Recommended Kyoto yukata rental shops that are perfect for couples and look great on SNS

Summer in Kyoto is the perfect season to wear a beautiful yukata and take a walk while feeling the atmosphere of the ancient capital. Especially for couples, a yukata date in Kyoto will be an unforgettable memory. You can deepen your bond while leaving photos that look great on SNS. In this article, for couples who are thinking of renting a yukata in Kyoto, we will introduce key points and things to keep in mind when choosing a yukata, as well as 5 rental shops that we particularly recommend, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Branch.

How to choose a yukata rental shop

Good location

Choosing a shop near Kyoto’s main tourist spots will save you time and make it more convenient. The Gion area, especially Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu Temple, is a popular spot for couples to stroll around.

Abundance of design

When visiting as a couple, choose a shop that offers a wide selection of designs and colors so that you can easily coordinate your yukata.

Service details

Check to see if dressing, hair styling, and rental of accessories are included. Especially if you are wearing a yukata for the first time, it is a good idea to have a professional dressing service.


Need for advance reservation

It is especially crowded during the tourist season and on weekends, so we recommend making reservations in advance.

Think about time allocation

It takes time to put on the kimono. Make sure to plan your schedule with plenty of time, taking into consideration your plans for walking and eating afterwards.

Keep your luggage to a minimum

Many rental shops offer luggage storage services, but it will be easier to move around if you go out with the minimum necessary items.

5 recommended shops

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

This rental shop is located close to Yasaka Shrine and has excellent access. We have a wide variety of yukatas for couples, from modern designs to traditional patterns. The courteous dressing service provided by professional staff is also popular, making it ideal for couples.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumekan

Located in an easily accessible location from Kyoto Station, we offer yukata in a wide range of designs. The reasonable price setting is also one of the attractions, and it is recommended for couples.

Beautiful Kyoto Yukata Rental Aya-SAI-

SAI, located a few minutes walk from Gion Shijo, is known for its carefully selected high-quality yukata and sophisticated accessories. This store offers a wide variety of yukatas that are especially designed to coordinate with couples, making it even more fun to choose one for the two of you. With the service provided by a professional kimono dresser, even first-timers can enjoy wearing a yukata with peace of mind.

Kimono rental VASARA Gion store

VASARA is known for its fashionable yukata collection and professional service. The Gion store is located in the center of Gion, making it ideal for walking around. We also have a wide variety of accessories and small items that are perfect for couples’ photos, and are especially recommended for couples who want to leave photos that look great on social media.

Kyoto Mono Plaza Gion store

Kyoto Mono Hiroba, located in the center of Gion, offers a wide variety of yukatas, from traditional patterns to modern designs. We have a wide variety of plans especially for couples, and we provide consistent support from dressing to hair styling, so even first-timers can use it with confidence. It also has good access to tourist spots, so you can go exploring Kyoto right away.


Renting a yukata in Kyoto is an unforgettable experience for couples. When choosing a shop, focus on good location, variety of designs, and service content, and also pay attention to advance reservations and time management. Spend a special time just for the two of you at some of our recommended shops, including the Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine branch we introduced this time. You should be able to make wonderful memories in Kyoto along with photos that will look great on SNS.


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