Great deal for couples! A smart way to enjoy walking around Kyoto in kimono

Why not take advantage of affordable kimono rental to enjoy a special day in Kyoto as a couple? In this article, we will suggest a walk around Kyoto that will give you a sense of fulfillment while keeping your budget in check. Here are the secrets to creating wonderful memories at an affordable price.

Choose at a great price! Reasonable kimono rental spot

When you visit Kyoto, it’s a special experience to wear a traditional kimono and walk through the quaint streets. However, for those who want to enjoy a high-quality kimono while keeping their budget in check, choosing a reasonable kimono rental spot is very important. We have carefully selected shops and services that offer beautiful kimonos at affordable prices, and will explain the key points to finding a kimono that will satisfy you within your budget.


・Use of reservation discounts and campaigns
At some rental spots, you may be able to receive discounts and benefits by booking in advance. We also run limited-time campaigns that match seasons and events, so you can enjoy kimono at even better prices by making reservations at those times. Check the official website and SNS so you don’t miss out on great deals.


・Take advantage of group discounts and student discounts
Group discounts may apply when you enjoy kimono with friends and family. There are also places where you can take advantage of student discounts by showing your student ID. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can rent kimonos for multiple people within your budget.


・Check the completeness of the rental set
The appeal of kimono rental, which is offered at a reasonable price, is that it comes with a wide variety of set items. A typical set includes a kimono, obi, geta, bag, etc., but some also include makeup and hair styling. This can also save you the time and expense of getting a complete set.


・Check reviews and reputation in advance
When choosing a reasonably priced kimono rental spot, it is important to check reviews and reputation in advance. By referring to the experiences and ratings of other users, you can decide whether or not you can use the service with confidence. In particular, information about the politeness of the service and the quality of the kimono is important.

Visiting hidden spots that you can enjoy at a low price

In addition to famous tourist spots, Kyoto is dotted with hidden spots that you can enjoy for a small price. We’ll show you how to fully enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and historical landmarks in places with fewer tourists. Would you like to spend a comfortable time while keeping your budget in check and experiencing the charm of this hidden gem?

Visiting hidden spots to enjoy at a low price

In addition to tourist attractions, Kyoto is dotted with hidden gems that are only known to those in the know. There are fewer tourists in these places, and although they are cheap, they still have the charm that is unique to Kyoto. This time, we will introduce some hidden spots that you can enjoy while staying on a budget.


・Rurikoin Temple
Although Ruriko-in is less well-known than the famous Kinkaku-ji and Ginkaku-ji, it has a quiet and quaint atmosphere. The vast grounds are dotted with beautiful gardens and other attractions, and you can enjoy cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall. The entrance fee is reasonable, and it’s a little-known spot where you can fully experience the beauty of Kyoto for a small price.


・Around the path of philosophy
Philosopher’s Path is famous for its rows of cherry blossom trees, but the area is dotted with small temples and cafes. There are relatively few tourists, so you can take a leisurely stroll and experience the hidden scenery and culture. You can also enjoy souvenir shops and restaurants at reasonable prices.


・Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
Compared to the famous Yasaka Shrine and Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is a little-known spot that receives fewer visitors. You can enjoy beautiful scenery in every season, especially during the plum season, when many plum trees are in full bloom. Feel the charm of Kyoto in a place where history and tranquility intertwine.


・Kyoto Gyoen National Garden
Kyoto Gyoen is a beautiful garden located within the grounds of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and ponds. The entrance fee is relatively cheap, and walking around the large grounds will give you a sense of contact with nature. It’s a spot where you can enjoy Kyoto’s history and nature at the same time at a small price.


・Kyoto’s Izakaya District Gion Shinbashi
A recommended spot for a night out is the Izakaya district of Gion Shinbashi. This is a safe shop where locals gather as it is a little far from tourist spots. You can enjoy the local taste of Kyoto at an affordable price.

Relax at stylish cafes and restaurants

Taking a break at a stylish cafe or restaurant feels even more special because you can enjoy it at a reasonable price. Here’s how to enjoy affordable, delicious food and relaxing moments at quaint cafes. Let’s fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of Kyoto while spending a little luxurious time.

Relax at stylish cafes and restaurants

Kyoto is dotted with delicious restaurants and stylish cafes, and the prices are reasonable, so you can enjoy eating and drinking at a reasonable price. Visit these places during your sightseeing trips or while you are taking a break, and you can spend a luxurious time enjoying the unique atmosphere of Kyoto. We will introduce stylish cafes and restaurants where you can relax at reasonable prices.


・Saryo Tsujiri
Saryo Tsujiri is a cafe where you can enjoy a blend of Japanese and Western menus, where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto. Relax in a typical Kyoto atmosphere while enjoying matcha and Japanese sweets at affordable prices. There are tatami-style seats and terrace seats, so you can enjoy the different scenery depending on the season.


・Cafe Urban Research Kyoto store
Café Urban Research is a shop with a sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of European cafes. You can enjoy lunch sets and sweets sets at prices that will make you smile, and you can enjoy a reasonable yet luxurious feeling at lunchtime. The interior of the store features a simple and stylish design, providing a relaxing moment.


・Cafe Fuga
Cafe Fuga is a hidden cafe located in a quiet place a little away from the downtown area. We have coffee and light snacks available at great prices, and you can relax in a spacious space while feeling the tranquility of Kyoto. It is especially popular as a little-known relaxing spot in the afternoon.


・Charcoal roasted coffee Kaduji
Charcoal Roasted Coffee Katsuji is a cafe where you can enjoy a quaint Kyoto atmosphere and carefully selected coffee. You can enjoy a special moment that can only be enjoyed here while enjoying delicious coffee at a reasonable price. If you are looking for some relaxing time, please come and visit us.


・Tonkatsu Katsuyoshi Sanjo main store
Katsuyoshi is a famous tonkatsu restaurant in Kyoto. You can enjoy hearty tonkatsu at a wallet-friendly price, making it perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s a restaurant where you can easily enjoy traditional Japanese flavors, and if you like Japanese food, it’s worth a visit.

Saving techniques! Great event information and special experiences

Fun events are held in Kyoto every season. This section provides information on events that you can enjoy while keeping your budget low, as well as places where you can have special experiences. We will suggest ways to enjoy Kyoto’s culture and events at a great price. Enjoy the charm of Kyoto to the fullest without spending a lot of money.

Saving techniques! Great event information and special experiences

A variety of events are held in Kyoto throughout the year, and many of them can be enjoyed without worrying about your budget. This section introduces great event information and places where you can have special experiences. Because you are on a budget, let’s enjoy the charms of Kyoto to the fullest.


・Free event at Kyoto International Manga Museum
Kyoto International Manga Museum holds free events every season. In addition to exhibitions, workshops and talk events are also held, making this a must-see space for manga fans. You can enjoy it without worrying about your budget, and you can fully experience the charm of manga.


・Free open day of Kyoto Botanical Garden
The Kyoto Botanical Garden regularly holds free open days. This event is recommended for people who love nature and plants, and you can freely stroll around the park. You can enjoy the beauty of seasonal plants and have a relaxing time.


・Special exhibition at Kyoto Cultural Museum
The Kyoto Museum of Culture holds special exhibitions every season. These exhibits generally have a fee, but you may be able to view them for free on certain days or times. This is useful event information for those interested in art and history.


・Free zazen experience at a temple in Kyoto
There are many temples in Kyoto, and some offer free zazen meditation experiences. You can experience a calming experience and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spend a special time while listening to explanations about the methods and history of zazen.


・Free event at a townhouse in Kyoto
Don’t miss the free events held at Kyoto townhouses and other places. You can sometimes enjoy traditional craft demonstrations and traditional dance performances, giving you a valuable experience while immersing yourself in the local culture.


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