A popular cafe experience recommended for couples in Gion, Kyoto!

If you rent a kimono and stroll around Gion, Kyoto, we recommend taking a break at a nice cafe. Here we will introduce popular cafe experiences recommended for couples in Gion. Why not enjoy visiting cafes while wearing a kimono and feeling the atmosphere of Kyoto?

Start your kimono date: The best part of visiting Kyoto cafes

If you want to rent a kimono and enjoy a date in Gion, start by having a drink at a typical Kyoto cafe. Please enjoy the moment when the emotional atmosphere of the ancient capital and stylish kimono harmonize. Start your date in a way unique to Kyoto at the cafes dotted along the river and along the cobblestone alleys.

Feel the atmosphere of the ancient capital: Touring Gion antique cafes

Gion is dotted with cafes with an antique atmosphere. The antique cafe retains the atmosphere unique to the ancient capital, where time passes slowly and the romantic atmosphere is perfect for couples dressed in kimonos. Spend a special time surrounded by antique furniture and lighting.

Terrace cafe along the river: A date spot with a sense of openness

The terrace cafe along the river in Gion has a spacious feel and is perfect for a date. You can enjoy delicious tea and sweets while wearing a kimono and listening to the sound of the river. Especially in the summer, there are many spots where you can enjoy a cool moment while feeling the river breeze.

Kyoto-style matcha experience: Take a break at a matcha cafe

If you want to enjoy matcha in Gion, we recommend a traditional matcha cafe. Renting a kimono will make your matcha experience even more special. Please enjoy a relaxing time as a couple surrounded by the Japanese atmosphere and the scent of green tea.

Enjoy the scenery at a teahouse cafe in Arashiyama: perfect for couples in kimono

A little further from Gion, there is a wonderful teahouse cafe in Arashiyama. If you visit as a couple wearing kimono, you are sure to be able to take wonderful photos with the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama in the background. Enjoy Arashiyama’s nature and the beauty of kimonos at the same time at this quaint cafe.



There are many recommended cafes in Gion that couples can enjoy. Create a special date with a kimono rental that combines Kyoto’s tradition and fashion.


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