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Why not create some special memories by strolling through the streets of Kyoto wearing a brightly colored kimono or cool yukata? In this article, we will introduce kimono rental shops in Kyoto that are recommended for those who want to take photos that will look great on social media and those who want to deepen their relationship with their loved ones. As someone who works in Kyoto and is well versed in kimono and yukata rentals, I would like to share with you my secrets to having a wonderful day.

The appeal of renting a kimono in Kyoto

Kyoto is a city full of the charm of an ancient capital, dotted with historical buildings and beautiful gardens. Wearing a kimono or yukata that blends in with the scenery, walking through the city holding hands is a special experience that will make you forget your everyday life. Additionally, kimono expresses the beauty of the four seasons through its materials and patterns, allowing you to enjoy different charms depending on the season you visit. Also, the beautiful appearance is perfect for taking photos that will look great on SNS.

Recommended Kyoto kimono rental shop


Mimiya is a rental shop that maintains a quiet atmosphere despite its convenient location near Kyoto Station. We offer a wide range of choices, from traditional patterns to modern designs. Here, professional stylists will help you choose a kimono that suits you, so even first-timers can choose with confidence.

Kimono flower words

As the name suggests, “Kimono Hana Kotoba” is a shop that carries a wide selection of kimonos with flower motifs. You can wear a kimono decorated with seasonal flowers and take photos that blend into the scenery of Kyoto. Another attractive feature is the pair discount, which is perfect for couples or friends.

Kyoto kimono walk

“Kyoto Kimono Walk” is a popular service that suggests walking routes in rented kimonos. You can visit places you wouldn’t normally visit, such as recommended photo spots, cafes, and hidden museums. In addition, we also have photo plans with professional photographers, perfect for commemorating your special day.

Kyoto spots to visit in kimono

Kiyomizu Temple

The view from the Shimizu stage is the perfect place to take photos in kimono. It is beautiful in every season, and the autumn leaves season is especially special.


Gion, lined with old townhouses, is a spot where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto. Walking down the cobblestone paths in a kimono will make you feel like you’re traveling through time. At night, the lanterns are lit, adding to the magical atmosphere.


Arashiyama’s bamboo forest is one of the must-see spots for a stroll in a kimono. The green of the bamboo and the color of the kimono stand out against each other, drawing you into an extraordinary and beautiful world. Especially in the early morning when there are few people, you can enjoy the quiet and mysterious atmosphere.

Kimono rental points

Advance reservation

Advance reservations are recommended as it can be crowded, especially during the tourist season and on weekends. Be sure to make arrangements early to ensure that you can rent your favorite kimono.

Think about style

When choosing a kimono, it’s a good idea to consider not only your own personal preferences, but also the style that suits the place you’re visiting and the season. Accessories and hair ornaments are also important points. Please consult with the shop staff and enjoy the total coordination.

For a comfortable stay

When wearing a kimono, it is important to take measures to make yourself comfortable, such as choosing zori sandals that are easy to walk in, and adjusting your underwear depending on the season. In particular, be sure to wear a yukata in the summer to protect yourself from the heat, and a kimono in the winter to protect you from the cold.


Kimono rental in Kyoto offers a special experience that goes beyond just sightseeing. Wearing a beautiful kimono, you can spend time deepening your bond with your loved ones while feeling the history and natural beauty of the ancient capital. Please refer to the rental shops and spots introduced this time and plan an unforgettable day. You’ll be able to create lots of memorable memories along with photos that will look great on SNS. 


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