Explore Kyoto at a great price! Cheap kimono rental course for couples to enjoy

Would you like to take a stroll through the beautiful scenery and historic streets of Kyoto with your loved one in a kimono? In this article, we will introduce a great value kimono rental course for couples. Enjoy the charm of Kyoto to the fullest and have a special time.

Choose a wonderful kimono at a low price – a great rental spot

Kyoto is known as a city where you can wear a beautiful kimono and enjoy a quaint stroll. However, many people feel that high-quality kimonos are out of their reach. Therefore, we would like to introduce carefully selected ideas for enjoying beautiful kimono at a reasonable price. Enjoy the charm of Kyoto to the fullest according to your budget.

Coordination tips to suit your budget

・Selecting a single kimono
If you have a limited budget, you can save money by choosing a kimono rental separately. By renting a single item rather than a top and bottom set, you can mix and match your favorite obi and accessories to create your own unique coordination.


・Aim for early bird discounts and sales
Some rental spots may offer early bird discounts or sales. By making reservations early or targeting a specific period, you can rent a wonderful kimono at a lower price than usual.

Use advantageous set plans

・Friends and couples plan
Some restaurants have plans suitable for groups of friends or couples. If you are a group of 2 or more people, you can enjoy kimono at an even better price. Share a special time walking the streets of Kyoto with your stylish friends.


・One-day set plan
One-day set plans that let you enjoy sightseeing all day long are also attractive. In addition to kimono rental, hair and makeup may also be included. Recommended for those who want to enjoy fashionable kimono easily.

Enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto at a great price with a beautiful kimono

Choosing a wonderful kimono at a reasonable price can be enjoyed to the fullest, depending on your taste and your budget. Spend a special day wearing a beautiful kimono while enjoying the unique atmosphere of Kyoto at a great value rental spot.

Enjoy at hidden spots – Tourist attractions

Speaking of Kyoto, there are many tourist attractions, and its beauty and historical value attract many tourists from Japan and abroad. However, Kyoto is not a popular tourist destination, but also has many hidden spots that are only known to those in the know. We will introduce you to places that are not listed in tourist guides but whose beauty will captivate you, as well as hidden tourist attractions that you can enjoy for free.You can experience the scenery and history unique to Kyoto without spending a lot of money, and create special memories. Here are some tips for you.


・Back alleys of Arashiyama – Harmony between nature and temples and shrines
Arashiyama is one of Kyoto’s leading tourist destinations, but the back alleys are sparsely populated by tourists and are a beautiful place where nature and temples and shrines are in harmony. The area is dotted with hidden gems that will tickle your exploration spirit, such as bamboo forests, small shrines, and beautiful gardens. Especially if you visit early in the morning or on weekdays, you can enjoy the beauty of Arashiyama all to yourself in a quiet environment.


・Hideaway on the Philosopher’s Path – Cherry Blossoms and Philosophy Storytellers
Philosopher’s Path is famous for its cherry blossom tunnel, but beyond that lies a spot worthy of being called a hidden gem. At the end of the road, locals gather in the paths and plazas where they relax and enjoy the seasonal nature. During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy it as a hidden cherry blossom viewing spot that is unknown to tourists.


・Mountain behind Ginkakuji Temple – historic garden and tranquility
Ginkaku-ji is a famous tourist spot, but behind the temple is a vast garden and historic buildings. The path leading up from the back of the temple is a quiet one with beautiful gardens and old buildings, giving visitors a sense of calm. It is a popular spot, especially during the autumn foliage season.


・Yasaka Tower Observation Deck – Kyoto Panorama

Yasaka Tower is a popular spot for tourists, and the observation deck of the tower offers a beautiful panorama of Kyoto. However, what many people don’t know is that admission to the observatory is free. The view is spectacular not only during the day but also at night, so please pay attention to the time of day when you visit.


・A corner of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden – a co-existence of nature and history

Parts of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden are also open to the public for free. The garden boasts an overwhelming size, with seasonal flowers and a pond that will delight visitors. Especially during the cherry blossom season and autumn leaves season, the scenery unique to Kyoto spreads out.

Luxurious break time – stylish cafes and restaurants

Stylish cafes and restaurants are a place where you can enjoy a luxurious time at a reasonable price while traveling or sightseeing. By enjoying delicious food and a stylish space at an affordable price, you can have an extraordinary experience that takes you away from everyday life. Here, we will introduce recommended cafes and restaurants in Kyoto that will provide you with a luxurious break.


・Saryo Tsujiri – Enjoy Japanese luxury unique to Kyoto
If you want to enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere unique to Kyoto, Saryo Tsuji-ri is recommended. Not only can you enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets, but you can also enjoy lunch and light meals at reasonable prices.If you want to enjoy a relaxing time while looking out at the garden, Saryo Tsuji-ri is the perfect place.


・Cafe Bibliotic Hello! – Harmony of books and coffee
Cafe Bibliotic Hello! is a place that book lovers should visit at least once. Here you can enjoy a quiet moment while reading a book while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee. Antique books and furniture decorate the store, creating an attractive atmosphere where you can spend your time at reasonable prices.


・La Patio – French Toast Paradise
La Patio is the perfect place for those with a sweet tooth. The French toast here is particularly delicious and available at an affordable price, making it a favorite among locals. You will be able to enjoy the simple yet luxurious taste.


・Komeda Coffee Shop – How to enjoy breakfast
If you want to enjoy breakfast in style, we recommend Komeda Coffee. Morning sets are available here at reasonable prices, allowing you to start your day luxuriously with delicious toast and coffee. It is characterized by a homely atmosphere.


・Cafe Koto – Enjoy cafe time in a modern space
Cafe Koto is a place where you can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices in a modern and calm atmosphere. This place offers a perfect combination of Japanese and Western cuisine, making it the perfect spot for lunch or coffee time. Enjoy an extraordinary moment in a modern space.


・TSUJIRI Kyoto Main Store – Traditional taste and stylish matcha sweets
If you want to enjoy matcha sweets in Kyoto, we recommend TSUJIRI Kyoto main store. Not only can you enjoy matcha flavored sweets at an affordable price, but you can also relax in a stylish cafe space.

Special event information – Special experience to enjoy kimono

To fully enjoy Kyoto’s seasonal beauty and traditional culture, there are many great events held where you can wear a kimono and participate. We will introduce you to places where you can have special experiences and useful event information, and suggest ways to fully enjoy Kyoto’s culture and events without spending a lot of money.


・Free historical walking tour in kimono
There is a historical walking tour where you can wear a kimono and tour Kyoto’s historic buildings and famous spots for free. Participants will tour the historic area in kimono, with commentary provided by a local guide. It’s more economical than regular tours, and allows you to experience the fun of renting a kimono while experiencing history and culture.


・Seasonal special events – great discounts on kimono
At special events held each season, you may get discounts on admission fees by wearing a kimono. For example, if you participate during a specific period, such as a light-up event held during the cherry blossom season or a summer festival, you can enjoy it at a discount compared to normal prices. You can have a special experience of participating in an event while wearing a kimono.


・Traditional craft experience – Participate in a kimono at a discount
Kyoto is dotted with places where you can experience traditional crafts and culture. Among these, craft experience programs that offer discounts and benefits for participants wearing a kimono are attracting attention. Along with kimono, you can learn about handicrafts and traditional craft techniques, and create your own pieces to further experience Kyoto’s culture.


・Free garden event – Relax in a kimono at a great price
Kyoto is dotted with beautiful gardens, some of which are open to the public for free each season. By renting a kimono and visiting these garden events, you can enjoy it at a discount compared to events that usually require a fee. Let’s enjoy the beautiful nature and traditional townscape together.


・Traditional performing arts viewing – theater discount in kimono
Watching traditional performing arts performances and plays is a luxurious experience unique to Kyoto. If you go to the theater wearing a kimono, you may be able to get a better discount than usual. Enjoy maiko and geiko dances and traditional theater performances at a great price.


・Free traditional event – Privilege to participate in kimono
In Kyoto, there are many traditional events held for free each season. By participating in these events in kimono, you can enjoy traditional events just like the locals. Local festivals and events are sure to become special memories for tourists as well.


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