Reasons why outside photoshoot is chosen / Accompanied by a professional photographer who is familiar with Kyoto

If you want to fully enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery, historical buildings, and traditional culture, we recommend kimono rental and outside photoshoot. We will introduce you to the reasons why many customers choose outside photoshoot when renting kimonos in Kyoto.

Making use of the unique scenery of Kyoto

Kyoto is a place steeped in Japanese history and tradition, and its beautiful scenery is perfect for photos and videos. When shooting on location, you can create a unique atmosphere by taking advantage of Kyoto’s unique backgrounds, such as Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Shrine. The image of you wearing a kimono blends in with the atmosphere of Kyoto, making for a memorable photo.

Photography at a spot where the kimono stands out

Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume, and its beauty stands out even more when combined with the scenery of Kyoto. For example, taking photos at spots where kimonos look even more beautiful, such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple or Yasaka Koshin-do Temple, will result in wonderful photos that will remain as mementos. The best photos are created because a professional photographer knows the location well.

It feels even more special with a professional photographer accompanying you

At Waplus Kyoto, we partner with professional photographers in Kyoto to help our customers enjoy an even more special experience. We will suggest optimal poses and compositions from a professional perspective and help bring out the atmosphere of the occasion. The addition of professional techniques creates high-quality works that cannot be found in ordinary tourist photography.


By combining kimono rental and outside photoshoot with a stroll in Kyoto, you can enjoy a special moment that is different from your usual sightseeing. Enjoy the beauty and tradition of Kyoto to the fullest, and share those moments with a professional photographer for an unforgettable trip. In particular, our professional photographers know Kyoto well and are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. Create wonderful memories with kimono rental and outside photoshoot that brings out the charm of Kyoto.


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