Reasons why outside photoshoot is chosen/brightness adjustment and data available

If you want to enjoy the harmonious combination of Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and kimono to the fullest, a location shoot is ideal. Waplus Kyoto’s outside photoshoot services include brightness adjustment and data provision, helping you create wonderful memories.

Take beautiful photos by adjusting the brightness

Kyoto’s streets and temples and shrines show different beauty depending on the season. When shooting on location, a professional photographer will assess the lighting to maximize the beauty of the kimono’s color, pattern, and background. Adjusting the brightness is the key to making your photos even more beautiful, and is a unique feature of shooting on the spot.

Natural pose with professional techniques

When photographing in Kyoto’s streets and famous places, it is different from regular sightseeing, and professional advice is important. When shooting on location, you can bring out natural poses and expressions using professional techniques. This allows you to take photos with a relaxed atmosphere that is a little different from your usual photos.

Memories last forever with data provision

After outside photoshoot, we can provide photo data. By obtaining data on the memories created during shooting, you can look back on them anytime, anywhere. You can not only keep it in your album, but also share it on SNS, print it out and display it, and use it however you like. Providing data is a nice service that only kimono rentals can provide.


By incorporating outside photoshoot into your kimono rental stroll in Kyoto, you can make the experience even more special. Create beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime memories by adjusting the brightness and posing using professional techniques. And by providing data, you can remember that moment forever. Please spend a memorable time with a location shoot that brings out the beauty of Kyoto and the dignity of the kimono to the fullest.


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