Enjoy the beauty of Karasuma in kimono – How to walk around Kyoto

Located in the heart of Karasuma, Kyoto, this area is filled with historical landmarks and a lively shopping street. In this article, we’ll give you a how-to on renting a kimono and exploring Karasuma. Why not enjoy the charm of Karasuma to the fullest while wearing traditional kimono?

Karasuma with a scent of history – famous places and culture to visit in kimono

The Karasuma area, located in the center of Kyoto, has a historical atmosphere and is full of atmospheric attractions unique to the ancient capital. Here, we’ll introduce you to a fascinating adventure in Karasuma’s footsteps while donning a kimono, focusing on the historical sights you should visit in Karasuma while wearing a kimono, as well as the culture unique to the area.

A journey through the history and culture of Karasuma

・Kyoto Oike Shrine
Kyoto Oike Shrine, located in the center of Karasuma, is worshiped as the god that protects the capital. The historic stone steps and solemn atmosphere of the main hall give you a sense of Kyoto’s tradition and piety, and when you visit in a kimono, the atmosphere becomes even more sacred.


・Maruyama Park
Maruyama Park in Karasuma is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of each season. Historic buildings, ponds, and walking paths through the forest dot the vast grounds, making it a great place to feel the footprints of history amidst lush greenery.


・Karasuma Oike Daimonji
The large letter “Dai” stands at the intersection of Karasuma and Oike. It is lit during Daimonjiyaki and stands out in the night sky. Especially on summer nights, we recommend wearing a rental yukata or kimono and enjoying Daimonjiyaki at this place.

Recommended spots to enjoy the atmosphere of Karasuma

・Gion Hanamikoji
Gion Hanamikoji, which is close to Karasuma, is an area where traditional townscapes and the atmosphere of a red-light district remain. By walking around in a kimono, you can enjoy an elegant time that can only be experienced here. Don’t miss the stylish cafe and Japanese-style souvenir shop located inside an old folk house.


Pontocho, located in a corner of Karasuma, is an area lined with historic buildings and traditional restaurants. At night, the lights come on and the atmosphere becomes even more vibrant, making it a wonderful experience to stroll around Karasuma at night wearing a rental kimono.

Kimono styling that lets you feel the history of Karasuma

Here are some tips on how to style a rental kimono so you can feel the history and culture in Karasuma. Aim for an elegant and classy style that matches Karasuma’s taste.


Recommended kimono styles:
・Pongee kimono
The elegant and stately pongee kimono is perfect for the historic area of Karasuma. The chic colors and woven patterns blend in with Karasuma, which has a scent of history.


・Komon kimono
Komon is a kimono pattern that gives a simple yet elegant impression. It matches the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Karasuma and is suitable for visiting historical attractions.


During the summer season, we recommend a light and cool silk kimono. You can enjoy a comfortable stroll around Karasuma.

Exploring Karasuma’s gastronomy – Gourmet tour in kimono

Karasuma, located in the center of Kyoto, is home to not only historic sites but also delicious restaurants and traditional cuisine. Here we will introduce recommended restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy gourmet food while wearing a kimono. Let’s fully enjoy the flavors of Karasuma while tasting traditional Kyoto cuisine.

Visiting stylish restaurants and cafes

・Gion Karasuma Yashiki
Gion Karasuma Yashiki is a place where you can enjoy delicious kaiseki cuisine while feeling the atmosphere of Kyoto. Using seasonal ingredients carefully selected by our head chef, you can enjoy the flavors of each season. Come dressed in a kimono and enjoy the beautiful food and Japanese atmosphere.


If you want to enjoy sophisticated cuisine in a stylish space, we recommend KYO-TO THE SHARE HOTELS Kyoto Karasuma. With a menu that combines Japanese and Western styles, you can enjoy new Kyoto gourmet food. Spend some relaxing time in kimono.


・Nishikimaru Cafe
Nishikimaru Cafe, located in Karasuma, is an area where new trends and tradition come together. Among the many cafes and restaurants, “Nishikimaru Cafe” is especially recommended. Spend an elegant time wearing a kimono rental and experience a new style of Kyoto.

Recommended spots to enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine

・Kiccho main store Karasuma Sanjo store
Kitcho is a high-class restaurant unique to Kyoto, and you can especially enjoy seasonal kaiseki cuisine at Kitcho Main Store Karasuma Sanjo branch. Spend a luxurious time in a traditional Japanese space while feeling the atmosphere of Karasuma.


・Charcoal Grilled Yakiniku Guruzen Karasuma Branch
At Guruzen Karasuma branch, located in the center of Karasuma, you can enjoy high-quality yakiniku including Kyoto beef. Why not come dressed in a kimono and enjoy the aroma of charcoal fire as well as the delicacies that can only be found in Kyoto.

Visiting stylish izakaya where tradition and modernity harmonize

・Gion Karasuma Sakuratei
Gion Karasuma Sakura-tei, where you can enjoy traditional cuisine, is a stylish izakaya with a Japanese feel. Enjoy the marriage of dishes made with seasonal ingredients and Japanese sake.


・Kyoto Bistro Moto
“Kyoto Bistro Moto” is a modern and stylish bistro suitable for Karasuma. The sophisticated menu and homey atmosphere are appealing. Come dressed in a kimono and enjoy the modern taste of Kyoto.

Recommended delicious Japanese sweets shop

・Sen no Rikyu Saryo main store
If you want to enjoy tea and Japanese sweets in Karasuma, we recommend Sen no Rikyu Saryo Honten. Please enjoy a quiet moment in Karasuma with delicate and beautiful Japanese sweets.


・Matcha and Japanese sweets Saryo Tsujiri
“Saryo Tsujiri” where you can enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets in a beautiful tea room. Please enjoy a quiet moment in a kimono in a store full of Japanese atmosphere.

Shopping in Karasuma – Enjoy shopping in kimono

Karasuma is home to beautiful temples and historic sites that give you a sense of history, as well as shopping streets where you can enjoy shopping. Here, we will introduce how to enjoy shopping in Karasuma, including recommended souvenir shops, specialty products, and sophisticated fashion brands while walking around wearing a kimono. Enjoy your journey to find gifts and souvenirs for yourself.

Traditional crafts and souvenir shop

・Nishiki Market Main Store
Nishiki Market represents the Karasuma area. Here you can get fresh ingredients and Kyoto’s traditional crafts. In particular, there are many souvenir shops with Japanese items such as origami and tenugui. It’s sure to be fun to visit in a kimono and get absorbed in choosing souvenirs while soaking up the Japanese atmosphere.


・Kyoto Kimono Kimonoya Kyo Yuzen Karasuma Main Store
If you’re shopping in Karasuma, we recommend traditional Kyoto Yuzen kimonos. A kimono that combines delicate dyeing techniques and beautiful designs will become a keepsake that will last a lifetime. At Karasuma Main Store, kimono professionals will give you careful advice and help you find your favorite piece.

Fashion brands and accessory shops

・Kyoto Select Store
Kyoto Select Store is a popular select shop in the Karasuma area. It is characterized by a fusion of Japanese and Western styles, and features items with modern designs. If you’re looking for sophisticated fashion items, visit Kyoto Select Store.


・Ancient Capital Antique Aoyama Karasuma
Koto Antique is a shop that sells vintage antique furniture and accessories. There are many items that give you a sense of history, and you can find accessories that will blend into your special space. Why not decorate the streets of Karasuma with stylish antiques and kimonos?

Seeking new experiences and art

・Karasuma Geocraft
Karasuma Geocraft is a shop where you can purchase pottery with simple and unique designs. We carry a wide variety of items, from everyday items such as unique tableware and vases to gifts. If you want to bring a new twist to shopping in Karasuma, visit Geocraft!


・Kyoto International Manga Museum
There are also places in the Karasuma area that are irresistible for manga lovers. At Kyoto International Manga Museum, you can enjoy manga of various genres. Why not enjoy Kyoto from a new perspective by experiencing the art and history of manga.

Karasuma at night – night view and entertainment colored by kimono

At night, the city of Karasuma takes on a magical atmosphere, with the illuminated buildings and street trees shining even more beautifully. Here we will introduce recommended spots where you can wear a kimono and enjoy Karasuma at night, as well as ways to enjoy nighttime entertainment. Spend a special time in Karasuma at night wearing a beautiful kimono.

Karasuma as a night view

・Karasuma Oike intersection
The Karasuma Oike intersection is located in the center of the Karasuma area and is beautifully illuminated at night. The lights of skyscrapers and shopping malls mix together, creating a dazzling night view. Walking through the intersection in a kimono will add even more depth to the beautiful scenery.


・Kyoto Tower
Kyoto Tower, which can be accessed on foot from Karasuma, also takes on a magical appearance at night. The illuminated tower towers over Karasuma’s night sky, making for a beautiful photo opportunity. Visit the tower in kimono and enjoy the beauty of Kyoto at night.

Evening entertainment

・Karasuma Theater
In the Karasuma area, there is Karasuma Theater where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment. You can enjoy events and shows held at theaters and live music venues, and the excitement is especially high at night. Come to the theater in a beautiful kimono and spend an impressive night.


・Karasuma Entertainment Bar
Karasuma Entertainment Bar is a spot where you can enjoy unique entertainment and delicious food in Karasuma at night. You can spend a wonderful time wearing a beautiful kimono while magicians and artists perform. If you want to enjoy Kyoto at night, this is also recommended.

Gourmet food and night walks

・Gion Shijo at night
Gion Shijo, which is close to the Karasuma area, is known as an area where you can enjoy delicious food at night. Walking around Gion Shijo in a kimono at night is especially beautiful with its light-lit alleys and restaurants, creating a luxurious night experience.


・Izakaya tour
The Karasuma area is dotted with a variety of eateries, from traditional izakayas to modern bars. If you enjoy visiting izakaya in Karasuma at night, you can have a peaceful time with delicious food. Enjoy the Karasuma night in a beautiful kimono.


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