If you are going sightseeing in Arashiyama, how to choose a kimono rental store, things to keep in mind, and 5 recommended stores

Hello, I work at a kimono rental shop in Kyoto and would like to bring you a kimono rental guide to make your Arashiyama sightseeing experience even more special. Arashiyama is known for its rich nature and historical buildings, and is loved by many visitors. Walking around this beautiful area wearing a kimono will make your travel memories even more colorful. Here, we will introduce you to the points to consider when choosing a kimono rental store, as well as 5 recommended stores around Arashiyama.

How to choose a kimono rental store

Quality and variety

Choose a store that offers high-quality kimonos and a wide variety of kimonos to choose from. The comfort and beauty of your clothes will affect your mood throughout the day.

Kimono dressing and hair styling service

Preparations will go smoothly if you choose a store that provides thorough dressing and hair styling services. Having your kimono fitted by a professional will reduce your worries about it coming undone.

Good access

By choosing a store with convenient access to Arashiyama, you can save yourself the trouble of traveling. Especially if the store is located around Arashiyama, it will be easier to travel to tourist spots.

Plans and prices

Check the plans and prices in advance and choose the store that fits your budget. Couple and group discounts may also be available.


Reservation required

It gets crowded, especially during the tourist season and on weekends, so advance reservations are essential. By the time you arrive on the day, the kimono you want may already be fully booked.

Thorough time management

Walking around in a kimono takes more time than you might imagine. When planning your schedule, take into account that it will take time to put on the kimono and that you will be moving slower in kimono.

Keep your luggage to a minimum

Large luggage hinders movement. Make sure to go out with the minimum amount of luggage you need, or check in advance if the store has a luggage storage service.

5 recommended stores

Arashiyama kimono rental “Aya”

This rental shop is located a few minutes walk from Arashiyama Station and has a wide selection of high-quality kimonos. There are also plenty of discount plans for couples and groups.

Kyoto Kimono Rental “Yui”

They have a wide variety of kimonos and are also well known for their selection of accessories. The attractive service is that a professional stylist will suggest a coordination that suits each person. It also has good access to Arashiyama’s main tourist spots, making it easy to stop by while strolling.

Arashiyama Yukata Rental “Fuga”

We provide a yukata rental service specializing in the Arashiyama area, making it ideal for summer sightseeing. They will coordinate not only the yukata but also the obi, geta, and even hair ornaments. They will suggest the perfect style not only for walking, but also for Arashiyama’s summer festivals and fireworks displays.

Kyoto kimono rental “Miyabi”

Miyabi, a kimono rental shop in Kyoto, offers a wide range of choices, from traditional kimonos to modern designs. In particular, there is a wide selection of kimonos that evoke the beauty of traditional Kyoto, and you can take photos that harmonize with Arashiyama’s nature and historical architecture. The kimono dressing techniques are also very high, and you will be able to spend the day comfortably.

Arashiyama Kimono Rental “Beauty”

“Bi” mainly carries gorgeous kimono and yukata especially for women, perfect for dates or sightseeing with friends. We also offer professional hair styling services, allowing you to enjoy a total and beautiful Japanese style. We also provide guides to photo spots and photo services, helping you capture your special memories in Arashiyama.


Enjoying kimono rental in Arashiyama will be a highlight of your visit to Kyoto. It is important to keep in mind the key points when choosing a destination, prepare well in advance, and follow the precautions to ensure a comfortable stay. All of the recommended rental shops introduced this time are sure to enrich your kimono experience in the Arashiyama area. Spend a special day amidst Kyoto’s beautiful nature and historical background.


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