5 popular kimono rental shops in Kyoto with the best value for money

When renting a kimono or yukata in Kyoto and enjoying walking around town, many people may be confused as to which shop to choose. For those who are particularly concerned about cost performance, I, who work at a rental shop in Kyoto, would like to introduce you to 5 popular rental shops with the best value for money, which not only offer great prices but also a wide range of services. With these carefully selected shops, you can enjoy your kimono experience in Kyoto to the fullest while keeping your budget in check.

Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine store

– Features: Great location right next to Yasaka Shrine, with excellent access. You can choose from a wide variety of kimono and yukata, and professional staff will help you put on the kimono, so even beginners can feel at ease.
-Cospa point: The all-inclusive plan, which includes everything from kimono dressing to accessories and even hair styling, is popular at a reasonable price.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumekan

– Features: We have a wide variety of kimono designs, from the latest trends to traditional kimonos.
– Cospa Points: The attractive point is that there are many discount systems such as group discounts and pair discounts that are great for multiple rentals.

Kimono rental Kyoto Waraku

– Features: Friendly staff and courteous service are popular. In addition to helping you put on the kimono, they will also give you advice on taking photos and walking around Kyoto.
– Cost performance point: A simple yet comprehensive basic plan is available, and is recommended for first-time kimono rentals.

Kimono rental Sakura Kokoro

– Features: There are many kimonos with unique designs, perfect for those who want to enjoy their own style. There is also a wide selection of accessories and accessories.
– Cospa point: There is a restaurant partnership plan that allows you to eat without changing clothes even after renting a kimono, so you can enjoy Kyoto throughout the day.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Miyu

– Features: Easy access to sightseeing spots and service that suggests the best route for walking around in kimono. They will also suggest kimonos that match the season.
– Cospa Points: There are many plans that allow you to rent at a discount depending on the usage conditions, such as advance reservation discounts and weekday discounts.


When choosing a kimono rental in Kyoto, it is important to consider not only cost performance, but also various factors such as the quality of service, location, and the type of kimono provided. The five shops introduced above, including Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store, all meet these conditions, and are particularly cost-effective, so those looking for the best Kyoto kimono experience within their budget Recommended for.


Each shop has its own charm and characteristics. For example, if location is important to you, choose “Waplus Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Store”, if you want to enjoy the latest trend in kimono, “Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumekan”, if you are looking for a unique design, choose “Kimono Rental Sakura Kokoro”, etc. based on your purpose and preferences. You can choose accordingly.


Advance reservations are also recommended. Crowds are expected, especially during the tourist season and on weekends, so by making plans early, you can rent a car smoothly and enjoy a leisurely stroll around Kyoto. Additionally, some shops offer options to enrich your kimono experience, such as photo services, hair styling, and accessory rentals, so be sure to check for details.


Renting a kimono in Kyoto is more than just renting a costume; it’s an opportunity to experience Japanese tradition and culture. By wearing your chosen kimono and walking through the historic streets of Kyoto, you will have a special time unlike any other. Please refer to the shops introduced this time to find the kimono rental shop that is best for you and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Kyoto.


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