Enjoy a summer stroll in Kyoto in a kimono – A special day where you can enjoy tradition and a refreshing feeling

Kyoto in the summer is especially attractive with its quaint streets. In this article, we will introduce how to rent a kimono and enjoy summer in Kyoto to the fullest. Enjoy a special summer stroll where traditional clothing and refreshing scenery intertwine.

Summer Kyoto – Feel the history and tradition in kimono

Summer in Kyoto is a beautiful season when historic sites are surrounded by greenery and the scenery is rich in scenery. Here we will introduce special spots and seasonal events that are especially unique to summer. Wearing a traditional kimono, let’s take a trip to experience Kyoto’s summer scenery and experience its history and culture.

Summer tradition – Kyoto’s Gion Festival

Speaking of summer, there is the Gion Festival, which is Kyoto’s representative festival. Enjoying the atmosphere of the Gion Festival while wearing a kimono is a special experience unique to Kyoto.


・Watching the Gion Festival Hanagasa Parade
The parade of gorgeous floats is a wonderful sight where history and tradition intertwine. Enjoy the lively atmosphere that spreads throughout the city while wearing beautiful kimonos.


・Gion Festival Night festival after the flower umbrella parade
At night, the floats are lit up, making the festival atmosphere even more magical. It’s also a wonderful time to walk through the illuminated Gion Festival at night while wearing a kimono.

Enjoy summer nights – Night sights in Kyoto

Summer nights in Kyoto are cool and there are some famous places that are beautifully lit up. Wear a kimono, visit historical sites, and get a feel for Kyoto at night.


・Special nighttime visit to Nijo Castle
Nijo Castle is specially lit up at night, creating a magical atmosphere. Why not spend a moment feeling the history under the night cherry blossoms and the night sky?


・Summer tradition at Yasaka Shrine
On summer nights, the area around Yasaka Shrine is lit up with lanterns and lanterns, creating a mystical atmosphere. It is also wonderful to worship in a kimono and visit the sacred place on a summer night.

Summer limited Japanese sweets and tea – with Maiko

It is a summer tradition in Kyoto to enjoy the performances of maiko while tasting Japanese sweets and matcha that are perfect for summer.


・Time at a teahouse in Gion
If you want to enjoy maiko dance and tea, we recommend the teahouses in Gion. The traditional Japanese atmosphere and the beautiful kimono-clad maiko will create a special experience that can only be experienced in Kyoto.


・Summer limited Japanese sweets shop tour
Kyoto is a place where you can enjoy Japanese sweets that change with the seasons. Enjoy summer-only Japanese sweets and feel the tradition of summer in Kyoto.

Walk around the refreshing garden – famous gardens to visit in kimono

Kyoto’s summer days are hot, but it’s fun to cool off by visiting the gardens. Visit the beautiful garden in a kimono and enjoy the soothing greenery and water.


・Walk around the garden of Kinkakuji Temple
The beautiful pond and gardens of Kinkaku-ji Temple become particularly refreshing in the summer. Enjoy the contrast between the blue sky and greenery while wearing a cool kimono.


・Courtyard of an old townhouse in Gion
The Gion area is dotted with quaint townhouses, and their courtyards are also a highlight. By walking in a kimono, you can enjoy strolling through the garden while feeling the history.

A refreshing summer cafe tour – Enjoy a cool moment in a kimono

It’s summer in Kyoto, and while the sun is getting stronger, it’s a special time to relax in a refreshing cafe. Why not wear a beautiful kimono and enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital while feeling the cool breeze? We’d like to introduce you to a more fun way to spend your summer in Kyoto, visiting cafes in a rental kimono.

How to enjoy a cool cafe tour

If you’re looking for something to cool off in the heat of summer, Kyoto is dotted with stylish and refreshing cafes. By traveling around wearing a kimono, you are sure to discover a new side where tradition and modernity intertwine.


・Machiya Cafe “Natsusoya”
“Natsusoya” is a renovated traditional Kyoto-style townhouse, and is a space where Japanese and Western styles coexist in harmony. Enjoying matcha tea and seasonal sweets while wearing a kimono in the silence will give you a pleasantly cool feeling.


・“Ryokucha-an” where natural light shines in
Ryokuchaan, near Kyoto Station, is characterized by the natural light that comes in through the large windows and the expansive greenery. The scenery outside the window that changes with the seasons and the beauty of the colorful kimono match perfectly, allowing you to spend a comfortable time.

A famous matcha restaurant where you can enjoy wearing a kimono

When you think of Kyoto, you think of matcha, and when you think of matcha, you think of Kyoto. Matcha-flavored sweets and drinks are the perfect way to beat the summer heat. Wear a beautiful kimono and enjoy visiting famous matcha shops.


・Kyoto Saryo “Ujien”
Ujien’s matcha is exceptional, and the interior is a wonderful fusion of Japanese and modern styles. Enjoy a refreshing moment while enjoying matcha ice cream and new matcha sweets.


・Kyoto Matcha Saryo Izuna, a stylish space
At Izuna, traditional matcha tea and a modern space coexist. You can enjoy a variety of matcha menu items such as Japanese sweets and matcha ice cream, which will give you a refreshing and delicious taste.

A combination of cafe hopping and walking – a moment in Kyoto’s famous gardens

There are many cafes in Kyoto that have beautiful gardens. Enjoying coffee time with the garden is the perfect way to feel the coolness of summer.


・Coffee Flower Garden Sky Garden
“Coffee Hanazono Tenku no Niwa” offers a panoramic view of the city of Kyoto, and is a luxurious space where you can enjoy coffee with a beautiful view. You should be able to spend a relaxing and luxurious time in the garden.


・”Vert de Vert Kyoto main store” full of greenery
A hideaway cafe you’ll want to visit wearing a kimono. Spending time in a beautiful garden in an antique atmosphere is truly summer bliss.

Gion on a summer night – Beautiful night view sparkling in kimono

On summer nights, Gion in Kyoto is enveloped in a special glow. The combination of illuminated streets, magical atmosphere, and beautiful kimonos transforms Gion into an even more attractive place on summer nights. We will propose a special experience in Gion at night and show you how to enjoy the harmony of the beautiful night view and kimono.

The beauty of Gion illuminated

On summer nights, Gion is enveloped in a festival-like atmosphere, with buildings and street trees illuminated with magical lights. We will introduce you to spots where you can enjoy the beautiful night view while wearing a kimono.


・The approach to Gion Yasaka Shrine
On summer nights, the approach to Gion Yasaka Shrine is lit up with lanterns and lanterns, creating a sacred and beautiful atmosphere. Walking slowly while wearing a rental kimono will enhance the atmosphere of the shrine and the night view.


・Townscape around Hanamikoji
The area around Hanamikoji retains its traditional townscape, and is lit up in a quaint manner at night. You can enjoy the beautiful night view while enjoying the night breeze at a stylish cafe or izakaya.

Atmosphere of Gion Festival on a summer night

Summer in Gion is also the season when the Gion Festival is held. Here are some tips for enjoying the festival atmosphere and night view at the same time.


・Gion Festival Flower Usa Parade Route
The flower umbrella parade of the Gion Festival is a summer tradition. Especially during the pre-festival, which is lit up at night, it creates a magical atmosphere along with the night view of Gion. Wear a kimono and enjoy the beauty of Yamahoko.


・Night food stalls around Gion Shijo
Around Gion Shijo, food stalls are lined up lively at night during the festival period. You can spend a summer night with the night view of Gion in the background while enjoying delicious street food.

Rental kimono style to brighten up your summer nights

We will also introduce kimono styles suitable for strolling around Gion on a summer night. Kimonos made of light and cool materials and colors color Gion at night as they flutter in the night breeze.


Recommended kimono styles:
・Yukata style
A yukata style perfect for summer nights. If you choose a rental yukata with a cool pattern or bright colors, you will make your presence felt in Gion at night.


・Irouchikake style
The gorgeous and elegant irouchikake is the perfect style for a special night in Gion. Choosing chic colors creates a beautiful harmony with the night view.

Summer Festival and Fireworks Festival – A lively event where you can participate in kimono

As summer approaches, Kyoto hosts lively festivals and beautiful fireworks displays. Here, we will introduce points and recommended spots for participating in kimono at the festivals and fireworks festivals held in Kyoto in the summer. Enjoy a special moment with traditional attire and lively summer events.

Charm of traditional summer festivals

Summer festivals are held in locations that are steeped in Kyoto’s unique traditions and culture, and the atmosphere is eagerly anticipated throughout the year. Participating in a festival in the ancient capital on a summer night, with yukatas and kimonos dancing in the cool breeze, is a special experience.


・Gion Festival (July)
The Gion Festival is Kyoto’s most important summer festival, and includes a series of events such as Yoiyama and Yoiyama. Especially at night in Yoiyama, the lively festival atmosphere and the beautiful lights of the lanterns, combined with the kimonos, create a fantastical scenery.


・Jidai Festival (October)
The Jidai Festival, held in October, is a festival where you can enjoy historical processions and period drama parades. Although it has a different feel than a summer festival, by walking around the quaint townscape in a kimono, you can feel as if you have traveled back in time to the world of a historical drama.

Watching a different night view at the fireworks festival

Summer means fireworks festivals. Various fireworks festivals are held around Kyoto, and the beauty of the fireworks blooming in the night sky is worth seeing. If you attend a fireworks display wearing a kimono, the night view and Japanese beauty will harmonize perfectly, creating a special night.


・Daimonjiyaki (August)
On August 16th, Daimonjiyaki is a festival in which the giant character “Dai” is lit up on the mountain, followed by fireworks. The lights of Daimonji floating in the summer night sky and the colors of the kimono harmonize perfectly.


・Kamogawa Fireworks Festival (August)
The fireworks display with the Kamogawa River in the background creates a fantastic atmosphere. If you wear a rental kimono while enjoying fireworks on the riverbank, you can share a wonderful night with the people around you.

Kimono styling tips

Let’s know the key points when styling a rental kimono when participating in a summer festival or fireworks display. The light and cool design and materials are perfect for summer events.


Recommended kimono styles:
・Yukata style
Rental yukatas are perfect for summer festivals and fireworks displays, allowing you to fully enjoy the summer atmosphere. Choose a yukata with a bright color or cool pattern to make it stand out at evening events.


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