Stylish kimono rental stroll in Kyoto, attractive spots and styling tips

Strolling around Kyoto wearing a stylish kimono is a special experience where you can feel the fusion of the city and tradition. Here, we introduce key points and recommended spots for a kimono rental walk to enjoy the stylish atmosphere. We will introduce you to the charms of exploring Kyoto in a sophisticated style.

Visiting stylish spots, Gion/Hanamikoji area

The Gion/Hanamikoji area is a popular spot in Kyoto with its traditional scenery and stylish cafes and shops. You can enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere that incorporates modern trends in a historic townscape. By walking around in a kimono, you can enjoy a unique style that combines tradition and modernity. Below, we will introduce the points and recommended spots that make kimono style stand out in this area.

Points that make your kimono style stand out

– Choose a kimono with a modern design: Choose a kimono or obi with a modern and sophisticated design to match the fashionable atmosphere of the Gion/Hanamikoji area. Kimonos with classic patterns and modern designs look especially great in this area.


– Accentuate with accessories: Using accessories is important when coordinating a kimono. You can enjoy a more sophisticated style by choosing bags, sandals, and obijime that incorporate modern yet traditional elements.

Take a break at a stylish cafe

– PASS THE BATON GION: A stylish cafe in a renovated old folk house, the space is an attractive blend of Kyoto tradition and modern design. You can enjoy carefully selected coffee and sweets while wearing a kimono.


– eXcafe Gion: A cafe located in the center of Gion, where you can enjoy a menu made with traditional Kyoto ingredients. You can spend a relaxing time wearing kimono in a calm atmosphere.

Looking for souvenirs at stylish shops

– Gion Tsujiri: A famous shop for matcha sweets, the stylishly packaged products are perfect as souvenirs. A variety of sweets made with matcha are both beautiful to look at and delicious.


– SOUGETSU: A Japanese goods store with an attractive modern design. We carry items unique to Kyoto, making it the perfect place to find accessories that match your kimono style.

Use of kimono rental

There are many stylish kimono rental shops in the Gion/Hanamikoji area. By making a reservation in advance, you can choose the kimono of your desired design and size, and you can also receive styling consultations. You can spend the whole day comfortably with a professional kimono dresser.

Modern cityscape around Kyoto Station

The area around Kyoto Station is a perfect blend of modern architecture and traditional culture, offering visitors a unique experience. In this area, you can stroll around in a stylish kimono while feeling the new charm of Kyoto. Below, we will introduce ideas for kimono styling and recommended spots around Kyoto Station.

Modern kimono coordination

Modern and sophisticated kimono styling is recommended for walks around Kyoto Station. Kimonos that incorporate traditional patterns with modern elements and chic, urban color combinations are perfect for the atmosphere of this area.
Choose a kimono in a muted color such as gray, navy, or moss green. You can also add a brightly colored obi as an accent for a stylish look.
Add freshness to your outfit by choosing obi-dome, bags, and zori sandals with contemporary designs. Simple yet bold accessories complement the modern kimono style.

Kyoto Station Building and surrounding area

The Kyoto Station Building is a Kyoto landmark known for its bold design. There are plenty of facilities for shopping and gourmet food inside and outside the station building, making it the perfect place for a stroll in a modern atmosphere.
The observation deck of the Kyoto Station Building, located on the top floor of the station building, offers a panoramic view of Kyoto City. If you take a photo of yourself in a kimono with the Kyoto skyline in the background, it will be a memorable photo.
Granvia Kyoto is a hotel located inside a station building, and there is a space where you can enjoy tea and a cafe. We also recommend taking a break in this sophisticated space.

Umekoji Park

Umekoji Park, located within walking distance from Kyoto Station, is a vast park where you can enjoy the natural beauty of each season. Especially in spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you can enjoy a wonderful stroll along with modern kimono styling.
Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station, located near the park, has an attractive retro atmosphere. Shooting here will also enhance your stylish kimono coordination.

Use of kimono rental

There are several rental shops around Kyoto Station that sell kimonos with modern designs. By making a reservation in advance and choosing your preferred style, you can enjoy your stroll around Kyoto Station even more. You can also receive advice on dressing and choosing accessories.

Shijo Karasuma area, a fusion of art and culture

The Shijo Karasuma area is a stylish and sophisticated area where you can feel the breath of art and culture in Kyoto. The area offers a wide variety of artwork, from traditional to contemporary art. You can also have an even more special experience by walking around wearing a kimono styled to match the atmosphere of this area. Below, we will introduce art spots in the Shijo Karasuma area and tips for stylish kimono styling.

Visiting art spots

– Kyoto International Manga Museum: Located in the Shijo Karasuma area, this museum is a place where you can learn more about Japanese manga culture. You can freely read the manga lined up on the wall, and there are also plenty of manga-related exhibits.


– Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art: Exhibits works of art from modern to contemporary times, and special exhibitions are held regularly. This is a spot where you can feel the culture of Kyoto, the capital of art.


– Gallery Tour: The Karasuma area is dotted with many art galleries. You’ll be able to see a variety of works, from the latest contemporary art to traditional crafts.

Stylish kimono styling

When strolling around the Shijo Karasuma area, we recommend wearing a stylish kimono that matches the atmosphere of art and culture.
Choose a kimono with a modern and stylish design that matches contemporary art. Kimonos with sophisticated designs and bold colors create a style suitable for visiting art spots.
By pairing a simple kimono with modern accessories, you can emphasize your stylish look. We especially recommend bags with unique obi clasps and modern designs.
Pay attention to your feet when styling your kimono. Choosing modern zori sandals or kimono boots rather than traditional zori sandals will give you an even more stylish impression.

Use of kimono rental

There are rental shops in the Shijo Karasuma area that offer kimonos with modern designs. You can make a reservation in advance and enjoy stylish kimono styling. In addition, at the kimono rental shop, you can receive total coordination consultation from dressing to choosing accessories.

Traditional beauty around Kiyomizu Temple

The area around Kiyomizu-dera Temple is known for its historical background and beautiful natural scenery, and is an area where you can feel the traditional beauty that symbolizes Kyoto. Here, we will introduce stylish restaurants and Japanese sweets shops where you can feel the atmosphere of the ancient capital, as well as tips on how to style your kimono while visiting these spots.

Stylish spots around Kiyomizu Temple

– Tea shop/sweets shop “Tsujiri Hyoumuko”: At this sweets shop near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, you can enjoy sweets made with Kyoto’s famous Tsujiri matcha. This is a spot where you can enjoy the taste of high-quality matcha in a traditional Japanese atmosphere.


– Kyoto cuisine “Okazaki Tsuruya”: At this restaurant near Kiyomizu-dera Temple, you can enjoy seasonal Kyoto cuisine. You can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in a space where you can feel the atmosphere of good old Kyoto.


– Pottery experience at Kiyomizu-yaki Toen: A famous Kiyomizu-yaki workshop near Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Here you can also try your hand at making pottery and create your own pieces. It is a valuable experience where you can touch traditional crafts.

Fashionable kimono styling tips

For a walk around Kiyomizu-dera Temple, we recommend wearing a kimono with traditional patterns inspired by seasonal flowers and landscapes. By choosing a kimono with calm colors that match the atmosphere of the ancient capital, you can bring out its beauty even more.
By skillfully using obijime, obiage, accessories such as sandals and bags, you can add a stylish accent to your kimono style. In particular, if you incorporate traditional crafts purchased around Kiyomizu Temple as accessories, your kimono look will become even more attractive.
It is important to choose zori sandals that are comfortable for walking. Also, by matching the color of the tabi with the color of the kimono and obi, you can enjoy a unified look.

Use of kimono rental

There are many rental shops around Kiyomizu-dera that offer kimono in a variety of styles. By making a reservation in advance, you can choose your favorite kimono and have it fitted by professional staff. The kimono rental shop also provides photography services and luggage storage services, so you can easily stroll around Kiyomizu-dera Temple empty-handed.


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