How to choose a yukata rental store and things to keep in mind, 5 recommended stores in Kyoto

A cool and beautiful yukata is perfect for walking around Kyoto in the summer. However, many people may be confused as to which one to choose from among the many rental shops. I will introduce you to the points and things to keep in mind when renting a yukata in Kyoto, as well as 5 rental shops that I recommend. We hope this article provides useful information for making memories in Kyoto.

Points for choosing a yukata rental shop

High quality

Choose a shop that offers high-quality yukata, obi, and accessories. A comfortable and beautiful yukata will make your walk around Kyoto even more special.

Variety of types

We recommend shops that have a wide variety of clothing so you can choose one that suits your taste and body type. In addition to the design, size options are also important.

Good access

By choosing a shop that is easily accessible from Kyoto’s main tourist spots, you can save valuable sightseeing time. Shops near popular spots such as Arashiyama and Gion are especially convenient.

Service sufficiency

Choose a shop that offers dressing, hair styling, and luggage storage services. It is also convenient that umbrellas can be rented for rainy days.


Reservation required

Early reservations are essential, especially during the summer tourist season. Popular shops and designs fill up quickly.

Keep your luggage to a minimum

Many shops offer luggage storage services, but it is best not to bring large luggage with you if possible. Focus on ease of movement.

Thorough time management

Getting dressed and doing your hair takes more time than you think. Don’t be late for your reservation time, and plan your schedule after dressing with plenty of time.

5 Recommended Yukata Rental Shops in Kyoto

Yukata flower bells

Located in the Gion area, we offer a wide range of choices from traditional patterns to modern designs. Reservations are required, and we offer attentive service tailored to each individual.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumekan

This shop is conveniently located for easy access from Kyoto Station and has reasonable prices. We have a wide selection of yukatas suitable for a wide range of age groups.

Kimono rental Waraku

Located in the Arashiyama area, it boasts an ideal location for sightseeing in Arashiyama. We have a wide selection of seasonal yukatas that look great against the rich natural scenery. In addition, all services, from dressing to hair styling, are provided with professional skills, so you can leave it to us with confidence.

Kyoto Mono Plaza Gion store

This shop, located in the center of Gion, is popular with a wide range of customers from young people to the elderly. From yukata incorporating the latest trends to classic designs, we have an attractive lineup that meets a variety of needs. The friendly staff will help even first-timers enjoy yukata with peace of mind.

Beautiful Kyoto Yukata Rental Aya-SAI-

“SAI”, located in the Shijo Kawaramachi area, is a shop where you can rent stylish, high-quality yukatas at reasonable prices. Many of the yukata have unique designs, and are recommended for those who are looking for their own style. You can enjoy fashion even more with extra accessories and small items.


Renting a yukata in Kyoto is a magical experience that will make your summer sightseeing special. Choose a high-quality yukata and look your best with professional dressing and hair styling. Find the perfect outfit for you by referring to the points and things to keep in mind when choosing a store, as well as the recommended rental shops introduced in this article. Strolling through the historic streets of Kyoto in a cool yukata is sure to create unforgettable memories.


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