Price guide for kimono rental walks in Kyoto, great deals and budget tips

Walking around Kyoto while renting a kimono is a special experience that allows you to feel the fascinating culture and tradition. However, information about pricing is important. Here, we will explain in detail the prices for a kimono walk in Kyoto, from reasonable plans to rentals with special budgets in mind.

Find a great deal

When thinking about kimono rental in Kyoto, many people think that they want to enjoy a wonderful kimono experience at a reasonable price. Fortunately, Kyoto has a variety of great rental plans and discount information, so by taking advantage of them, you can create an unforgettable kimono experience while keeping your budget in check. Below, we will introduce some cost-effective kimono rental options.

Early discount/late discount plan

Many kimono rental shops offer plans that allow you to rent kimonos at a lower price than the regular price by renting them early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you rent it early in the morning, you can enjoy taking photos before the tourist spots get crowded, and if you use the late discount plan, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto from evening to night.

Group discount

If you are planning to rent with multiple people, such as friends, family, or couples, group discount plans may apply. By using the kimono in a group, the price per person will be cheaper and everyone can enjoy the kimono experience.

Weekday discount

Because it is expected to be crowded on weekends and holidays, you may receive a discount if you rent a kimono on a weekday. There are relatively few people on weekdays, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll while wearing a kimono.

Off season discount

Off-season discounts may be applied outside of tourist and tourist seasons. During periods when there are fewer tourists, you can enjoy a quieter Kyoto and also save on rental fees, making it a great deal.

Set plan

In addition to kimono rental, there are also plans that include hair styling and photo shoots. By using these set plans, you can receive services at a better value in total than by making separate reservations. Especially suitable for anniversaries and special occasions.

Using the reservation site

By reserving kimono rental through a reservation site, you may be able to take advantage of online-only discounts and campaign information. You can also choose a rental shop that suits you by referring to user reviews and ratings.

Premium plan for special occasions

On a special day, you want to have an experience that is a little different from the usual. For anniversaries and special events in Kyoto, you can enjoy a high-quality kimono experience by choosing a premium kimono rental plan. We will introduce the benefits and points unique to the premium plan, such as luxurious kimonos suitable for special occasions and photo shoots in special locations.

Charm of premium kimono rental

With the premium plan, you can choose kimonos made of luxurious materials such as pure silk and the highest quality silk. Enjoy its beautiful luster and texture, perfect for special occasions.
We have a wide selection of designer kimonos and kimonos with original designs that are not found in regular rental plans. This special kimono is different from others and is sure to attract attention.
A professional stylist will suggest a total coordination including obi and accessories. We will make your anniversary even more colorful with styling that brings out each person’s charm to the fullest.

Photo shoot in a special place

Premium plans may include professional photo shoots at Kyoto’s historical sites and beautiful gardens. You can leave a special photo with Kyoto’s unique backgrounds such as Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, and Arashiyama.
The photos will be taken by a professional photographer, so you can get professional photos that bring out the beauty of the kimono to its fullest. You can preserve important moments such as anniversaries and marriage proposals beautifully.

Advantages of investing on special days

Spending time in beautiful Kyoto while wearing a high-quality kimono will be a memory that will last a lifetime. It’s a worthwhile investment that will make your special day even more special.
When used as a couple, it can be an unforgettable experience for both of you, and it can further strengthen your bond. Sharing special memories will strengthen your relationship.

How to choose a premium plan

Be sure to check the quality of the kimono as well as the photography and styling services in advance. It is important to consider not only the price but also the quality and content of the services provided.
It is also important to check the reviews and reputation of people who have used the service to confirm the actual quality of the service. In particular, pay attention to the quality of the photography and the stylist’s ability to make suggestions.

Budgeting tips, how to enjoy at a good price

If you plan your kimono experience in Kyoto well, you can enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about your budget. In addition to kimono rental fees, you can also make your trip more financially satisfying by wisely reducing expenses for meals, transportation, and other activities. Here are some tips for enjoying a kimono stroll in Kyoto on a budget.

Use of early reservation

By reserving your kimono rental in advance, you may be able to take advantage of early bird discounts. The earlier you arrive, the higher the discount rate may be, so make your reservations as soon as possible.

Group discounts and campaigns

You may receive a group discount by renting with friends or family. Another way to reduce costs is to use campaigns that run during specific periods.

Use on weekdays and off-season

If you rent a kimono on weekdays or during the off-season for sightseeing, the price may be cheaper. Additionally, tourist spots are relatively empty, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll.

Optimization of rental time

There are options for rental times, including full-day rentals and half-day rentals. Choose the most cost-effective rental time according to your planned walking course and activities.

Save transportation costs

By purchasing a one-day pass for Kyoto city buses and subways, you can hop on and off as many times as you like throughout the day, saving you money on transportation. Reduce unnecessary transportation costs by planning your travels.

Choosing cost-effective meals

If you use the lunch menu, you can eat at a reasonable price compared to dinner. Additionally, there are many places in Kyoto where you can enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine at reasonable prices.

Plan your souvenir purchases

Compare the prices and contents of souvenirs at multiple stores. The same product may have different prices depending on the store. It is also important to choose wisely and not to buy more than you need.

The value included in the price, the appeal of kimono rental

What you get by paying for a kimono rental is a deep value and a fulfilling experience that goes beyond simply renting a kimono temporarily. A kimono walk in Kyoto offers an insight into traditional Japanese culture, the creation of special memories amidst beautiful scenery, and the opportunity for self-expression through the art piece that is the kimono. Here, we will explore the value included in the price of kimono rental.

Value as a cultural experience

Wearing a kimono is a valuable experience that deepens your understanding of traditional Japanese culture. Each kimono and obi has a design that symbolizes the season and the delicate techniques of the craftsmen, and by wearing them, you can experience Japan’s aesthetic sense and history firsthand. This cultural experience is deeply satisfying and edifying, more than just borrowing things.

Enjoying a special commemorative photo

Wearing a kimono and visiting Kyoto’s famous spots will create a special day unlike any other. The photos that capture that moment will be a memory for a lifetime. By using a plan that includes photography services by a professional photographer, you can leave more artistic photographs, further increasing the value included in the price.

Opportunity for self-expression

Choosing a kimono is an opportunity to express your own style and aesthetic. You can express your individuality by choosing the kimono that suits you from a wide variety of types and arranging it with obi and accessories. This process of self-expression goes beyond self-satisfaction and can become an opportunity for communication and cultural exchange with others.

Ease of kimono rental

Purchasing a complete kimono costs a lot of money, and requires skill in putting it on and the hassle of storing it. By using the rental service, you can easily experience high-quality kimono, which is one of the great values included in the price. You can save yourself the trouble of preparing and cleaning up afterward, and concentrate on the pure enjoyment of walking around in kimono.


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