Tips for renting kimono cheaply as a couple, notable stores, and things to keep in mind

Kimono rental in Kyoto creates an unforgettable experience for couples. However, in order to have fun without worrying about your budget, you need to be a little creative. In this article, we will introduce tips for renting kimono cheaply for couples, a particularly noteworthy rental shop, Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store, and points to be careful of when renting kimonos. Use this information to make your stroll in Kyoto even more special.

Tips for renting cheaply

Use early bird/weekday discount

Many kimono rental shops offer discounts if you make a reservation in advance, or the price may be lower if you use it on weekdays. Plan ahead and book early.

Search for couple plans

Many shops offer discount plans specifically for couples. If your plan is designed for use by two people, you can reduce the cost per person.

Choose a set plan

If you use a set plan that includes not only kimono rental but also hair styling and accessory rental, the overall cost will be lower than if you rent them separately.

Notable store: Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

“Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Branch” is known for its good location and comprehensive services for couples. Located near Yasaka Shrine, a representative tourist destination in Kyoto, you can choose from a variety of kimono designs. In addition, despite its reasonable prices, it provides high-quality service, making it a particularly recommended shop for couples.


Reservation required

It gets crowded especially during the tourist season and on weekends. To use the service on your desired date, you must make an early reservation.

Keep your luggage to a minimum

Many shops offer luggage storage services, but space may be limited. Try not to bring large baggage with you as much as possible.

Understand that dressing takes time

It takes time to put on the kimono. It is important to take dressing time into consideration when making subsequent plans.


Kimono rental in Kyoto will make your time together as a couple even more special. Check out these tips for renting cheaply and plan well in advance. By using popular rental shops such as “Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store”, your stroll around Kyoto will be even more enjoyable. Also, be sure to keep in mind the precautions when renting to ensure a comfortable stay.


Enjoying kimonos of various styles, from retro to modern, set against the backdrop of the beautiful cityscape of Kyoto, is a special experience for visitors. Especially if you are visiting as a couple, you will have a wonderful and memorable day together. Make sure to prepare and plan well in advance and enjoy kimono rental in Kyoto to the fullest.


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