Points to keep in mind when sightseeing in Kyoto during the autumn leaves season

During the fall foliage season in Kyoto, rich nature and historical landmarks come together, offering a special sightseeing experience. Walking around in a kimono rental is one of the ways to enjoy the atmosphere even more. Here we will introduce some points to keep in mind when sightseeing in Kyoto during the autumn foliage season. We will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy autumn in Kyoto to your heart’s content in a kimono.

Best time to see autumn leaves and avoid crowds: enjoy Kyoto at the best time

The autumn leaves in Kyoto have a different atmosphere depending on the best time to see them. Each tourist spot has its own best time, so it’s a good idea to do some research in advance. We also recommend visiting on weekdays, early in the morning, or in the evening to avoid crowds. You can enjoy a more relaxed stroll while wearing a kimono.

How to choose and wear a kimono: Styling that takes into account the seasons

Choosing a kimono that is appropriate for the beautiful autumn leaves season is part of sightseeing. Choose patterns and colors that harmonize with Kyoto’s autumn leaves, and enjoy styling that values the sense of the season. At Waplus Kyoto, we will help you enjoy a comfortable walk with careful dressing.

Access to sightseeing spots and transportation: Tips for an efficient tour of Kyoto

Popular tourist destinations are crowded during the autumn foliage season. It is important to check access information in advance and consider efficient means of transportation. Also, knowing the hidden spots around tourist spots and areas that can be enjoyed on foot will make your trip to Kyoto even more fulfilling.

Preparing for weather and temperature: Items for a comfortable walk

Autumn in Kyoto is a season where temperatures tend to fluctuate. Days can be warm and nights can be cold. When renting a kimono, it is safe to carry a light coat or stole. Also, don’t forget to bring a folding umbrella in case of sudden rain.

How to enjoy it locally: Participate in local autumn customs and events

Wearing a kimono will deepen your interactions with the locals. By participating in local autumn customs and events, you can experience the charm of Kyoto even more deeply. Enjoy the autumn leaves season while interacting with the locals.



The fall foliage season in Kyoto is full of special charm, but if you enjoy walking around in a kimono while keeping in mind the precautions, you’ll be able to make even more wonderful memories. Enjoy autumn in Kyoto to your heart’s content through kimono rental at Waplus Kyoto.


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