A cheap but special Kyoto date for couples to enjoy, an affordable kimono walking course

To make your couple date in Kyoto even more special, we would like to introduce you to a cheap but lovely kimono walking course that you can enjoy at an affordable price. Here, we’ll introduce you to great deals and hidden spots that bring out the best of Kyoto, and we’ll also give you advice that will help you create memories unique to couples.

Recommended spots for rental kimonos to enjoy at a great price

A good value kimono rental is the key to a fun date as a couple. Introducing shops in Kyoto where you can rent kimonos at reasonable prices and great set plans. Get a wonderful kimono style as a couple.

Enjoy affordable cafes and traditional scenic views inside and outside the prefecture

Arashiyama is an area with not only beautiful natural scenery and historic temples, but also a wealth of delicious gourmet spots. For a date as a couple, we recommend spending time at a local specialty or a stylish cafe. Here we will introduce restaurants and eating spots that are perfect for a gourmet date in Arashiyama. Spend an unforgettable time enjoying delicious local food.

Recommended restaurants & cafes

– Arashiyama Kitcho: Known as a famous Kyoto restaurant, Kitcho’s Arashiyama branch offers kaiseki cuisine made with seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy Kyoto’s traditional gourmet cuisine in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


– % ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama: A cafe where you can enjoy world-class coffee while looking out at the scenery of Arashiyama. The stylish interior and delicious coffee will make your date a special one.


– Arashian: A hidden restaurant located in the bamboo forest of Arashiyama, where you can enjoy creative cuisine based on Japanese cuisine. Enjoy cuisine made with local ingredients in a quiet space surrounded by nature.

Local specialties and eating spots

– Arashiyama bamboo shoot rice: Arashiyama’s specialty bamboo shoot rice is recommended in spring. The rice is made with fresh bamboo shoots grown locally and has a taste unique to Arashiyama. Bamboo shoot rice balls are the perfect companion for a stroll.


– Yumemiya: A restaurant famous for its tofu dishes that you should stop by on your way to Arashiyama. Dishes made with smooth tofu and yuba make you feel like Arashiyama’s pure water. In particular, Yuba Manju is perfect for eating while walking.


– Arashiyama Momiji Manju: Momiji Manju, a popular souvenir from Arashiyama, is also recommended as a snack while walking. The maple-shaped manju filled with red bean paste is an irresistible dish for those with a sweet tooth.

How to enjoy a gourmet date

– Stroll around and eat while you go: Enjoying local specialties while taking in the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama is the perfect way to go on a date. How about holding hands and choosing what you both want to eat?


– Take a break at a quaint cafe: We recommend taking a break at a quaint cafe between walks. If you spend some relaxing time admiring the nature of Arashiyama, the distance between the two of you will naturally grow closer.


– Dinner at a restaurant at sunset: End your day with dinner at a restaurant in Arashiyama. Enjoying delicious food while enjoying the sunset view of Arashiyama from your window is sure to be an unforgettable date.

A seasonal park date where you can enjoy cherry blossoms and autumn leaves

Kyoto has an abundance of parks and gardens where you can enjoy the natural beauty of each season: cherry blossoms in the spring, greenery in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall, and snowy landscapes in the winter. Especially, if you come wearing a kimono, the atmosphere will be even deeper and your date will be an unforgettable one. Here, we will introduce how to enjoy a park date depending on the four seasons, and recommended parks and gardens for each season.

Spring: Enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms

– Path of Philosophy
In spring, Tetsugaku no Michi is a scenic spot with cherry blossoms in full bloom on both sides. This is a place that represents spring in Kyoto, where you can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms while walking slowly. The cherry blossoms along the river and the cobblestone streets where philosophers once walked create a romantic atmosphere.

Summer: Feel the lush nature

– Arashiyama Park
Arashiyama Park, located in the Arashiyama area, is a place with beautiful summer greenery. In particular, the lush green landscape of Arashiyama that can be seen from Togetsukyo Bridge makes you feel like Kyoto in summer. You can enjoy the cooling river breeze while strolling through the park.

Autumn: Impressed by the vividness of the autumn leaves

– Eikando
In autumn, Eikando is famous for its autumn leaves. The sight of the entire temple grounds being dyed in red and yellow is a sight to behold, making it the perfect spot for viewing autumn leaves. It’s perfect for a date where you can wear a kimono and feel the beauty of autumn in Japan.

Winter: Enjoy the silence of the snowy landscape

– Kinkakuji (Rokuonji)
In winter, the snow-covered garden of Kinkaku-ji is very beautiful. You can enjoy the snow-covered Kinkaku and the quiet atmosphere of the surrounding area, which is unique to winter. Visiting Kinkakuji in a kimono in the cold winter weather will be a special experience.

Kimono date tips

– Choosing a kimono according to the season: By choosing a kimono suitable for each season, it will blend better with the scenery of the park or garden. Express your sense of the season with a cherry blossom pattern in spring, a cool yukata in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snowflakes in winter.


– Go out fully prepared: Traveling can be inconvenient, especially if you’re going on a date wearing a kimono. Check the location of the park, how to access it, and the weather in advance so you can prepare for a comfortable stay.

Free sightseeing tour to explore tradition and history

Kyoto is one of the most attractive cities in Japan, with its ancient history and traditional culture. There are many famous places where you can feel the history and tradition of Kyoto without spending a lot of money. Here, we propose tours that take you around sightseeing spots and areas that you can enjoy for free. Visiting these spots will make your date even more memorable.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace, located in the center of Kyoto, was once the residence of the Emperor. The vast grounds include many beautiful Japanese gardens and historic buildings. In addition to being able to freely walk around the Imperial Palace grounds, which are open to the public, you can also take a free guided tour by making a reservation in advance. You can experience Japanese history and culture.

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site, is a historic castle built in the early Edo period. Particularly famous are the Ninomaru Palace, decorated with ornate carvings, and the beautiful garden. You can walk around the grounds of Nijo Castle for free, but an admission fee is required to see the inside of the building and special exhibitions. Still, you can feel its beauty just by looking at it from the outside.

The path of philosophy

Philosopher’s Path is a approximately 2-kilometer walking path that runs from Ginkaku-ji to Nanzen-ji. It is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season and is crowded with people. There are small cafes, second-hand bookstores, and galleries scattered along the walking path, allowing you to enjoy the calm atmosphere of Kyoto while walking.

Kamogawa Delta (Demachiyanagi)

The Kamogawa Delta, which spreads out at the point where the Kamogawa and Takano rivers meet, is known as a place of relaxation for citizens. Especially in the summer, it is crowded with people enjoying meals on the river bed. You can feel the unique atmosphere of Kyoto by relaxing by the river or taking a walk along the river. There are also many used bookstores and cafes nearby, so it’s a good idea to stop by during your walk.


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