What is outside photoshoot?

Outside photoshoot is a photography method that utilizes a specific location or environment for photography or video production. Unlike studio photography, you can create beautiful works by taking advantage of the natural background and atmosphere of a specific location. This method has various advantages and characteristics, and is an important element in expanding the range of creative expression when walking around Kyoto in a rented kimono.

Advantages of outside photoshoot

Natural atmosphere and beautiful background of Kyoto

Outside photoshoot allows you to take advantage of beautiful backgrounds such as nature or historic buildings. This adds a natural feel and depth to your kimono photos, making them more visually appealing.

Storytelling possibilities

Certain places and environments provide a powerful means of expressing stories and emotions. For example, shooting in nature can create a feeling of relaxation and freedom, while shooting in a historical location can create a sense of gravity and tradition.

Creating unique works

Outside photoshoot can produce unique photos that are different from others. By making use of landscapes and buildings that are unique to a specific location, you can create a uniqueness that is unlike any other.

Characteristics of outside photoshoot

Flexibility and creativity

Outside photoshoot is flexible and provides an environment where it is easy for professional photographers who are familiar with Kyoto to expand on their ideas. It allows you to capture unexpected discoveries and serendipitous beauty, and captures the moment to express it.

Take advantage of changes in seasons and weather

By incorporating the different seasons and weather in different locations, you can add dynamism and diversity to your photographic work. This allows the same place to look different.

Natural pose

It provides an environment where the subject can easily take a relaxed pose in a natural state, resulting in natural posing and realistic expressions.



Shooting on location in Kyoto is a valuable method for bringing out the unique charm of a location and enriching the visual story. By pursuing uniqueness and making the most of the beauty of the environment, photographers can create moving and memorable memories that transcend the realm of the individual.


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