A special walk in Kyoto that couples can enjoy, the charms and points to note when renting a kimono

The secret to making your stroll through Kyoto even more special as a couple is to rent a kimono. Here, we will introduce in detail how couples can have fun together, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of kimono rental. Along with the scenery of Kyoto, it is packed with information that will help you create memories for the two of you.

A special kimono date unique to couples

Choosing a kimono for your couple’s date in Kyoto will make the time even more special. Kimono is not only beautiful, but also a great way to experience Japanese tradition and culture. Here, we will introduce recommended styles for a couple’s kimono date, color combinations that complement each other, and spots you should visit on a date. Let’s spend a special and memorable time just for the two of us.

Kimono style tips for couples

– Think about color combinations: If the colors of each person’s kimono harmonize with each other, it will look good in photos, and being together will complement each other. For example, if a woman chooses a pale pink kimono, men should match it with pale gray or navy blue.


– Pay attention to the balance of patterns: When choosing a patterned kimono, combining bold patterns with simple patterns will help balance the overall look. By choosing kimonos with different patterns and sizes for the two of you, you can create a harmonious style that takes advantage of each other’s individuality.


– Accent with accessories: You can add depth to your kimono style by skillfully using accessories such as obijime, obiage, haori, and folding fan. Couples can create a unified look by matching colors and designs.

Spots to visit as a couple

– Arashiyama Bamboo Forest Path: Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest is the perfect location for a couple’s kimono date. You can spend a special time in a magical atmosphere while walking through the bamboo forest.


– Kiyomizu-dera: Kiyomizu-dera is one of Kyoto’s most famous tourist destinations, and visiting it in a kimono makes it even more special. The view from the stage in Shimizu will remain in your memory for a long time.


– Walk along the Kamogawa River: The Kamogawa River is a wonderful walking course where you can enjoy the scenery of each season. The sight of your kimono reflected on the surface of the river will create an extraordinary date experience.

How to have fun on a date

– Rent a kimono: There are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto. Make a reservation in advance and choose a kimono that suits your tastes and style. The staff will help you get dressed, so even first-timers don’t have to worry.


– Take lots of photos: Kimono is very photogenic. Let’s take lots of photos of each other in the beautiful scenery and leave memories on wonderful photos and SNS.


– Enjoy local gourmet food: Kyoto has a lot of delicious food. Enjoy your date even more while tasting local gourmet food while wearing a kimono.

Advantages of kimono rental: A special moment to experience traditional culture

Kimono rental is an attractive option for many tourists visiting Kyoto. Especially for couples, it provides a great opportunity to deeply feel Kyoto’s history and culture. Kimono is not just a garment, it is a special item that allows you to experience traditional Japanese culture itself. Here, we will explain the special experiences and excitement that couples can get through kimono rental.

Immersive experience in traditional culture

Wearing a kimono allows you to experience more than just visiting a tourist spot. By wearing a kimono when visiting Kyoto’s old streets and temples and shrines, you will be able to gain a deeper sense of the history and culture of the place. Also, by wearing traditional Japanese costumes, you will have a strong sense of having a special time.

Deepening the bond between couples

Renting a kimono as a couple and strolling around the city together is a valuable opportunity to deepen your bond. The series of experiences you share, from choosing and wearing each other’s kimonos to walking around town, is something special that you wouldn’t get on a regular date. In addition, walking around in kimono can attract the attention of those around you, making your presence more prominent.

Creating photogenic memories

Kimonos are very photogenic and have a special beauty when photographed. In particular, photos taken against a historical background like Kyoto are sure to be a memory that will last a lifetime. By taking pictures of each other in kimono, you can create special memories just for the two of you.

Deepening cultural understanding

You can learn about traditional Japanese costumes through kimono rental. Kimono has a deep culture, including the types of kimono and obi, the techniques for wearing it, and even how to choose colors and patterns depending on the season. Gaining this kind of knowledge will deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and traditions.

Recommended use of kimono rental

– Advance reservations: Popular kimono rental shops may require advance reservations. Make your reservations in a planned manner and enjoy your rental smoothly.


– Styling consultation: The staff at the kimono rental shop are experts in combining kimonos and obi. Let’s talk about the styling that suits you.


– For comfortable wear: Although kimonos are made to suit Japan’s climate, it is also important to choose footwear and accessories that are easy to walk in. Also, if you are going to wear it for a long time, it is important to consider ease of movement when choosing it.

Let’s also know the disadvantages: Points to note when walking around in kimono

Walking around in a kimono provides a special experience, but there are some things to be aware of. In order to have a comfortable stay, it is important to understand the disadvantages and precautions in advance and prepare. Here, we will introduce some points that couples should be aware of when walking around in kimono.

Measures according to the season

– Hot season: Summer kimonos must be worn to protect against the heat. Be careful not to get heatstroke by choosing thin materials such as yukata, bringing a fan or fan, and walking in the shade.


– Cold season: In winter, it is important to take measures to protect yourself from the cold. It is a good idea to wear warm underwear under your kimono, and to wear warm socks in addition to tabi socks on your feet. Also, keep yourself warm by wearing a coat or shawl.

Think about the ease of walking

– Be careful of your feet: Walking for long periods in a kimono can easily put strain on your feet. If possible, choose sandals or geta that are easy to walk in, and use small towels to reduce the strain on your feet.


– Consider the distance traveled: Kimono makes it difficult to move around, so it’s a good idea to set the distance shorter than you can normally walk. By planning in advance the areas you can comfortably walk around, you can spend the whole day comfortably.

Be careful when handling kimono

– Precautions when eating: When wearing a kimono, special care must be taken to avoid staining it when eating. In particular, kimono sleeves are long, so be careful not to let them touch your food.


– Prevents the clothes from coming off: If you wear them for a long time, they may come off. Check your clothes regularly to make sure they aren’t coming undone and fix them if necessary. If you are going to have your kimono fitted at a rental shop, it is a good idea to ask for a kimono that will not easily fall off.

Other notes

– Using the restroom: Using the restroom while wearing a kimono can be a bit of a hassle. Larger facilities may have larger private rooms for people wearing Japanese clothes, so it’s best to check in advance.


– Keep your luggage to a minimum: When walking around in a kimono, the trick to staying comfortable is to minimize your luggage as much as possible. It is a good idea to carry only the minimum necessary items and leave large items in a coin locker.

Enjoy a couple date with a great rental plan

To make your date even more special, it’s a smart choice to take advantage of a great rental plan. Especially if you are a couple, there are many plans that can help you deepen your bond while keeping costs down. Here, we will introduce rental plans and services that will help you have a budget-friendly couple date.

Kimono rental plan

Kyoto and other tourist destinations offer kimono rental plans for couples. These plans allow you to rent a kimono set at a cheaper price than normal single item rentals, and couples can enjoy coordinating kimono sets.


– Couple discount: A plan that offers a discount when two people rent at the same time. The set includes a kimono and accessories, and you can choose your kimono to match in color and design.


– Plan with photography service: A plan that includes photography by a professional photographer. To commemorate your special day, you can have a professional photo taken of you in a beautiful kimono.

Bicycle rental

Cycling is a great way to explore many sightseeing spots, including Kyoto. By using a bicycle rental plan for couples, you can efficiently and enjoyably explore sightseeing spots.


– One-day rental plan: A plan that allows you to rent a bicycle on a one-day basis. Since you are free to visit tourist spots, you can take a leisurely stroll at your own pace.


– Electric bicycle plan: Rental electric bicycles that allow you to move easily even in areas with many slopes. Although it’s a little more expensive, it’s less tiring and allows you to visit more spots.

Gourmet plan

Delicious food is also essential for a couple’s date. By researching in advance and booking a great lunch or dinner plan, you can have a gourmet experience with high cost performance.


– Lunch set plan: A great value set menu available only at lunch time. It is often served at casual cafes and restaurants and can be enjoyed easily.


– Course meal plan: For special occasions, it would be a good idea to enjoy a course meal that is discounted if you reserve in advance. You can spend time just the two of you in a romantic atmosphere.


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