How to choose a store and things to keep in mind when renting a kimono at Kyoto Station, 5 recommended stores

Have you ever wondered which store to choose when renting a kimono or yukata around Kyoto Station? Kyoto Station is a place visited by many tourists, and there are many kimono rental shops. In this article, for those who are considering renting a kimono near Kyoto Station, we will introduce key points on how to choose a store, things to be aware of, and 5 recommended rental shops. Wear a kimono and spend a special time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the ancient capital of Kyoto.

Points for choosing a store

Convenience of access

The biggest advantage of renting near Kyoto Station is convenient access. Choose a shop that is close to the station so that you can easily travel to tourist spots.

Quality and variety

It is important to choose a shop that offers high-quality kimonos and a wide variety of designs and sizes. Check the store’s lineup in advance to find the perfect match.

Service details

Another important point to consider is whether they offer a full range of dressing and hair styling services. Especially for those who are wearing a kimono for the first time, it is a good idea to have a professional kimono fitting service.

Plans and prices

Check the rental prices in advance and see if there is a plan that fits your budget. Also, many shops have discount plans for couples and groups, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them.


Importance of reservation

Shops around Kyoto Station are crowded, especially during the tourist season. Please make your reservation early to ensure your desired date and time.

Manage your time

It takes time to get dressed and do your hair. Be sure to consider your schedule after that and plan with plenty of time.

Minimize your luggage

Large luggage makes it difficult to move around rental shops and tourist spots. Check in advance if there is a luggage storage service, and go out with the bare minimum of things you need.

5 recommended stores

Kimono rental Bikyo

It is easily accessible, just a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station, and has a reputation for its high-quality kimonos and courteous service. The tourist-friendly pricing is also attractive.

Kyoto Kimono Rental wargo Kyoto Ekimae store

We have a wide variety of kimonos and yukatas, and you can also make reservations online. Even first-time users can use it with confidence, as they provide consistent support from dressing to hair styling. Also, since it is very close to Kyoto Station, you can start preparing immediately after arriving.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Mugen

Mugen is known for offering quality kimonos at affordable prices. The friendly staff will take care of you attentively, so you can have a fun time from choosing your kimono to putting it on. The location, which is easily accessible from Kyoto Station, is also an attractive feature.

Kimono Rental VASARA Kyoto Station Store

VASARA is a rental shop that features kimonos and yukatas that incorporate the latest trends. Located within walking distance from Kyoto Station, it is convenient for preparing before sightseeing. Optional professional photography services are also available, perfect for creating special memories.

Kyoto Station Kimono Rental Ayaka

Ayaka is a popular shop for its high quality kimonos and attentive service. Many of the kimonos have unique designs, and are recommended for those who want to enjoy their own style. It’s close to Kyoto Station and you can start sightseeing right after getting dressed, so it’s perfect for those who want to make the most of their time.


Renting a kimono around Kyoto Station is a great way to get a deeper feel of the ancient capital. Find the perfect rental shop by keeping in mind the key points when choosing a shop, paying attention to advance reservations and time management. Please refer to the recommended shops introduced in this article and enjoy a special experience in Kyoto. We hope that you can fully experience the beautiful scenery and culture of Kyoto through kimono.


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