A professional explains how to search, what to watch out for, etc. I will tell you 3 tips for cheap kimono rental in Kyoto!

Hello! As someone who works at a kimono rental shop in Kyoto and is very knowledgeable about kimono and yukata rentals, I would like to share with you some tips for enjoying rentals at a great price. Kimonos and yukatas will turn your stroll through Kyoto into a special experience. However, some people may feel that the rental fee is a bottleneck. So this time, we will tell you the secret to enjoying a wonderful kimono experience while keeping costs down!

Tip 1: Use early reservation

Many kimono rental shops offer discounts for early reservations. Especially if you are aiming for peak times such as the tourist season or weekends, you can save money by making a reservation in advance. Another advantage of making early reservations is that you can be sure to choose a popular kimono.

Tip 2: Aim for weekdays or off-season

Rental rates are often cheaper on weekdays and in the off-season when there are fewer tourists. Another appeal is that you can avoid the crowds and enjoy a leisurely stroll around Kyoto. Some shops have special plans available only on weekdays, so be sure to check them out.

Tip 3: Use a package plan

If you use a package plan that includes kimono rental, hair styling, accessory rental, photo shoot, etc., the total cost may be lower than if you rent the kimono separately. Discount plans for multiple people may also be available, especially if you are a couple or group. Check the shop’s website in advance so you don’t miss out on great deals.


Check the reservation cancellation policy

When making early reservations, it is important to check the cancellation policy. Plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances, so be sure to understand the conditions under which cancellation fees will apply.

Check the type of kimono and rental details

Depending on the rental shop, there are differences in the types of kimonos and items that can be rented. It’s important to check the shop’s offerings in advance to make sure they include the items you need.

Consider dressing time

Putting on a kimono or yukata may take more time than you think. We recommend arriving at the shop early to avoid missing your appointment, especially during busy times. It is also a good idea to consider your plans after dressing and plan your schedule with plenty of time.


Renting a kimono in Kyoto is a wonderful experience that allows you to deeply appreciate the beauty of the ancient capital. However, you need to be a little more careful about the price. By making full use of the three tips I’ve shared with you this time – making early reservations, aiming for weekdays and the off-season, and taking advantage of package plans – you can keep costs down and still have a highly satisfying kimono experience. . Also, please be aware of the important points to keep in mind when making reservations so that you can have a trouble-free and enjoyable time. We hope you enjoy your special day to your heart’s content as you decorate the streets of Kyoto.


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