination night
At night, the symbolic places of Kawaramachi shine with beautiful illuminations. Enjoy the fantastic night view while wearing layerable kimonos.


・Stylish Japanese Christmas
A Japanese-style Christmas event will also be held. Why not spend a warm Christmas while enjoying the Japanese atmosphere in a stylish kimono.


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