Enjoy the elegant beauty of lace and a special kimono experience in Kyoto

When renting kimonos in Kyoto, “lace” kimonos are perfect for special occasions, and their elegance and beauty stand out. Here, we will focus on the gorgeous and elegant lace kimono, and introduce some attractive points that will make your stroll in Kyoto even more special. Please fully enjoy the elegance of lace along with the atmosphere of Kyoto.

Elegant lace pattern dancing in the wind of Kyoto

Walking through the streets of Kyoto is like taking a journey through time. The joy of choosing your own special kimono in a landscape of historic temples and shrines and traditional architecture is exceptional. The delicate design of rental kimonos that incorporate lace blends into the Kyoto landscape and highlights the beauty of the wearer. Let’s introduce lace patterns recommended for each season: spring, summer, fall, and winter.


For spring, we recommend a lace pattern that looks like dancing cherry blossom petals. The delicate lace imitating cherry blossom petals, combined with the warm spring sunlight, adds elegance and glamor to the kimono. Its beauty is especially noticeable when walking through Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the Philosopher’s Walk. By pairing a pink or light green kimono with cherry blossom lace, you can fully enjoy spring in Kyoto.


In the summer, a bamboo forest pattern that gives you a feeling of a cool breeze would be appropriate. The lace, which is inspired by bamboo leaves, beautifully expresses the way it flutters in the wind, giving a cool impression even in the heat of summer. Its cool design is perfect for summer in Kyoto, especially when visiting Arashiyama’s bamboo grove. By combining a blue or white kimono with bamboo grove lace, you can spend a cool summer in Kyoto.


For autumn, we recommend a lace pattern that imitates autumn leaves. The lace designed with autumn leaves blends perfectly with the autumn scenery of Kyoto. In particular, when strolling around Kinkaku-ji Temple or Eikando Temple, the beauty of the autumn leaves will shine against your kimono, giving you a deeper sense of Kyoto in autumn. By pairing a red, orange, or yellow kimono with autumn leaves lace, you can enjoy the deep autumn atmosphere.


In winter, lace with the image of snowflakes is perfect. The lace shaped like snowflakes expresses the tranquility and purity of Kyoto in winter. Its pure white beauty stands out especially when set against the snowy scenery of Ginkaku-ji Temple and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. By combining a white or gray kimono with snowflake lace, you can enjoy the magical scenery of Kyoto in winter.

Gorgeous lace coordination that stands out at famous places in Kyoto

Just the name Kyoto brings to mind the picturesque scenery of the ancient capital and the beautiful nature of each season. Thinking about coordinating a gorgeous lace kimono that will look great at such famous places in Kyoto can be said to be part of your journey to enjoy harmony with the places you visit. Lace’s delicate beauty makes you stand out no matter where you wear it. Here, we will introduce recommended coordination when visiting sightseeing spots in Kyoto and how to choose accessories that make use of lace.

Kinkakuji: Japanese modern lace coordination

The simple yet modern design of lace is perfect for the shining golden beauty of Kinkaku-ji Temple. By pairing a black or deep blue kimono with a lace obi woven with gold thread, you can create a stylish fusion of Japanese and Western styles. For accessories, choose a small lace-patterned pendant on a delicate gold chain to accent your outfit.

Arashiyama: Lace coordination that feels natural

In the rich nature of Arashiyama, lace coordination with soft colors that evoke a natural feel will look great. Pair a pale green or pink kimono with a lace obi with flower or butterfly motifs to create an elegance that resembles flowers dancing in the spring breeze. Choose accessories with motifs that symbolize nature, and subtly express the beauty of nature around your ears and neck.

Kiyomizudera: Tradition and innovation lace coordination

The majestic atmosphere of Kiyomizu-dera Temple is matched by a traditional colored kimono with a modern design of lace. If you rent a kimono in navy blue or gray and an obi with a geometric lace pattern, you’ll create a style that combines the traditions of the ancient capital with new flair. Choose accessories with simple yet statement designs to add a sophisticated touch to your outfit.

Gion: Elegant evening lace coordination

When walking around Gion at night, we recommend an elegant and gorgeous lace outfit. Pair a black or dark purple kimono with a lace obi and accessories woven from silver thread to create a mysterious beauty that blends into the nighttime cityscape. Choose accessories that are made from reflective materials to create a sparkling elegance in the night light.

Special events in Kyoto suitable for special days

Kyoto, the ancient capital that forms the heart of Japan, hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. Participating in these special days with appropriate attire will enhance the experience even more. Lace kimonos have a delicate beauty that will add a touch of glamor to any event. We will introduce seasonal events and tips on choosing the right kimono for your special day in Kyoto.

Spring: Cherry blossom viewing

When you think of Kyoto in spring, the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms comes to mind. In particular, cherry blossom viewing at Philosopher’s Path and Maruyama Park are events that are loved by many people. The lace kimono recommended for this season has a design with cherry blossom petals as a motif. By renting a pale pink or white kimono with a cherry blossom lace obi, you’ll create an elegant look to celebrate the arrival of spring. For accessories, choose earrings and necklaces inspired by cherry blossoms to add even more vivacity to your outfit.

Summer: Gion Festival

The highlight of summer in Kyoto is the Gion Festival. When choosing a kimono for this time of year, the key points are cool colors and designs. Combining a light blue or light green kimono with an obi that incorporates running water or scale-patterned lace creates a refreshing outfit that won’t make you feel the summer heat. You can also enjoy the festival atmosphere even more by incorporating summer accessories such as fans and fans into your rental kimono options.

Autumn: Jidai Festival

In autumn, many historical events such as period festivals are held. This season, we recommend kimono styles that incorporate traditional patterns and colors with a modern touch of lace. By pairing a red or orange kimono with a lace obi woven with gold thread to evoke the image of autumn leaves, you can vividly express the atmosphere of Kyoto in autumn. Choose accessories made of delicate metal to add a touch of elegance to your look.

Winter: Kyoto Imperial Palace open to the public

In winter, there are quiet and solemn events such as the opening of the Kyoto Imperial Palace to the public. At this time of year, it’s a good idea to choose a kimono in muted colors and an obi with beautiful lace with snowflake or pine needle motifs. By renting a deep navy blue or gray kimono and pairing it with silver or white lace, you can highlight the clean beauty of Kyoto in winter. You can also add a shawl or stole made of warm materials as accessories to keep you warm in the cold air.

A lace kimono walk in Kyoto that will leave you with lasting memories

Walking around Kyoto in a lace kimono will make every moment a memory like a beautiful painting. The addition of delicate lace combines the traditional beauty of the kimono with modern charm, making it an eye-catching presence in Kyoto’s nostalgic landscape. In order to make your stroll in Kyoto in a lace kimono a memorable memory, we will introduce you to how to take wonderful photos, poses that match the scenery, and ideas for preserving the memories of the day.

How to take great photos

– Be aware of light and shadow: The soft light of early morning and late evening beautifully reflects the delicate patterns of lace. Try taking photos that make use of light and shadow in front of Kyoto’s famous spots and natural backgrounds.
– Incorporate natural elements: Photographs that capture the contrast between Kyoto’s seasonal nature and lace kimono, such as dancing cherry blossom petals or under trees with beautiful autumn leaves, will create special memories.
– Traditional architecture in the background: Shooting in front of Kyoto’s traditional architecture and temples and shrines will highlight the beauty of the kimono. It is a good idea to pose so that the lines of the architecture and the silhouette of the kimono are in harmony.

Posing that matches the scenery of Kyoto

– Poses that evoke a sense of serenity: In the ancient temples and gardens of Kyoto, you can express your inner peace and the beauty of your kimono by taking a deep breath-like pose in the silence.
– Pose that feels the wind: A pose that takes advantage of the lace hem and sleeves blowing in the wind creates a moving photo. Try it in a place where you can feel the breeze, such as the Arashiyama bamboo forest.
– Walking pose: Walking through the cobblestone alleys and Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto will become a memorable photo of your trip. Capture the flowing movement of a lace kimono as you walk naturally.

A way to preserve memories

– Create a photo book: Collect all the photos you took that day and turn them into a customizable photo book online. By recording the story of your trip with photos, you can look back on the day at any time.
– Turn it into a postcard: Turn your favorite photo into a postcard and send it to your family and friends. Memories become even more colorful through the joy of sharing.
– Share on SNS: By sharing photos on SNS such as Instagram and Facebook with hashtags such as #Kyoto #Lace Kimono, you can have a place to interact with people who have the same hobby. . You can also get inspired by other people’s photos and get ideas for your next visit.


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