A cute sweet spot while strolling around Kyoto, a wonderful day to enjoy in kimono

Why not add some cuteness to the beautiful scenery of Kyoto and spend a special day? Here, we will introduce cute kimono date courses for women and cute sweet spots to enjoy in Kyoto, as well as some great ideas for enjoying Kyoto even more attractively with rented kimonos.

Cute walk around Kiyomizu Temple

The area around Kiyomizu-dera Temple, with its old townscape, is a place that encapsulates the charm of Kyoto. Here, we will introduce a cute walking course that weaves history and modernity. Wearing kimono and walking hand in hand will make the experience even more special.

Starting point is from Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is one of the highlights of sightseeing in Kyoto. The spectacular view from the stage of the main hall shows the beauty of each season. Cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall decorate this area, captivating visitors. When you visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple, be sure to enjoy the view from the Kiyomizu Stage. If you take a photo in a kimono with the scenery in the background, it will be an unforgettable memory.

Via the retro streets of Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka

Near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka are retro streets lined with old townhouses. Here, there are many souvenir shops unique to Kyoto and shops selling handmade Japanese accessories, so you can enjoy shopping while strolling around. There are also cafes and sweet shops scattered throughout this area, where you can enjoy the flavors of Kyoto while taking a break.

Kodaiji Temple, where you can feel the quiet beauty

Kodaiji Temple is located a little away from the hustle and bustle of Kiyomizu Temple, and one of its charms is its tranquil garden. Especially during special viewing at night, the illuminated garden creates a magical atmosphere. The night view of Kyoto city from Kodaiji is also beautiful, making it the perfect place to spend a romantic time.

The climax of Yasaka Tower with the historical scenery in the background

How about a visit to Yasaka Pagoda to end your walk around Kiyomizu-dera? This tower is one of the symbols of Kyoto, and its historic scenery will overwhelm visitors. A photo with the pagoda in the background will be a wonderful souvenir of your visit to Kyoto.

Recommended dining spots

– A machiya cafe you’ll want to visit while wearing a kimono: If you want to take a break during your walk, we recommend a cafe in a renovated machiya. You can enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets in a typical Kyoto atmosphere.


– Dinner at an old folk house restaurant: End your day with dinner at an old folk house restaurant serving traditional Kyoto cuisine. How about looking back on your time together while enjoying dishes made with Kyoto vegetables and local ingredients?

Sweet snack tour, Kyoto cafe date

Kyoto is not only known for its ancient atmosphere, but is also a city dotted with cafes known for their sweet snacks. Enjoying special sweets that change with the seasons in a retro atmosphere is a pleasure unique to Kyoto. Here, we will introduce a course that will take you to recommended cafes and Japanese sweets shops in Kyoto that will make your kimono date even more colorful.

Saryo Tsujisato Arashiyama store

With Arashiyama’s beautiful nature as a backdrop, Saryo Tsuji-ri offers Japanese sweets centered around matcha. In particular, the “Matcha Parfait” is an irresistible dish for matcha lovers, as it exquisitely combines the rich taste of matcha with the gentle sweetness of Japanese sweets. This is one of the spots you should definitely visit when visiting Arashiyama.

Gion Tsujiri Yasaka Shrine Store

When it comes to matcha sweets in Kyoto, you cannot miss Gion Tsujiri. At this shop, located right next to Yasaka Shrine, you can enjoy a variety of sweets made with matcha throughout the year. Especially in the summer, the cool matcha ice cream is popular. If you visit in a kimono, you will feel more like Kyoto.

eXcafe Kyoto

eXcafe, located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace, is a cafe in a renovated old private house, where you can enjoy the sweetness unique to Kyoto in a calm atmosphere. The modern Japanese interior is perfect for a kimono date. The menu, which changes seasonally, is one of the attractions, so you’ll always find something new to discover every time you visit.

Sweets shop Genjika

Genjika, a sweets restaurant located in a neighborhood where Kyoto’s old townscape still remains, is a must-see for Japanese sweets lovers. In particular, “Uji Kintoki” is a perfect match for the hot season, with its homemade red bean paste, high-quality matcha ice cream, and fluffy shaved ice. You can enjoy a leisurely snack in a retro atmosphere.

How to enjoy a Kyoto cafe date

– Taste seasonal sweets: At Kyoto’s cafes and sweets shops, you can enjoy different sweets depending on the season. It might be a good idea to look forward to seeing what kind of flavors await you depending on the season you visit.


– Take photos in a retro atmosphere: Many of Kyoto’s cafes have attractive buildings and interiors. If you visit in kimono, you can make a special souvenir by taking a photo with the retro atmosphere in the background.


– Go on a cafe tour: We also recommend going on a “cafe tour” where you visit not just one cafe, but several cafes. You can stroll around Kyoto while enjoying the different charms of each cafe.

The beauty of flowers and the cuteness of kimono, cherry blossom viewing date

Kyoto is a city filled with seasonal flowers, from cherry blossoms in spring to greenery in summer, autumn leaves, and plum blossoms in winter. A cherry blossom viewing date in kimono with these flowers in the background promises a special time. Here we will introduce recommended cherry blossom viewing spots for each season and ideas for styling kimonos to match.

Spring: With cherry blossoms

– Recommended spot: Philosopher’s Path
In spring, Philosopher’s Path is a perfect spot for cherry blossom viewing, with cherry blossoms adorning both sides. You can share a quiet time together while walking through a tunnel of cherry blossoms.


– Styling idea: cherry blossom pattern kimono
A cherry blossom pattern kimono is perfect for a spring cherry blossom viewing date. Pairing a kimono with pale pink or white tones with cherry blossom accessories will give it a more seasonal feel.

Summer: With fresh greenery

– Recommended spot: Arashiyama
Arashiyama in summer is a beautiful spot with the green bamboo forest. A date walk in the refreshing greenery will make you forget the summer heat.


– Styling idea: Kimono based on green
We recommend a kimono with a green tone that stands out against the bamboo forest, or a yukata made of cool material. For accessories, choose items with bamboo or leaf motifs.

Autumn: With autumn leaves

– Recommended spot: Kiyomizu Temple
The autumn leaves around Kiyomizu-dera Temple are spectacular. Especially during special viewings at night, the illuminated autumn leaves create a magical atmosphere.


– Styling idea: Kimono with autumn leaves pattern
Kimonos in warm colors inspired by autumn leaves are perfect for an autumn date. Enjoy autumn attire with kimonos based on yellow, red, and orange.

Winter: With plum blossoms

– Recommended spot: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
At Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in winter, you can enjoy the early blooming plum blossoms. Plum blossoms that bloom in the cold air show off the beauty that can only be seen in winter.


– Styling idea: Plum pattern kimono
Wear a plum-patterned kimono for a winter cherry blossom viewing date. Let’s brighten up your winter date with a kimono in a bright color such as blue or purple that won’t make you feel the winter cold.

Cute, traditional culture experience

What makes a trip to Kyoto special is the traditional culture you can experience there. While learning about traditional culture unique to Kyoto, such as the tea ceremony, kimono dressing, and flower arrangement, you can enjoy styling that brings out your feminine cuteness. Here, we will introduce an experience program that combines tradition and cuteness, as well as ideas for kimono styling to go with it.

Tea ceremony experience

– Places where you can experience it: In Kyoto, there are many tea ceremony experiences that even beginners can easily participate in. In a traditional tea room, you can learn how to make tea using beautiful tea utensils and how to enjoy Japanese sweets.


– Styling ideas: We recommend kimonos in calm colors for the tea ceremony experience. Pairing a light-colored kimono with a simple yet luxurious obi will create an elegant and cute look. When it comes to hairstyles, a loose updo with a small hairpin will better match the tea ceremony atmosphere.

Kimono dressing class

– Places where you can experience it: There are many kimono dressing classes in Kyoto where you can learn how to wear a kimono. You can learn everything from the basics of how to wear a kimono to small tips from a professional kimono dresser.


– Styling ideas: Why not choose a kimono with a pop of color or pattern for your kimono dressing class? It’s an experience that you can learn while having fun, so you can also enjoy some adventurous styling. Pair a brightly colored kimono with a playfully patterned obi for a lively and cute look.

Flower path experience

– Places where you can experience it: In Kyoto, it is also popular to experience ikebana using seasonal flowers. You can create your own work while learning about the beauty of flowers and the philosophy of flower arrangement.


– Styling ideas: Kimonos with floral or plant motifs are perfect for the Hanamichi experience. Express the beauty of nature in your kimono, and make sure that your kimono blends well with the flowers you arrange during the experience. By pairing a kimono with a gentle color with a gorgeous obi, you can enhance the beauty of the flower path.


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