Arashiyama date for couples to enjoy, a special day decorated in kimono

If you want to enjoy a couple date in beautiful Arashiyama, Kyoto, then kimono is the perfect choice. Here, we’ll give you how-tos for walking around Arashiyama and advice for enjoying kimono as a couple. Let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery and traditional culture of Kyoto on your special day.

A riverside walking course where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama

Arashiyama is one of Kyoto’s leading tourist destinations, with its beautiful nature and historic buildings. The riverside and bamboo forest paths are especially perfect for strolling in kimono. Here, we will introduce walking courses you can enjoy in Arashiyama and spots you should visit along the way. If you visit as a couple, you will create wonderful memories that will deepen your bond.

Arashiyama riverside walking course

– Arashiyama Park (near Togetsukyo Bridge)
Photos with Togetsukyo Bridge in the background are a staple when visiting Arashiyama. If you enter Arashiyama Park from this bridge, you can enjoy nature in all four seasons. While walking along the riverside, enjoy the changing scenery seen from Togetsukyo Bridge.


– Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama
The monkey park located along the riverside walk is worth a short visit. The view of the entire Arashiyama area from the top of the mountain is breathtaking. You can also enjoy interacting with wild monkeys.


– Hozu River rafting
If you want to take your riverside stroll to the next level, we recommend going down the Hozugawa River. The nature of Arashiyama seen from a boat has a different charm. The scenery becomes even more beautiful, especially during the cherry blossom season in spring and the changing leaves in autumn.

Walk along the bamboo forest path

– Bamboo forest path
Speaking of Arashiyama, you can’t miss the bamboo forest path. Walking along the path surrounded by bamboo forests, you will feel as if you have wandered into another world. Walk slowly while feeling the rustle of bamboo and the breeze.


– Nonomiya Shrine
Nonomiya Shrine, located at the end of a bamboo forest path, is also known as a power spot for fulfilling love. Although it is small, its tranquility and mysterious atmosphere captivate visitors. If you visit as a couple, your bond may become even stronger.

Take a break at a cafe that feels extraordinary

– Sagano Bamboo Forest Cafe
There is a cafe near the bamboo forest path where you can relax while looking out at the bamboo forest. Enjoying Kyoto’s unique matcha sweets and coffee in a quiet space surrounded by a bamboo forest will soothe the fatigue of your walks.


– % ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama
If you love coffee, we recommend taking a break at % ARABICA in Arashiyama. From this cafe on the banks of the river, you can enjoy high-quality coffee while looking out at Arashiyama’s nature.

Traditional culture and art, visiting temples in Arashiyama

Arashiyama is an area dotted with many historical temples as well as its rich nature. A place where you can feel time passing slowly just by wearing a kimono and walking around. Here, we will introduce spots where you can enjoy a special experience by visiting temples where art and traditional culture are alive. If you visit as a couple, you can have a deep cultural experience together and strengthen your bond.

Tenryuji Temple

The head temple of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism, representing Arashiyama. It has been designated as a national special historical site and a special place of scenic beauty, and the vast grounds are filled with beautiful gardens that change throughout the seasons. The Sogenchi Garden, which is centered around a pond, is especially stunning. At Tenryuji Temple, you can also experience the world of Zen while strolling through the gardens. If you participate in the zazen meditation and sutra copying experiences that are held regularly, you will be able to experience deeper spirituality.

Jojakkoji Temple

This temple, affectionately known as “Moss Temple,” is famous for its beautiful moss garden. The lush green landscape created by moss in a tranquil atmosphere soothes visitors. Advance reservations are required for Kokedera Temple, but by taking a quiet stroll through the garden, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Japan and the spirit of Zen at the same time.

Nison-in Temple

This temple, located a little further from Arashiyama, has a relatively quiet environment where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and autumn leaves. You can also see Buddhist art and tea utensils at the museum inside the temple. By taking advantage of the special viewing at Nison-in Temple, you can view valuable cultural assets that are normally not visible to the public. Also, taking a break in the garden will be a relaxing time.

Nonomiya Shrine

This shrine, located near a bamboo forest path, is a historic place that even appears in The Tale of Genji. It is also known as a power spot for fulfilling love and is visited by many couples. Visiting Nonomiya Shrine is a recommended activity for couples. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Arashiyama while wishing the couple good luck for their future.

Arashiyama and Sagano sightseeing boat tour by boat

If you visit Arashiyama, the Sagano sightseeing boat tour is one of the must-see experiences. While entrusting yourself to the flow of the river, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. In particular, traveling by boat while wearing a kimono will be a special experience where you can experience the traditional beauty of Japan firsthand. Here, we will suggest boat tours that couples can enjoy and kimono styling on the boat.

Charm of Sagano sightseeing boat tour

Sagano, which stretches along the Hozugawa River in Arashiyama, is an area dotted with rich nature, old temples, and historical buildings. A boat tour allows you to enjoy these views from angles you wouldn’t be able to see on a regular walk.
Each season has a different look: cherry blossoms in spring, lush green mountains in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and occasionally snow-capped mountains in winter.
The Arashiyama/Sagano area is one of the areas in Kyoto that has a harmonious blend of historical atmosphere and natural beauty. The scenery seen from the boat makes you feel like you are traveling through time.

Kimono styling ideas on board

Wearing a kimono on a boat, including its reflection on the water, creates a special beauty. Make your experience even more special with these styling ideas.
It would be a good idea to choose a kimono that expresses the seasonal feel, such as a pale cherry blossom pattern in spring, a cool yukata in summer, a maple leaf pattern in autumn, and plum blossoms or snowflakes in winter.
Adding a subtle sense of the season with accessories such as obijime, obiage, and kanzashi will make your kimono style even more appealing. Also, holding a fan not only makes you look great in photos, but also helps you cool off in the summer.

How to enjoy a boat tour

This is a popular tour, so we recommend making reservations in advance. Early reservations are required, especially during the fall foliage season.
The reflection of the kimono on the water surface and the view from the boat make for special photographic subjects. Taking photos of each other as a couple also creates good memories.
– Enjoy relaxing time:

Arashiyama gourmet date, delicious local food tour

Arashiyama is an area with not only beautiful natural scenery and historic temples, but also a wealth of delicious gourmet spots. For a date as a couple, we recommend spending time at a local specialty or a stylish cafe. Here, we will introduce restaurants and eating spots that are perfect for a gourmet date in Arashiyama. Spend an unforgettable time enjoying delicious local food.

Recommended restaurants & cafes

– Arashiyama Kitcho: Known as a famous Kyoto restaurant, Kitcho’s Arashiyama branch offers kaiseki cuisine made with seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy Kyoto’s traditional gourmet cuisine in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


– % ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama: A cafe where you can enjoy world-class coffee while looking out at the scenery of Arashiyama. The stylish interior and delicious coffee will make your date a special one.


– Arashian: A hidden restaurant located in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama, where you can enjoy creative cuisine based on Japanese cuisine. Enjoy cuisine made with local ingredients in a quiet space surrounded by nature.

Local specialties and eating spots

– Arashiyama bamboo shoot rice: Arashiyama’s specialty bamboo shoot rice is recommended in spring. The rice is made with fresh bamboo shoots grown locally and has a taste unique to Arashiyama. Bamboo shoot rice balls are the perfect companion for a stroll.


– Yumemiya: A restaurant famous for its tofu dishes that you should stop by on your way to Arashiyama. Dishes made with smooth tofu and yuba make you feel like Arashiyama’s pure water. In particular, Yuba Manju is perfect for eating while walking.


– Arashiyama Momiji Manju: Momiji Manju, a popular souvenir from Arashiyama, is also recommended as a snack while walking. The maple-shaped manju filled with red bean paste is an irresistible dish for those with a sweet tooth.

How to enjoy a gourmet date

– Stroll around and eat while you go: Enjoying local specialties while taking in the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama is the perfect way to go on a date. How about holding hands and choosing what you both want to eat?


– Take a break at a quaint cafe: We recommend taking a break at a quaint cafe between walks. If you spend some relaxing time admiring the nature of Arashiyama, the distance between the two of you will naturally grow closer.


– Dinner at a restaurant at sunset: End your day with dinner at a restaurant in Arashiyama. Enjoying delicious food while enjoying the sunset view of Arashiyama from your window is sure to be an unforgettable date.


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