A new way to explore Kyoto with men’s style

Renting a kimono in Kyoto is a great opportunity not only for women but also for men to enjoy walking around Kyoto in their own style. Here, we introduce kimono styling unique to men and coordination ideas that go well with the Kyoto scenery. Why not enjoy the new charm of men’s style in this traditional town?

Sophisticated men’s style, in harmony with the Kyoto style

Kyoto’s historical beauty and natural richness give visitors a sense of quiet dignity and calm. Men’s kimono styles also require sophisticated choices in order to harmonize with the atmosphere of this ancient capital. Simple yet deep colors, delicate yet masculine patterns, and clever use of accessories enhance men’s style. Here, we will take a deep dive into the kimono styles unique to men when visiting Kyoto, and provide tips on how to choose and coordinate them.

How to choose color variations

To blend in with Kyoto’s landscape, it’s important to choose colors inspired by nature. The colors match the landscape of each season, with reds and oranges reminiscent of autumn leaves in the fall, bright greens of fresh green in the spring, cool blues reminiscent of river surfaces in the summer, and whites and grays reminiscent of snow in the winter. Let’s choose a color. These colors can be reflected not only in the kimono itself, but also in the obi and accessories, giving it a more sophisticated impression.

How to choose a pattern

Patterns in men’s kimonos are important elements that express a person’s individuality. However, a balance is required that is neither too flashy nor too plain. Traditional pique, plaid, and striped patterns have a masculine solidity and a chic sense of playfulness, and go well with the atmosphere of the ancient capital of Kyoto. Also, modest patterns with seasonal flowers or nature motifs are a classy choice.

How to use accessories

Accessories are an important element to subtly complement a man’s style. By being particular about the waist straps and haori straps, you can make a statement even though it is simple. Also, choose zori or geta for your feet, and be sure to choose one that suits your style that day and where you will be walking. Furthermore, by carrying a fan or prayer beads, you can create a sense of calm and dignity as a sophisticated adult man.

Completing the style

When visiting Kyoto, it is important to be aware of the attire that matches the location and event. For example, flexible styling is required, such as adopting a more traditional style when visiting temples and shrines, or incorporating slightly more casual elements when strolling around town. Also, thinking about coordinating your trip with your family and friends will make it even more fun.

Active Kyoto stroll unique to men

When you think of walking around Kyoto, you may imagine a peaceful visit to a temple or walking through the old streets, but there are actually many spots where you can enjoy some active activities. For men who love the outdoors and being active, enjoying Kyoto in a kimono rental style that is both sporty and rooted in tradition is sure to be a journey of new discoveries and adventures. We will introduce kimono styling that is easy to walk in and coordination that is perfect for active activities.

Recommended styling for an active walk in Kyoto

– A kimono that combines functionality and style: Choose a kimono that emphasizes ease of movement to accommodate your active movements. For example, choosing a material that is breathable and quickly absorbs and wicks sweat will make long walks more comfortable. In addition, kimonos made of soft materials do not restrict body movement and are suitable for active days.


– Choose footwear that is easy to move in: Instead of sandals, you can wear special footwear that is easy to walk in. Commercially available kimono sneakers and walking shoes combine traditional attire with modern functionality, making them less tiring even when walking for long periods of time.


– Add functionality with accessories: You also need to be creative when choosing accessories. For example, it is convenient to choose a belt with a pocket that can store your cell phone or coin purse. You can also keep yourself hydrated by bringing a collapsible water bottle and keeping it hidden inside your kimono.

Recommended activities and spots

– Arashiyama bamboo forest walk: Arashiyama’s bamboo forest is the perfect spot for an active walk. While walking through the bamboo forest, you can feel the beauty of nature and feel the cool breeze. With a kimono style that allows for easy movement, you should be able to enjoy nature to the fullest.


– Cycling on the Philosopher’s Path: We also recommend cycling along the Philosopher’s Path. The pleasure of renting a bicycle and riding through the wind while wearing a casual kimono is exceptional. Even when you take a break at a roadside cafe, you can enjoy a different atmosphere if you wear a kimono.


– Canoeing on the Kamogawa River: If you want to have a more active experience, we recommend canoeing on the Kamogawa River. You can enjoy waterside Kyoto from a new angle. You may get wet, so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.

Preparation for an active walk

– Make sure to choose a kimono that is easy to move in: Choosing a kimono is important for having an active day. Rent items that combine comfort and style.
– Take measures appropriate for the weather: Don’t forget to take measures appropriate for the weather, such as sunscreen, hats, and rain gear. Especially in the summer, it is important to stay hydrated frequently to prevent heatstroke.
– Plan according to your physical strength: Active activities in a kimono can easily exhaust your physical strength, so be sure to plan accordingly. Enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and history while taking breaks.

How to enjoy a wide range of men’s styles, from casual to traditional beauty

When visiting Kyoto, enjoying men’s styles that match the atmosphere of the ancient capital will make your memories of your trip even more vivid and meaningful. The key to discovering the many faces of Kyoto is styling that changes according to the situation, from casual walks around town. We will explore tips on how to dress when traveling around Kyoto in a style unique to men, and how to choose items that match the scenery.

Visiting Kyoto in casual kimono style

– Walking around the city and visiting cafes: To explore the streets of Kyoto in a relaxed atmosphere, choose a comfortable, casual, and easy-to-move kimono. Wear shoes that are easy to move in, giving you a style that won’t make you tired even when walking for long periods of time. Additionally, by incorporating Kyoto-style Japanese-patterned accessories and accessories, you can create a casual yet casual look that gives you a sense of the local culture.

Kyoto life unique to men, tips to enjoy kimono

Living in a kimono in Kyoto is an attractive option for men as well. The joy of wearing traditional Japanese beauty provides a special experience when walking through the streets of Kyoto. However, in order to enjoy kimono on a daily basis, a wide range of knowledge is required, from how to wear it to how to arrange it, and even how to spend your time in Kyoto. Here are some tips for enjoying kimono life to the fullest from a men’s perspective.

Kimono basics and how to wear

– Learn how to choose the right kimono and basic ways to wear it: The first step in choosing a kimono is to choose one that suits your body shape and preferences. Men’s kimonos tend to be modest in color and pattern, with muted tones, but it is important to choose one that is appropriate for the season and situation. Learning how to wear them correctly will also prevent them from falling apart and keep you comfortable all day long.


– Express your personality with accessories: You can add personality to your kimono style by skillfully incorporating accessories such as haori strings, obi clips, and fans. In particular, haori strings are an important accent in men’s kimono styles, so choose one that matches your taste and the color and pattern of the kimono.

How to enjoy kimono life in Kyoto

– Participate in seasonal events: Kyoto has an abundance of seasonal events and festivals. By wearing a kimono, you can enjoy a deeper experience of Japanese culture, such as enjoying cherry blossom viewing during the cherry blossom season or viewing autumn leaves in the fall.


– Stroll around Kyoto’s old townscapes: Kyoto has many areas where old townscapes remain. By walking around Gion, Arashiyama, and around Nijo Castle in a kimono, you can feel like a traveler through the ages. Also, by visiting in a kimono, it will be easier to interact with the locals.

A new challenge with kimono

– Enjoy taking photos: Wearing a kimono looks great in photos, so we recommend taking selfies or having a photo session with friends. In particular, taking photos in front of Kyoto’s traditional buildings and natural scenery will help you create memorable photos.


– Kimono date: Renting a kimono with your partner and visiting Kyoto on a date provides an extraordinary experience. You will be able to experience the culture and create new memories together.


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