Things to keep in mind when renting a kimono and choosing a rental shop

Walking around the streets of Kyoto in a kimono or yukata is a great opportunity to make special memories. However, there are some things to keep in mind when renting or choosing a shop. As someone who works at a kimono rental shop in Kyoto called Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine, I would like to introduce you to the points to keep in mind when renting kimonos and how to choose the best rental shop. We hope this article will help make your visit to Kyoto even more enriching.

Points to note when renting kimono

Importance of advance reservation

Rental shops are especially crowded during the tourist season and on weekends. Sometimes the kimono or plan you want is not available. We recommend booking online in advance.

Tips for choosing a kimono

The best part of renting a kimono is being able to choose from a wide variety of patterns. However, it is also important to choose something that looks great in photos and a color that matches your skin tone. If in doubt, ask the staff.

Check plan details

Check to see if the rental fee includes dressing and rental of accessories. Some services require additional fees, so it is important to check the plan details in advance.

Points to note when choosing a rental shop

Good location

You can save travel time by choosing a shop like Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store that is close to tourist spots and major spots. Another big advantage is that it is easy to return the bicycle after a walk.

Reputation and reviews

Feedback from people who have actually used it is very helpful. In particular, you should check the evaluation of the kimono dressing techniques, the staff’s response, and the quality of the costumes.

Completeness of optional services

Another important criterion is whether or not there are optional services to enhance the kimono experience, such as photo shooting services, hair styling, and makeup services. Find out in advance whether they offer services that meet your needs.


You can enjoy your kimono experience in Kyoto even more if you plan accordingly. Make the best preparations by keeping in mind the things to keep in mind when renting a kimono and points to consider when choosing a shop. By choosing a reliable shop such as “Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store”, you will be able to comfortably experience the charm of Kyoto to the fullest. You will be able to experience the history and culture of Kyoto through kimono and yukata.


In addition, when choosing a rental shop, important factors to consider are the service content, location, and cost performance provided by each shop. Choosing the shop that best suits your schedule and goals will directly lead to a highly satisfying experience.


Renting a kimono or yukata and walking around Kyoto provides a deep cultural experience that you can’t get just by walking. In particular, strolling through areas with traditional townscapes will give you the illusion of traveling through time. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to how you choose the kimono or yukata to rent, and when choosing a shop.


Careful consideration is required, such as the time it takes to get dressed, the selection of accessories for a comfortable stay, and even measures taken to suit the weather. You can also enjoy it even more if you have a little knowledge beforehand about the posture and walking style needed to wear a kimono beautifully.


Finally, walking around in a kimono or yukata is the perfect way to make special memories. Don’t forget to take lots of photos so you can enjoy the day’s experience later. By capturing the beautiful scenery of Kyoto as well as your own image, you will create an unforgettable record of your trip.


Enjoy the charm of Kyoto and have a special day by renting a kimono. Plan ahead and have an unforgettable experience.


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