Events you want to go to during your summer vacation by renting a yukata in Kyoto

Enjoying a special event while wearing a yukata during summer in Kyoto is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here, we will introduce events you should go to during your summer vacation while renting a yukata in Kyoto. Enjoy the traditional Kyoto atmosphere and summer fun through kimono rental.

Gion Festival: A festival that represents summer in Kyoto!

The Gion Festival, which colors Kyoto’s summer, is known as one of Japan’s three major festivals. As you walk along the cobblestone streets of Gion wearing a yukata, you can fully feel the atmosphere of summer festivals, such as the impressive Yamahoko procession and the colorful Yamahoko procession eve festival. Enjoy the colorful Gion Festival with a rental kimono.

Kameoka Peace Festival Hozugawa Citizen Fireworks Festival: A gorgeous glow in the summer night sky

If you want to rent a yukata and go to a fireworks display in Kyoto, the Kameoka Peace Festival Hozugawa Citizen Fireworks Festival is located in Kameoka, about 30 minutes from Kyoto Station on the JR train. Actually, there are not many fireworks festivals held in Kyoto. Therefore, the fireworks festival held in Kameoka is one of the few fireworks festivals held in Kyoto. When you watch fireworks while wearing a yukata, you can enjoy the gorgeous glow that blooms in the summer night sky and the cool atmosphere. We also recommend taking a walk in a kimono before or after the fireworks display.

Summer festival around Togetsukyo Bridge: A special night of art and music

In the summer, various art and music festivals are held around Togetsukyo Bridge. Spend a special summer night wearing a yukata and walking along Togetsukyo Bridge at night, experiencing art and music. You can enjoy the style of kimono while feeling the local summer culture.

Traditional culture experience event: A luxurious time to participate in kimono

During summer vacation, special events are held to enjoy traditional culture. By renting a kimono and participating in a tea ceremony, kimono dressing class, Japanese drum concert, etc., you can enjoy a luxurious time that combines tradition and modernity.



Summer in Kyoto is full of special events that are perfect for enjoying in yukata. Enjoy the colorful summer of Kyoto with a kimono rental that combines tradition and fashion.


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